Disclaimer: Based on the work of Tamora Pierce, obviously.

This is response to Tammy Drabbles Prompt #42 "Firsts"

First Flames

Word count 225

He sat there, brow sweating, pulse racing, painfully aware of the dark eyes watching him. Each bow of her lashes seemed almost to be counting the seconds of his inaction. Perhaps he was not really ready for this; he was so very young…

The wick finally ignited with a Whoosh! that not only lit the candle, it set the whole room on fire. "DA!!" Sarralyn hollered, while Rikash didn't move. He was wholly unaware of the danger. He was too thrilled by the thought that he, Rikash Salmalin, just magically lit a fire.

Then Da arrived, with that far-off look like he was just pulled away from an experiment, but his mind was still there. "Oh my!" was all he said before all flames were extinguished with a whispered spell. Rikash stood there a little disappointed that the flame – his flame – would dance no more.

Da stooped, meeting Rikash's eyes. "You did that with magic?" he asked, a slight smile on his lips.

"Yes, sir," the five-year-old answered proudly.

"It's a good thing your ma never liked those drapes," Numair Salmalin replied with a slight sigh. "Come with me, little mage."

Rikash nearly leapt with joy before following his father to the work room. Little mage! He thought with glee. He did not, however, forget to stick his tongue out at Sarralyn on his way by.