Chapter 11

The moment the sun shone over the treetops, they managed to fall right into Ravens face. Effectively giving him an alarm clock that was accurate to sunrise, better than any machine.

While Raven had decided he wanted a little bit of a lay in, he figured that the moment he had to strain to keep his eyes closed, he was awake. Not to mention how uncomfortable it was laying on the hard ground.

Rolling over so the sun wasn't in his eyes, Raven yawned loudly and opened his eyes a little. Giving his senses a chance to wake up. The sounds of the wind, birds and far off people made themselves noticed. The sky, as he already knew, was bright thanks to the sun. The branches of the tree above only helping with shade later on in the day, but by then he had plans of working hard on the foundation of his house.

Eventually however, his sense of smell awakened to find a most peculiar smell, emanating from his tent. Remembering quickly however who was in their, he stopped himself from peeking.

Which in honesty was very lucky, had he pulled the flap across just a few inches he'd of had more than a little bit of an eyeful. He would have been greeted by Ino in all her glory.

Shaking his head to rid him of the strange yet oddly familiar scent, he stretched on the spot before stumbling to his feet. Once to his feet he quickly placed his arm over his eyes to guard himself from the sun that was so intent on blinding him before his day started. Taking a deep breath he removed his arm and stared down at a random part of grass. Waiting a few seconds for his eyes to adjust he stretched again, turning around to pick out a good spot he saw a nice sized piece of flat land and headed towards it.

Once in the middle of the level area he chose, he placed his hands together and started gathering chakra. Once enough chakra was gathered, he made several hand seals in quick succession and thrust them into the ground. Seconds after his palms connected with the floor, a large rectangular impact appeared. The floor underneath his feet having compacted to become denser. A much sturdier base for his plans.

Looking around back towards the tree line, he nodded to himself and walked over. once near a line of sturdy looking tree's he repeated his earlier action and started gathering his chakra. This time though, he focused to add wind element to it. Effectively sending a powerful slice through multiple trees in a line and severing them all at the same spot. Walking behind the trees that had yet to fall, he pushed them around the slice marks and watched them all fall like dominoes.

Walking back around the front of the now large pile of tree's he glued chakra to his hands and started pulling the huge tree's towards the earlier made rectangle. Once all of them were close enough he used his previous technique of cutting and sized them all up to fit into the impact. Once finished he fitted them snugly into the crater and smiled at his handiwork.

To anyone else, what Raven had done just seemed like a partly buried set of lined up trees. But what it really was, was the foundation. A house needs a well-built foundation, or a basic hurricane or earthquake would destroy all the hard work. With Ravens foundation, the ground was heavily compacted to avoid earthquakes and later on he'd implement a design to allow the house to be unmovable by wind.

For the moment however, after using such large chakra draining techniques. Raven needed a rest. More so, food. Walking his way back to the camp he searched around for a water bottle, after a few minutes or so of searching for the one he new he hadn't finished, he gave up and opened a new one.

Unbeknownst to Raven, the ANBU who was in charge of him had been relieved of his duty and was replaced by someone else he knew. Said new watch guard had decided to help himself, planning on replacing it later.

Being none the wiser to his missing bottle, Raven quickly chugged the water down before grabbing another bottle to fill the kettle up with, "Woah, I needed that drink more than I realised."

Once full, he focused a tiny amount of chakra into his throat and turned it into an ember. Spitting the spark onto the wood that was already in place, quickly causing the wood to catch alight. While Tenten had previously gave him a flint and tinder to use, Raven felt much more comfortable using his basic ninjutsu, it took minimal chakra, helped him practise chakra control and was much less effort.

Turning around towards his groceries, Raven quickly found that most of what he'd bought was out of date. Leaving only a few things left: 2 pots of instant ramen, a tin of peas with a removable lid, campfire hotdogs and some fruit.

Thinking silently for a moment, Raven wanted to go and get something else from the shop quickly. But he'd just lit his fire and didn't want to cause any risks while he was away; Ino was still asleep after all.

Instead, Raven prepared one of the cups of ramen and decided to eat some of the fruit while waiting. Leaving enough for Ino to have for breakfast, whenever she would decide to wake up.


Having always been the 'get-up-early-stay-in-late' kind of girl, Ino did just that. Or at least, was planning on. Instead she was up a few minutes after Raven had. Though in all honesty she didn't have much choice in the matter when she was awoken from a particularly nice dream, by the sounds of tree's coming crashing down. Almost jumping out of the tent, she had to halt herself from doing so when she felt no resistance to her movements at all. Having kicked the covers off during the night and still hadn't put any clothed on she was in no way ready to jump out and defend her home.

