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Author's Note: I've been toying with a line for a couple of months and it was driving me up a wall because I couldn't fit into a fic-- a "Supernatural" fic which is all I've been writing lately.

And then it just smacked me in the head-- it was for Charmed. So here it is, very short and a bit-- odd, but for better or worse the first "Charmed" piece I've written in over a year. ;-)

It's said the road to hell is paved with--

--well, I suppose concrete would melt wouldn't it?

The end justifies the means... right? Well, his end was good, I know that much; but the means-- the means were mired in blood and fire. He damned himself, us-- the Charmed Ones-- everything our family ever stood for and meant to the magical community, destroyed in less than a decade.

And it falls to me now, the mantle of the Charmed Ones... and I will admit, it's heavy. He bore it all his life. They loved us all, but in him they saw the future... it's a heavy burden to bear-- the future.

Time travel shouldn't be done. I know that, was taught that-- but desperate times...

The ends justify the means... but what if you never reach the end? What if you don't know what the end looks like? Have I reached the end now? Is this it? Is this the only thing left to do?

I know he meant to protect our family-- what was left of us. Family is the core of our power, he knows that, that would matter to him. But even more than just power-- it's part of him; a part of all of us. Ingrained into our very character before we had the chance to object-- family is everything.They taught us that.

It's everything we are and everything we've always been; everything we will be is rooted in our family, our blood.

Warren Witches. Together. Powerful. Good.

Except-- no, not anymore. He changed that part. He no longer falls under the umbrella of good.

I can see what he saw... the way our world fell apart without them, the chaos of it all, the helplessness we couldn't keep at bay. Too young to do anything, too mindful of the rules to break them-- we were torn apart. He couldn't take that-- hell, I could barely take it. I know what he saw. Our family being broken, our legacy being forgotten, our blood split for nothing.

He meant to keep us safe, I know that. I believe that. It's just... in keeping us safe, in driving away the forces that would hurt us, seperate us; in making the world over for us, he lost the title bestowed on him at birth.

The greatest force of good the world has ever known-- it's what was said of him; what was expected of him...

When I think to the beginning I find it hard to blame him. I wanted him to come for me as badly as he wanted to come. Living with strangers, away from everything that was familiar, hiding who I was, what I could do; missing my family, my friends, my life so much it hurt to breathe...

Yes, I wanted him to come for me.

And I wanted to find the others so much I would have anything too. We weren't used to being separated-- aren't used to it. It feels like a puzzle piece inside is missing, the picture incomplete. They were the Charmed Ones, the Power of Three; we are The Chosen, the Force of Five. Our power source fueled by the elements, grounded in family-- stronger than theirs ever was-- or we could be, if we ever get our act together.

... this is the only way; they trained us for a world that doesn't exist anymore. He'll hate me for it, but there's nothing in the future. He'll hate me, but it's all in the past. He'll hate me... but the end it justifies...

He wanted to bring us together again, to keep us safe, to make sure what happened to them would never happen to us. I can see that, I know that.

He had the best of intentions.

And so do I.

Thanks for reading!