Chapter 4

"Yes!" Raven said while clenching his fist and pulling his arm back triumphantly, so childish. So like the Raven they remembered.

Recalling where he was, he quickly stopped and straightened himself up, bowing respectfully to everyone in the room. "Thank you Tsunade sama."

Nodding in return she pulled out a document, a pen and another stamp from under her large desk. Placing them in front of Raven she returned back to her sitting position with her fingers locked together.

"Sign that and the arrangement is official."

Leaning forward with a small hint of a smile, Raven took the pen and signed the contract. Seconds later after looking over it he slid it back towards Tsunade who gave it a once over before nodding and sliding it to one side.

Turning towards Neji's team for a moment Tsunade gave a swift nod and they took the sign and left. All but one. Neji stayed behind after his team left the room. Keeping his track of vision straightforward and standing almost painfully straight.

"Neji.. Is there something you wish to say?" Tsunade asked in the most professional tone she could muster.

Glancing over at Raven for a moment and then back to Tsunade's gaze he shook his head slightly. Showing no emotion at all. As is the hyuuga way.

"I… request to stay." Not surprisingly it was said in the most blank and robot like manner. But nonetheless it still managed to confuse both Tsunade and Raven.

However, Tsunade knowing it was only irregular and not out of the question saw no reason to refuse. However when Shizune took a step forward and whispered into her ear for a second, she frowned. 'Damm stupid rules.'

Raven blinked slightly when he noticed Tsunade turn her sights back on him.

"Raven, I have no problem with the request, do you accept Neji's appeal to stay?"

Looking slowly between Tsunade and Neji he straightened up and shook his head. "Actually… I'm sorry but I'd rather he didn't. I'm sure you wish me to give information as to things I've done. There are things I'm more than just simply ashamed of. I.. I don't wish for him to know about them."

With a single nod Tsunade turned to Neji. Who without a second glance needed understood, turned around and left without a single word.

Silence hit the room the moment the door shut, Raven looking over his shoulder towards the door. Letting his thoughts linger for a second before Tsunade coughed into her hand, a signal to continue with the inevitable.

Still looking towards the door Raven frowned "I've done many things I'm not proud of, some I wish I'd thought through."

Tsunade needn't say anything; every ninja has the same feelings at some point in time.

"When it comes to the physical examinations, there's a few things you'll be unhappy to find as well." Finally turning back to Tsunade, Raven sighed deeply.

"Shizune, can you leave for a second. Please?"

Blinking when she was acknowledged she turned to Tsunade for a second and to the ANBU behind Tsunade that had practically been forgotten and seen as simply a part of the scenery. With a nod from Tsunade she did as requested, looking out towards one of the rooms large windows before walking past Raven and out the door.

Taking a deep breath Raven slowly brought his hand up to his mask. The mask around his eyes that Tsunade only had the chance to see off once. Slowly his fingers found their way to the bottom of the mask and slipped it off.

Immediately Tsunade gasped loudly, causing Shizune who was listening through the door, to almost turn the doorknob to enter.

"Raven.. you.."

"Yes.. But it's complicated."

"You're aware more precautions will need to be taken now."

Being unable to see what Tsunade was, was almost crippling to Shizune, she wouldn't admit it but she was a so curious as to what was revealed.

Meanwhile Tsunade was hoping she wasn't seeing what she thought she was.

Slowly Raven slipped his mask back on, securing it back in its place and taking a moment to stare at his shoes then back towards the door.

"Shizune! Please go get a medical room set up for us I'm going to give him his check up myself." Tsunade said calmly, while she hardly believed it herself she knew that shizune didn't have the right to know this. Not to mention she knew how she'd react and bug her about it all day.

"Hai! Hokage sama!" Shizune said from behind the door, which Tsunade was sure she was bowing from behind as well, and ran off to get it sorted out.

Silence racked the small office for a few seconds when Raven suddenly remembered something "Oh, Tsunade Sama I almost forgot," slowly Raven reached into his cape for a hidden pocket and pulled out an ordinary looking scroll.

"What's that?"

