The feeling of turning into a cat is the weirdest thing to me. I go from being a human to being an animal. All my muscles change to fit that of a cat. It's never been a painful change, just an odd one. You think changing into a cat feels odd? You should know how it feels to change into my true form. I don't like mentioning it that much, but when I have to, I have to. Changing into my true form is probably the most painful thing. My body stretches. Every piece of my body stretches. It's even painful just to watch or so the faces of Tohru and Yuki both showed.

Kuso nezumi… I hate that rat… With my whole being. Everything he does just pisses me off. Then, I can't even beat that bastard. He's so fast. I can never land a hit on him. Why?! I trained for four months in the mountains just to get stronger. I didn't make my bet with Akito until after I returned, but still… I should be able to beat him! He thinks he's so high and mighty the way he looks at me smugly. I can't stand it.

And then there's Tohru. That girl I promised her mother I'd protect. I couldn't even find her that day. That damn Yuki had to go and giver my hat! He had no right to give that to her. He's probably all she ever sees. No one ever sees me. They only pity or hate me. Like that damn rat. No one loves a fucking monster. No one…


Yuki read these words. He never knew such things about Kyo. Kyo really did hate him. Everything he had been thinking the past few days. He had actually thought that there might be something between himself and the cat. As he could tell, the cat would never grow to like him. The journal entry had been dated the day before. Great… now everything I ever wanted has gone down the drain.

He didn't even know why he was reading Kyo's journal. Kyo would be furious. He quickly put it down and left the room. However, on his way out, he bumbed into an extremely angry Kyo.

"What were you doing in my room, kuso nezumi?" the red head asked.

There's nothing like the sweet bliss of the morning sunshine. I had spent the night on the roof… again. What was I supposed to do? Kagura was staying the week. She has one violent temper and I'm usually the brunt of her attacks. I'm not sure why, but I am. Maybe it's her undying love for me… I don't know why she cares so much. Maybe if she weren't so violent, I might like her. No wait! What am I saying? I have my heart set on someone else.

Yeah. That's right. The headstrong, stubborn Kyo is in love with someone. I won't say who, that's annoying. It's annoying just thinking about it. I can't just go writing it down. I've already caught that damn Yuki going through my journal. Yeah, that's right, I caught Yuki in my room reading my journal. That damn Yuki.

Although he probably should have read the whole thing. Then, he would know how much I really feel about him. I know I wasn't going to write it, but I've changed my mind. Yuki's the one I like. He's always so beautiful. His purple eyes are enchanting and the way his gray hair falls over his pale skin… when did I get so poetic about the damn rat?

Oh well. That's it for now.


Yuki couldn't believe what he just read. He couldn't believe he had just read it at all. He had been caught the first time.

He quickly put the journal down and left quickly. Kyo was nowhere to be seen. What a relief, Yuki thought as he went into his room. He didn't want to be caught again. He sat at his desk and took out a notebook, blank.