A/N Believe it or not for awhile I was on a mini hiatus. During this hiatus as I was going over one of my stories About a Ron I realized I had promised something in the first chapter that I was kind of failing to deliver. That truth is that story really took on a life of its own, one that is a bit different than its original blue prints

Rewriting that story now would be tragic, especially since I really like how it's turning out. So this story will be what About a Ron was supposed to be in its initial conception. Rest assured this is a really good thing for both fics. Now this piece of fanfiction is inspired by three movies, (If you haven't realized it by now I've only had two original ideas ever) One movie holds the same title. The other two are for you dear reader to try and figure out.

For this story I will also try my best to minimize the gut wrenching angst that underlines many of my other fics. But I can't do it on my own, if I dip to far into the angst well it's up to you guys to call me out on it.

The text in bold is a prologue of sorts that I thought would be sweet. Story is an AU

In an empty room a projector sits on a pedestal before a blank screen. The projector comes to life on its own. A grainy black and white film begins on the screen.

They say we're young and we don't know

We won't find out until we grow

Well I don't know if all that's true

'Cause you got me, and baby I got you


I got you babe

I got you babe

On the screen we can see a six year old Ron Stoppable running in circles around a large kiddie pool. Inside of the pool is a young Kim Possible and she is shouting something at Ron. From the expression on her face she seems to be warning him about something. Ron slips on a muddy puddle and lands on his rear end. He cries, Kim climbs out of the pool and consoles him with a hug.

They say our love won't pay the rent

Before it's earned, our money's all been spent

I guess that's so, we don't have a pot

But at least I'm sure of all the things we got


I got you babe

I got you babe

Kim stands under a banner proclaiming her seventh birthday. She holds out shredded pieces of paper that have been glued together to form a pair of cheerleading pom poms. Gracefully she does a few kicks and a split. Ron comes on screen. They talk for awhile and Kim eventually hands an excited Ron the pom poms. He attempts a simple routine of his own but he is clumsy and uncoordinated and ends up falling hard on his rear end. Kim consoles him. Suddenly he jumps to his feet with a gleam in his eye, he hands back the pom poms and runs off screen. Kim shrugs in confusion, but then we see a smile form on her face as Ron returns holding a toy drum. He places the drum on the ground and begins to happily beat on it with his hands. Kim steps up to the camera and cheerfully continues her routine.

I got flowers in the spring

I got you to wear my ring

And when I'm sad, you're a clown

And if I get scared, you're always around

Ron gleefully introduces Kim to a recently purchased Naked Mole Rat. Kim seems at first reluctant to touch the creature. A disappointed look comes to Ron's face. But as he is about to pocket the pink rodent Kim reaches over and gives it a few gentle pats on the head. Ron grins.

Don't let them say your hair's too long

'Cause I don't care, with you I can't go wrong

Then put your little hand in mine

There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb

Ron and Kim show off their Halloween costumes. Ron is dressed like superman Kim as Wonder Woman. In a fit of spastic enthusiasm Ron gets his feet entangled in his cape and falls hard on his face. His nose starts to bleed and he cries. Kim consoles him by offering him some of her candy. He more than graciously accepts it.


I got you babe

I got you babe

The camera zooms in to a grumpy looking preteen Kim as she lies in bed, with a water bottle placed on her forehead. Ron sits in a chair beside her bed; a small bowl sitting on a silver tray rests on his lap. He dips a spoon into the bowl and offers Kim a mouthful of its contents. Kim shakes her head in refusal. Ron rolls his eyes and places the tray on her nightstand. Kim snatches the water bottle off her head and tosses it to the side. She argues something and with a hint of arrogance in her face she slides out of bed. Once on her feet she suddenly swoons but Ron is there to catch her. He slowly leans her back into bed and places a hand on he forehead. He then dramatically pulls it away as if he had just placed onto a burning skillet. Kim attempts to argue again but he calmly ignores her. He takes a spoonful of whatever is in the bowl and pats his stomach. Kim argues again. He offers her another taste but this time with a pouty look on his face. She angrily stares at the spoon for a moment or so but then finally takes it into her mouth. She grudgingly swallows before surprisingly licking her lips. Ron gives her a "thumbs up", she then unintentionally sneezes in his face.

