Chapter 8


There she was, stood right where Tenten was a few minutes ago, silent. Her hair in its usual ponytail, her one long bang draping down the side of her face. Though still light out, the light of the fire illuminating the purple material of her shirt and skirt.

A few minutes went by and nothing, not eye contact, no movement, and the only noise Raven could hear was the crackling of the wood burning. Minutes seemed to fly by; the awkward silence between the two was so strong neither knew what to say.

Raven wanted to apologise, to hug her, and tell her he was back for good. He wanted to do something to end the silence and make her forgive him. But he just couldn't get enough courage to do anything. He had missed her terribly when he'd left, he regretted it a few times but knew he'd do it again if he had to. He wanted to cry, let loose the tears that had built up over time. He wanted to yell at himself, scream at himself, tell her something. But couldn't. Only silence.

Ino wanted to attack him, hurt him, and make him feel what she had the day she saw him leave. Only to hear from someone in her family where he was headed. Seemed she had something in common with Sakura, both lost someone to Orochimaru. She wanted to yell at him, scream at him, let loose the torrents of tears that came frequently at his memory. But none came. Only silence.

The sky gradually got dark, and nothing had been said, the only noise was the campfire creaking and crumbling in on itself from turning into ash. Raven gathered his senses and stood up, getting Ino's attention and her eyes to focus on him instead of the spot on the floor she had been. Slowly Raven leaned over to his side and grabbed a few more sticks, throwing them onto the fire. Silence overcame the area as Raven rummaged through one of the bags he'd gotten during his shopping trip with Tenten. Pulling out a pot, a few bottles of water and some teabags, he got started on setting up a makeshift kettle. Leaving Ino back to her thinking.

A few more minutes passed and Raven had the water boiling in the pot, lifting the lid off he put two teabags into separate cups and filled them with the hot liquid. Placing the cup on a flat piece of soil he looked up at Ino before throwing a few more sticks on the fire.

Silently Ino just stared at the cup, not even noticing Ravens movements. After a while Ravens tea had cooled down enough to drink, but Ino was still stood there, she hadn't spoke, hadn't moved and barely looked around. Raven, while used to the silence, had enough, but just wasn't sure what to say so instead stood back up.

Picking up Ino's drink of tea he stepped around the fire and held it out towards her.

"Ino, drink. You need something warm in your body or you'll get ill." Raven had to break the silence. Though what he said was right, sitting by the fire he hadn't really noticed the darkness creep over the sky, or how cold it was at Ino's distance from the camp.

But Ino stood in silence, a few seconds passed and she eventually moved her arm up to take the offered cup, she brought the item up to her lips and took a small sip full of its contents. It was good, sure it didn't have any sugar or honey in it, which she liked adding occasionally. But it was good. Probably would have been better if she could stomach the idea of who had made it.


"It's getting late." This got Ino's attention, her stare raised slowly up his body. Up from his feet and legs, legs she could see had changed considerably, when he was still in the village prior. His legs were thinner and less muscular, and definitely didn't have as much hair on them as before. Skipping his lower region she looked straight to his stomach, which as well had changed, previously his stomach wasn't large or podgy and he wasn't fat either. But he definitely didn't have the starting outline of a well-muscled set of abs. Next on Ino's checklist of things that had changed, was his chest, his chest was much hairier and the muscles were very noticeable. Eventually her gaze lifted past his collar bone and chin and rested for a second on his lips. Lips that during their relationships start, she had been thinking of for hours on end. How soft they were to the touch, how pale yet full of colour and how and what they might have tasted like, now they were greyish white and cold looking, signs of fresh moisture not evening showing. Instead slight cracks where the cold had affected them countless times. Her eyes decided to linger for a few minutes before looking up into the mask that covered his eyes. How she remembered looking into that mask, wondering what was behind it, but respecting his wishes to leave it alone. How she didn't need to see behind it, simply because she could to tell his feelings from everything else. Whether he was sad, whether he was happy, whether he was angry and frustrated or totally ready to give up. And she was able to see it all in a matter of seconds.

"I said, it is getting late. I'd offer for you to sleep in my tent, but I'm sure you'd be more comfortable in your own bed."

Part of Ino wanted to take that offer, just stay a while longer in the presence of the person that both angered and upset her, yet also calmed her down and gave her time to think. But part of her wanted to just leave and say nothing, let him fester on what he'd done to her. How he'd gotten past her defences, that only her family and Sakura knew of. Make him know how he had affected her.

In the end she chose the latter. Walking in silence away from the camp. Not stopping until she was home in her bed. Not even saying goodnight to her family. Not stopping to change her clothes, not stopping to brush her hair and clean her teeth. She just went straight to bed. Letting her thoughts confuse her till she was taken away by sleeps embrace.


Lemon warning! Lemon warning! Lemon warning! Lemon warning! Lemon warning!


Taking a deep breath Raven finished his tea and listened to the night's music for a while. Rustling leaves, the wind blowing through trees. Owls and birds preparing for sleep.

But Raven was far from tired, while Ino had been examining his changes; his pubescent mind was running amuck. He too was examining her looks, focusing mainly on her, adult assets. He wasn't the kind of person to think of such things, even after his and Ino's more adult relationship. But his mind refused to look away from her feminine areas, bringing memories back to him, tastes, smells textures and sounds. But what was worse of all was the mental images, his body reacted to those the worst.

Quickly Raven kicked dirt over the fire, successfully putting it out without need of using up his water supply. And crawled into his tent, but unlike Ino, sleep wouldn't take him. Or more so, his body wanted something different. Something along the lines of relief. But not the 'go behind a bush' relief. Oh no, more along the lines of, 'time with a woman' relief. But Raven wouldn't, nor couldn't do that. He knew the only other option he had was to do it himself and then go to sleep.

Raven didn't like thinking about it but unfortunately he had no choice, zipping his tent door up he slid his boxers off. The tent already containing his body heat that was given off by his blush. His member fully erect, though he didn't look at it, he felt ashamed of it ever since he left. His first time with Ino made sure that he'd never forget it. To Raven it was more than special, and he didn't deserve it once he'd left. But every now and then he'd have to fix his 'problem'. Gripping himself he got to work, but it wasn't the same.

Usually it felt hollow and emotionless, but this time it felt hot and lustful, having spent practically a whole afternoon with the person he'd been with in that way refused to let the images get away. So instead of trying to ignore them, he strived on it, imagining Ino's body in various positions, making seductive and teasing noises and gestures, his images slowly started forming scenarios, similar to situations he'd been in with her in the past. Himself pressed up against a tree while her tongue ran rampant over his throbbing member, slurping noises and the warm wet feelings going through him like waves.

It didn't take long thinking of his younger years prior to his leaving with her that he finished, sending his seed forcefully into a tissue he'd took hold of when he felt close. His drive sated and himself steadily going limp, crawled into his sleeping bag and remembered more serene moments between them. Images of him simply led on a bed with Ino's head on his chest, raising and falling with his deep breaths. The sun shining through the window and warming the end of the bed up slightly. Complete silence and not a care in the world.

Sleep eventually claimed him as it had Ino. Both sleeping deeply into the night with thoughts of each other.


Lemon finished! Lemon finished! Lemon finished! Lemon finished! Lemon finished!