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Looking for the Perfect Nanny

-- Overture --

Life was always like clockwork for Haruhi Fujioka. She wake up at 8 in the morning, took a shower, made herself a cup of coffee, arranged the textbooks and other materials she needed for the day and headed off to her campus. She would return to her apartment at around 6 in the evening, watched some news on television and, did her homework before hitting the lights and going off to bed.

If it was either Saturday or Sunday; she would allocate some of her spare time to clean her small apartment, before she went to the nearby market to buy her groceries. On some busier days Haruhi would spend most of her time in the Law Program's library of Tokyo University where she was studying at the moment. And when she was in the mood to have a little bit of fun she would drop by either the bookstore, just around the corner of her university, or the music store downtown.

Everything always worked on well-organized patterns for her ever since her father moved to Karuizawa to work with Misuzu Sonoda, a.k.a Suzie. When Suzie told her father that she (or he) planned to expand her inn and needed to find a suitable partner; Ranka proposed himself. Haruhi did not oppose her father's plan to leave her alone, nor did she agree with it. She left her father to make the decision himself. Besides, it was her father's happiness that counted the most to her.

Truthfully, she felt more comfortable with an organized life. Although she was not some sort of a control freak; she just preferred to be in control of her life. It was exactly the life Haruhi had before she joined the host club. When she was in the host club everything was turned upside down; she almost gave up on having a coordinated life. However, things always change, and that's what happened with the host club.

Ouran High Host Club was merely history now.


Sometimes Tamaki still called her from Paris where he was studying at the moment. His grandmother already accepted him as the heir of the Suoh family, agreeing that he would spend his college time with his mother there.

Hunny and Mori opted to study in Italy. It was actually Hunny's idea to go there in the first place to study culinary. And Mori followed him like he always did. They kept in good contact with her, sending her many beautiful pictures of Italy and hoping that she would visit them there someday.

And for a year she stayed at Ouran High School with only the twins. The three were inseparable back then, although there were no host club activities anymore. They still continued toying her like usual; just the same when all the senpais were still around.

It was only a couple months ago when finally they graduated from Ouran High School, they went their separate ways. The twins chose to study Design in Paris; the same city as Tamaki. Sometimes she could not help but smile inwardly whenever she thought about what kind of commotion might happen with those three living in the same city like that.

However, it was different with Kyouya. She had not heard any news from him since the day he graduated from high school. For some strange reason the other host club members would avoid talking about him whenever they called her from overseas. Even the twins kept their mouths shut, avoiding her for the whole day whenever she raised questions about him. The only piece of information she ever got about him was that he was currently studying in Tokyo University. Incidentally, it was Tamaki who blurted out the news; she was calling him for the first time after he went to Paris, wanting to tell him that she was accepted in Tokyo University's Law Program.

It was a surprise for her to know that Kyouya was also studying in the same university as her since she never saw him there. At first she merely thought that it was probably because Tokyo University was not exactly small in size. Besides, there were thousands of people studying there, so it would be difficult for them to meet by chance. So she thought of a way around it; asking the campus administration.

She did not know what program that Kyouya studied in, although somehow she had a hunch that he would most likely take business as his major. But oddly enough, the administration strictly refused to reveal any kind of information about him. She even got nothing when she asked the simplest question; like whether Kyouya Ootori was a student at the university or not.

In the end, she gave up all attempts to find him. Haruhi did not know why she wanted to meet with him in the first place anyway. Probably unconsciously she still missed the old days when she needed to entertain girls with the rest of the host club members; and how she was always occupied with the eccentricities from those ultra-rich people in there. And knowing that one of them was still in Japan, somehow made her want to see him again. It was the only logical explanation that she could think of for wanting to see the former shadow king again. Besides, what else could it be other than that anyway?


It was almost like any other day, everything seemed perfectly normal when Haruhi woke up with a start. She glanced quickly at her watch and realized that she was almost late for her first lesson of the day. She was never late to any of her classes before and she definitely did not want to start now.

It was quite unusual for her to wake up that late; yet perhaps it was understandable, since she was awake until very late the night before. And during the evening before she kept thinking about the host club, and could not help but wonder whether there would be a day she coincidentally met Kyouya while studying at Tokyo University.

After preparing everything for her classes that day, and even though she was feeling a bit sad that she had to skip her breakfast, Haruhi hustled towards the front door of her small apartment.

In the midst of her hastened attempt to leave her apartment as soon as possible, she merely opened the door in a careless manner. Thus as a result of her negligence, she nearly hit the person who for some reason happened to be standing exactly in front of her doorstep.

Haruhi would have definitely thought that the person was a burglar; if it was not for the fact sun was already shining brightly. Yet because of the same brightness from the sun she could not see the person clearly, only making out from the tall figure that it was definitely a man.


After a couple of seconds later, her eyes were finally able to adjust to the intense light from the morning sun. At that moment, Haruhi could finally see the person who was still standing awkwardly in front of her, not utter a word as if he was expecting her to start a conversation.

And upon realizing who the person was; Haruhi felt as if her heart almost missed a beat.

"Senpai…." Haruhi whispered her voice barely audible.

"Hello Haruhi, It's nice to know that you still recognize me." replied Kyouya as his trademark smirk illustrated vividly across his flawless face.

It was as if nothing had changed between them; the two sounded like they only hadn't seen each other for a mere day.

Before she could ask Kyouya further why he suddenly decided to appear on her doorstep out of the blue; the guy opened up his mouth again, speaking very cautiously in a way that was very much unlike the Kyouya she knew all along.

"Haruhi, I need to ask a favour from you."


Yet before Haruhi managed to say anything else, she felt somebody tugged on the corner of her long sleeve shirt.

And that's when she saw him; a little boy who was like a small version of the older man who was currently still gazing intently at her.

He had Kyouya's resemblance…

-- to be continued --


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