I got you to hold my hand

I got you to understand

I got you to walk with me

I got you to talk with me

I got you to kiss goodnight

I got you to hold me tight

I got you, I won't let go

I got you to love me so

The junior prom; Ron and Kim gaze into each other's eyes. They are both prepared to take the next step. They close their eyes and lean forward both eagerly awaiting the soft touch of the other's lips.

I got you babe

I got you babe

I got you babe

I got you babe

I got you babe

Before their lips can touch the movie freezes. The projector begins to shake. Abruptly the reel on the projector snaps and falls to the floor. The screen is now blank.

"Who's there?"

Ron's eyes ran from one corner of the bathroom to the next.

"I know someone's there...I can hear you breathing dude.." He continued to scan the immediate area until he caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror. Eventually it dawned on him that the gasp of breaths he was hearing were his own. It was his surprisingly heavy breathing that was echoing off the walls of the first floor boy's bathroom of Middleton elementary.

He shook his head and laughed at his own foolishness. There was nothing to be worried about because the hardest part was essentially over. She found out about the letter, so she knew about his feelings. Now all he had to do was see how she felt.

Cynthia and he were kind of like kindred spirits. It would be rare to find any other two people in the school who were less popular than they were. He of course had been judged and sentenced for the crime of well just being himself and Cynthia not only for being the new kid but also for being the daughter of the "crazy" lunch lady, the one who supposedly passed gas every time she handed out a fruit cup.

She was terrorized even worse than he was. There wasn't a day that went by where she wasn't hosed with water guns, or had trash tossed over the divider when she was using the bathroom, or faced whispers and snickers whenever she went up to solve a problem on the blackboard.

"Well it's their loss," he said to himself.

They were for the lack of a better cliché; two peas in pod, bosom buddies even. He told her about his family and Rufus, all his secrets, everything and anything he enjoyed. She got a crash introductory course to his "essential Ronness" and she in turn gladly reciprocated.

It was only a few days ago when he realized that maybe...just maybe….it was a crazy thought yes……but…..they could possibly make a good couple. He had no doubt that she'd be a great GF and he'd do his best to be a great BF.

Ok so they were only thirteen, but it wasn't like they were getting married. People dated when they were thirteen. Besides they were both pretty much outcasts... they needed each other. She needed him and he needed her.

So, why not?

He sighed as he looked himself over in the bathroom mirror...Why did he look so worried? ...Maybe it was the fact that last term was the first time he took a shot at going to a school dance; which lead to him being shot down by almost every girl he laid eyes on.

Oh come on brain you're harshing my buzz.

Yes that was a rough by any standards...but Cynthia didn't move here until this term. She was different then the other girls. He and her, they had a connection.

And his mother was always saying how charming and handsome he was. What purpose would it serve for her to lie to him about that?

"No worries," he smiled.

Ron headed towards the exit and reached for the bathroom door. His hand practically slid off the door knob due to the moistness of his palm.


"Okay," he said to no one. He stood before the double doors leading into the cafeteria. "She'll probably be in there." He wiped his damp palms on his pant legs.

"So I'll go in...I'll go up to her and say "Hey Cynthia"... no that seems a bit to forced..."Yo"...yea that's more natural."

"I'll go "YO."

"She'll smile and say "I got your letter."

"And I'll say "cool."

"Then she'll say "it was the most romantic thing I've ever read in my whole life, I'd love to be your GF."

"And then I'll go "sweet."

"Then we'll have lunch and plan out our futures together. Two hearts brought together by misery, beating together as one...forever eternal…or something romantic like that."

