100. Gone

(list #2 prompt)

Gone. He was finally gone. She'd rid the earth of his filth, his inhumanity. He would harm no more and she'd made sure of it.

She didn't grin, or smile, or show even a hint of satisfaction as she pulled the trigger, green light flashing about and intermingling with his screams. He'd begged her, pleaded with her not to kill him, but she didn't care. He wasn't human.

He was a ghost.

He was a ghost, and he'd ruined her life and the lives of others in her town. And he was sure as hell not about to continue doing so.

The last thing he'd ever see would be the cold, bitter eyes of his killer, overflowing with tears, guilt, and retribution.

Vlad Masters, Vlad Plasmius only moments before, slumped further onto the floor in his mansion study, green and red pooling from his chest and smeared on the wall behind him. Inert eyes stared at the tapestry rug from a lifeless face as Vlad's death rattle echoed in the room.

The dull thunk of a gun hitting carpeted hardwood sounded as Valerie Gray walked from the room.

A white, bushy cat stared into the room from the doorway, green eyes sparkling vividly in the light shed from the still lit fireplace. The sight of it's master, slumped and dead on the floor, did not address the cat as particularly important. Simply...

A glitch.