"This is the information regarding one of orochimaru's bases. You wanted it so you could verify the truth behind my information"

"Ah yes" feeling slightly silly that she forgot about that she reached out to take the scroll, surprised at how heavy it was compared to it's size. "Is the only information in here regarding his base?"

Shaking his head slowly he smiled a little "There's information in regards to a suspected Akatsuki headquarters in there as well. While Orochimaru is no longer part of the group, the leader apparently keeps tabs on him, making sure they're not betrayed and such. As a sign of good faith I don't suggest sending anyone to check that one just yet could be a trap"


Before either could speak the door opened, however while they were expecting Shizune they were surprised to see a head of blond hair and a familiar orange jacket.

"Tsunade no baa chan! Have you seen ero sen-" Naruto's question was quickly cut short when he noticed who was already in the room. Sure he'd been away for a while training, but no amount of time would allow him to forget Raven.

"Naruto! How many times have I told you not to call me that!"

Instinctively ducking an object hurling through the air Raven watched as Naruto was unable to avoid and was hit in the head by what looked like a paperweight of some kind.

Rubbing his head where the projectile hit him, Naruto cursed quietly and walked further in, letting the door close on it's own. "Tsunade no baa chan, have you seen ero sennin? He was meant to be training with me but disappeared." He said casually, ignoring Ravens presence in favour of finding his perverted sensei. His arms at their usual place, folded and behind his head.

"Naruto, can you not see I'm busy right now" Tsunade said while motioning to Raven, who was just stood silently trying not to draw attention to himself.

"If you tell me where he is I can leave you to whatever it is that's going on."

Sighing deeply Tsunade rubbed the bridge of her nose, "Naruto, I don't know where Jiraiya is, go bother someone else."

"Oi Naruto, stop being troublesome. Besides from what your always talking about, have you checked the woman's hot baths?" the ANBU behind Tsunade spoke up, his voice dreary as if he'd just woken up.

"Ah! Good idea! Thanks Shikamaru!" and with that Naruto was off, back out the door he came in through and off with tsunade's steadily growing headache.

His thanks to the ANBU having confirmed Ravens earlier speculation. And made him smile, the reason the ANBU sounded like he just woke up was most likely true considering it being Shikamaru.

"Damm him, he's not supposed to give off the identity of masked ANBU men! I'll have to beat him to a pulp later!" Tsunade said in a loud and angry tone, shaking her fist towards the door. "Anyway, back to business."


With that little interruption out of the way, they didn't really talk about much, other than what precautions were going to be taken towards the beginning. Raven would be locked in an anti-chakra prison cell, have all his weapons confiscated and would be released to find himself accommodations when his information was deemed valid.

Before that however he would have to have a thorough medical exam to check for any contagions or injuries, the former being higher in priority.


After a few minutes of further waiting, Shizune finally arrived back to the office, "Tsunade sama, the room you requested is set up, and I've taken the liberty to inform the guards around Konoha not to attack Raven on sight. Lastly the ANBU have prepared his prison cell as well."

Nodding in response Tsunade slid her chair back and walked around her desk, Shikamaru stirring from his spot, followed her.

"Well done Shizune, I only need you to do two more things. Get Sakura to meet me in the room and using this scroll," she explained while handing it the scroll Raven gave her a few minutes ago. Which Raven noticed her weighing it roughly with her hand as well, "Send a ANBU squad to verify the position of one of orochimaru's bases."

Without any questions, shizune left to do just that. Tsunade then gave the ANBU a hand signal and watched as he vanished into thin air.

"Follow me."

Not needing to be told twice, Raven followed Tsunade out of the office, down the way he came with Neji's team till they reached the door out of the hokage's mansion.

However they quickly turned a corner and ended up going down a rather large hallway till they found themselves in the hospital. Walking down corridors and through doorways in silence until they made their way to a door with a note on the front saying 'Reserved for Hokage.'

Which she quickly opened and walked inside, "Close the door on your way in please," Tsunade Sama requested while she switched a light on to show the large white room with medical equipment strewn about.