Burning with unprecedented vigor Ron pushed through the cafeteria doors and stepped inside. He immediately keyed in on Cynthia's location. She was sitting at a table at the far side of the room. She was laughing merrily; the sight of her being happy for some reason filled his chest with warmth.

As he made his way to her he couldn't help noticing that she was laughing pretty hard. And she wasn't the only one, every single person at her table were laughing at loud. One of the laughing parties was the infamous bully/jock Alan Barker. She was surrounded by people, popular people.

Ron continued inching towards them. He was beginning to pick up snippets of their conversation.

"And the letter says it's nice to find someone you click with" AS IF I had anything in common with him and listen to this "I promise to always have your back." Cynthia howled.

Why does that sound familiar?

Cynthia leaned over the table so everyone would be sure to hear. "Did you know that he's afraid of garden gnomes and robotic horses…..plus his best friend is a rat!"

Ok now I'm ninety five percent sure that they're talking about me

Alan looked up to see Ron, standing there, frozen. "Look there he is, the Rat Whisperer!"

"Hey Stoppable do you want some milk for your rat girlfriend?"

"Actually he's a naked mole..." Before Ron could finish a carton of two percent milk struck him in the forehead, spraying its contents all over his face.

"...rat." He tasted the milk in his mouth as he wiped it off his face with his sleeve. At least now he knew for sure that he preferred the taste of whole milk over the two percent brand.

As if things weren't going well enough, Alan stood up and swiftly "depantsed" him revealing his brand new tighty whities.

Note to self tell mom, I'm switching to boxers.

Of course the place erupted with laughter. An objective observer would have thought Ron was playing the straight man in some kind of vaudevillian comedy act. And he happened to be slaying the crowd with his whacky antics.

They laughed, they howled, they he-hawed, and they guffawed loudly and proudly. In all honesty, he was used to being the comedic foil to everyone else but for some reason Cynthia's laughter seemed to be the loudest. No it wasn't really the loudest; it was the only one he could hear.

He knew some of her secrets. The question was would he use it against her.

The answer he realized immediately was no...Did Cynthia know that before he did? Maybe...Should he be angry at her for what she did? Why should he, she had now moved up considerably in the food chain. It was survival of the fittest, and she was a better player at the game than he was.

Ron let out a breath, reached down and pulled up his pants. "Loser……..Ron Stoppable…. you are such a loser," he heard her mutter over the roar of the crowd as he nonchalantly made his way to the lunch line.

I hope this doesn't somehow scar me emotionally for the rest of my life, he thought as he waited in line for a Sahara dry yet kosher turkey sandwich.


Five year later:

"Ron! What's the problem dude?"

Ron blinked in confusion as he drifted back to reality. "What is it about bad memories that they feel the need to pop in whenever they feel like it. Is it just so the universe can prove that you still haven't gotten over something?"

"Another Wannaweep flashback?"

"If it was one of those I'd be on the floor curled up in a ball, and weeping...no it was something else yet equally as terrifying."

"You want to talk about it?"

Ron narrowed his eyes and glared at Felix. "Not really"

Though he was curious about this new secret tale of horror, from past experiences with Ron Felix knew it was best not to press any further. There were just some things, a lot of things actually, that Ron wouldn't talk about at all. Felix once told Ron that he was analogous to a house with a solid steel screen door, you might be able to see the living room but you never really had full access to the house. Ron laughed and said that Felix was digging for something that was wasn't there, "I'm just a normal guy," he'd say with a shrug.

The two friends stood silently on the train platform momentarily lost in their own thoughts.

"Well, this is it," Felix said a minute later. "Ron Stoppable going off to college."

"City college," Ron reminded Felix as he shifted his large suitcase from one hand to the to other

"Okay, so it's not Upperton University. It's still cool."

Unlike some students, Ron wasn't going to college for purely academic reasons. True, he'd get a degree, but that was more to please his parents then for his own sense of achievement. College to him was a means to an end. Or specifically at this moment, as of right now, it was a means of escape.