Finding her bandages quickly she tied them around herself, with all her bottom half and most of her top half covered, she felt a large chakra burst. Wrapping herself up in the last of the bandages, she searched around for the rest of her clothes. Finally finding her purple outfit she didn't hesitate putting on her midriff showing shirt and skirt combo.

However just as she was gripping a kunai that was hidden in a secret tent compartment for emergencies, she heard Raven speak up. "Woah, I needed that drink more than I realised."

And with that her quick mind made sense of what had happened, she'd panicked for nothing. Raven had been training in some way. Sitting back down and placing the kunai back in the tents holster, she silently berated herself for jumping to conclusions. She had been scolded for that enough by Inozuki already.

Inozuki being Ino's older sister, her older sister that happened to be the same yamanaka that had been able to find out where Raven was headed during his defection. The very same yamanaka family member that had become ANBU the very same day that Ino had graduated to gennin. Outshining her accomplishment and causing Ino to make a scene out of never being noticed.

Though despite their differences, Ino and Inozuki were good friends, despite how weird that sounded coming from family members. Siblings that was also 5 years apart in many area's, skill, talent, beauty, intelligence and rank. But Inozuki was always kind to her younger sister. Even to the point of training her. Teaching her the finer points of being shinobi. Like one instance of never taking things for face value and never jumping to conclusions.

Which Ino, had unfortunately just done.

Sitting in silence for a few minutes Ino listened in to Raven preparing something with water and what she assumed was the kettle. Deciding to be sneaky Ino made a hand seal that was unique to her clan and gathered her chakra. Forcefully sending her consciousness into whatever living being was in her path of sight. Thanks to the training she had received from her older sister, Ino was able to still hit her target of Raven, even though she was unable to see him through the tent.

Once she left her body she went soaring through the air, in what one member of her family members called her 'astral form'. But she didn't care, one did not need to understand the ability to know it worked or make it work. As long as her mind went into someone else's body, that was all that mattered to her. Preferably the right body she intended of course.

Unlike a normal Shintenshin transference where the user of the technique would be in control completely, Ino had learned more than just a few tricks from her sister. Instead, Ino had gained control, but allowed Raven to also have control too. Ino's goal wasn't to take control of Raven. Oh no, no Ino's goal was to simply enter Ravens mind and find out his feelings and memories.

The moment she started seeing through his eyes though, her mind was unable to make anything out. Everything was kind of silvery and strangely invisible. But every second she noticed outlines of items, people, buildings, animals and so much more appear. Only to disappear, repeating every second. She noticed that when Raven took a break and randomly looked in a single direction towards town, she could see for a lot farther than she realised possible. She'd heard of the Byakugan's huge limits. But Ravens was surely longer.

It was that moment Ino realised that the reason Raven wore a mask, was because he had some sort of doujustu. A funky set of eyes, but a doujustu none the less. But what stopped Ino from experimenting was the fact, if she did. Raven would notice. After all she'd giving him control of himself unless she chose different. She wanted to remain undetected. 'Damm, I'll have to ask him another time.'

Focusing away, from seeing through his eyes, Ino instantly realised she'd made a fatal mistake. She'd thought aloud. But unlike her expectations, Raven hadn't realised. He had so many thoughts going through his mind, that he'd assumed it his own. Ino was lucky, more than lucky. Unlike her sister, who had explained it to her as best as she could. Ino was far from the skills to block Raven from hearing her thoughts while idly searching through his. Later she could. But not yet. Instead Ino decided enough was enough. She'd need to get better before trying again.

Expelling herself from Ravens mind took quite a bit out of her. Usually she'd need to make hand seals and leave. But yet again, her sister had helped her be prepared. But doing the release without hand seals required a lot of focus and much more chakra than normal.

Ino ended up sitting in silence while getting used to what she'd uncovered. It wasn't much, but a few questions were answered. Albeit, for every one answered more would pop up. 'What was with his eyes? Is he a hyuuga? If so, is that what Hinata sees? Is that why he never removed his mask? What was he so in thought about? Was it me? If so what? Why did he not realise I mentioned 'him' not 'her'? Does that mean he needs to talk to a guy? Does that mean I'm in love with a gay guy?'

It was at the last mental question that had caused her to realise, she had a lot of thinking to do. It was the big question, one she hadn't even considered asking herself until then. It was also the only question she couldn't ask anyone else; she had to answer it herself. 'Am I in love with Raven?'