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Fifteen minutes. That's how long Brigitte stayed with her after she'd stabbed her with the knife. Two hours later she had the nerve to breathe again. She got up, and whacked the knife out of her ribs with her awkward paw. The blood flowed but it subsided quickly, healing because of what she was. She stalked out of her childhood home, knowing the only place she would be safe was in the woods.

In the woods she hunted animals for meals, swearing to herself that she wouldn't harm a human. It took a week before her werewolf body started to change back into her human body. She woke one morning to find that she was naked, with leaves in her ratty white streaked red hair. She emerged from the woods when she saw some clothes drying in a backyard. She stole the clothes, a white t-shirt and black pants.

Her only concern now was to find her sister. She had to find out where she went and soon, before she changed again. Using her heightened sense of smell, she tried to sniff her out. After a few minutes of walking around town, she caught Brigitte's scent. It was strong and scared.

Ginger waited on the sidewalk for a bus to come by. The driver opened the door and let her in. She looked at him and asked, "Where does this bus stop? Like, end of the line?"

The bus driver muttered something about a motel. She paid the fare and sat down in a rickety old bench.

Together Forever, B, she thought.

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Just thought, that what if Ginger lived while Ginger Snaps two was being played out?