A few years back, college didn't even occupy an inch of space in his mind. For awhile, he felt that he'd be content living in his parent's house until he was at least thirty. He had no qualms about living in the basement, mooching off his folks until things fell into place for him. Maybe he would win the lottery, marry rich or invent something cool…something would have happened eventually he imagined.

Moving out meant responsibilities, and having responsibilities meant he had to work, and going to work meant less time sleeping, watching wrestling, playing video games, enjoying life in general.

Responsibilities had to be the ugliest word in the English language.

He once thought.

But then right before his junior year it happened. It was a strange occurrence. He woke up one morning feeling that there was something missing and it bugged him. He was an incomplete puzzle missing a few key pieces he thought one morning during a poetry class that he was currently failing.

There had to be something more for him out there

With that in mind he realized that he wouldn't find the missing piece sitting at home in Middleton or isolated in some upstate campus;which he didn't have the grades for anyway; ...so the next best possible option was to apply to a school in the city.

Ron smiled. "It's really adult if you think about it. I'm leaving home, to live on my own. How am I even being allowed to do this?"

A part of him wanted his parents to be here, but he had insisted that they didn't come to the station with him. Especially his mother, the chances were good that even if she hinted at tearing up, he'd lose his resolve to leave, or at the very least he would embarrassingly weep like a toddler in her arms in front of everyone at the station.

No, the last thing he wanted was to leave Middleton with one more embarrassing memory under his belt. Lord only knows he had enough of those.

A sudden cool crisp late August breeze blew into the station. "I hope I find what I'm looking for," he muttered under his breath.

Felix, catching this utterance, found himself intrigued by this new revelation. "I didn't know you were looking for something?"

Ron shrugged; there was no harm in Felix hearing that. "I guess I am…..but I've got no idea what it is though."

"What do you want?"

"What do I want? ...Hmmm……I'm going to college right? I should want to learn about the world...read books as thick as cinder blocks...use words like angular momentum, secular parallax, and luminosity in every day sentences even if I no idea what they mean.. Learn another language, expose my mind to new things by visiting the museums and art galleries in the city...I should want to do all of that stuff"

"Well, whether you want it or not you'll get a chance to do all that stuff and more in the city. Maybe in the end you'll learn to love them and get something out of them."

"I guess I'd like to be a part of something, maybe find something to believe in, or have someone believe in me" He grinned. "Maybe all I want to do is make love to a beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, intimating yet immensely compassionate woman with the lights on, on a foam mattress with modern jazz playing in the background."

Felix shook his head. "Shhhhh...nah, I don't see that happening."

"Really? Who knows, I might be able to pull it off."

"I doubt it."

"Seriously, you think I've got no chance? You know stranger things have happened..."

Felix chuckled. "Um yeah, I can't see it happening."

"Felix you're seriously underestimating my appeal."

"Dude, I think you've a better chance of helping save the world."

"Oh that's harsh," Ron exhaled, "Still, a man can dream right?"

"As we're on the topic of the opposite sex...why didn't you ever give Zita a call?"

Ron shifted uncomfortably. "I don't know dude."

"Come on, it took you three years to build the courage to ask her out."

"I don't...I'm not ready yet..."

"Then why did you ask her for her number?"

Ron slowly massaged the back of his neck. "I don't know...I wasn't in the right state of mind...I was so amped about graduating...I was high...high on finally having some success, people do crazy things when they're high!"

Felix clucked. "Excuses, excuses."

Ron put his hands up as if to surrender. "Fine mother…..I'll try."

"There is no try; there is only do or do not, young padawan."

"Okay, I'll seriously consider thinking about trying."

Felix groaned as he glanced at his watch. "Let me tell you something buddy; you need a gal. You can't keep spending your days and nights alone."

"But I'm not alone," Ron patted his right pants pocket, "I've got Rufus."

"Rufus huh? You do realize there are certain needs only a person of the female persuasion can satisfy."

Ron feigned surprise. "Oh you're talking about..."

"Right," Felix nodded, "I'm talking about that."

"I've lived without that for about eighteen years Felix, what's a few more?"

"On that pathetic note," Felix said clearly exasperated. "Your train should be arriving in less than ten minutes."

Ron closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. He managed to conjure up good memories of his family, his abandoned bedroom and the few good times he had in Middleton outside of spending many, many, afternoons at Bueno Nacho.

He was having the kind of moment where, if he smoked, he would smoke. Probably in some nonchalant yet reflective way like one of those tough, hard boiled cops you see in movies. The kind who knew they might not make it through the day, because savage eco terrorists who were ironically armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry had invaded the skyscraper his daughter worked in, and they were now taking hostages.

Yep, he might not make it out alive but he was the only chance those hostages had. It was his duty as an officer of the law to enforce it. But this time he wouldn't be going by the book, he'd be dong things his way. Sorry chief but this time it's personal

As Ron pretended to blow imaginary smoke rings out of his mouth the train roared into the station.


Kim brushed her windblown hair away from her eyes as she wandered onto the platform with Monique following closely behind her.

"This is it girl; you're leaving home and going off to college!"

Kim smiled. "Independent adulthood...it feels like real life is just beginning, you know?" This moment was more than not like a rite of passage for Kim. So much so that she insisted that her parents stayed home, it just made things feel more symbolic that way. It was a heartfelt and tearful moment she had shared with them only a few minutes ago. Even her brothers became a little emotional, even though they tried in vain to mask it. Yes, she'd miss them, but a new era in her life was now set to begin.

Upperton University wasn't the very best college in the country. But it was one of the best and it was located conveniently close to her family but not too close that she couldn't spread her independent wings. Life in the big city would be a thrill, and it would expose her to thousands of engaging new things to experience. For the first time ever she truly felt that anything was actually possible.

"I'm so bummed I won't be able to join you in the city for another few months."

Kim waved her hand dismissively as if she wouldn't hear any more. "So not the drama Monique, you take as much time as you need to take care of your family problems."

Monique tugged playfully at Kim's sleeve. "I know that, I'm just concerned about you……what will you do without me?"

Kim scoffed. "I think I can handle living independently in the city Monique."

"Really, like the way you handled yourself when you came to my party wearing that beige midriff?"

"I thought it was cute."

"It was cute five years ago...and if it wasn't for me keeping you from wasting your days ducking into the ladies room at Club Banana to hide from Roger, he would never have noticed……... oh I'm sorry." She reached over and placed her arm on Kim's shoulder.

"No need to apologize Monique there aren't any bitter feelings between me and Roger. We just grew apart."

Which was technically the truth, she didn't really have any negative feelings towards Roger but the whole relationship had left her a bit bewildered. Roger was a coworker of Monique's at Club Banana, and after months of pleading, Kim had finally allowed Monique to play matchmaker. Though the relationship had started out golden, towards the end there things had grown cold…..Frosty actually…. She couldn't place her finger on it but from her junior year onwards Roger had been giving her strange vibes. They never fought but the tension was there. The air around them perpetually seemed like the calm before a storm. Eventually, Kim decided to call it off; it was more of a preemptive strike then anything else.

"Forget about Roger, now that you're going to Upperton U you'll meet up with cuter, smarter, and more sophisticated hotties than Roger."

"Monique, college isn't only about scoping out guys."

"Kim, scoping out any and all available hotties is a part of your core curriculum," she laughed.

Kim looked up and smiled brightly into the clear sky. "This is going be great. I'm going to go to debates, rallies, discover new exotic foods, learn a new language...maybe a dead language or two …and the city has so many great museums and galleries."

"It's great that you have your priorities straight girl, but you might want to add "have an active social life" to that list."

"There's no need to worry Monique, I'm sure I'll fine somebody eventually" she matter-of-factly "Everything will work out. And besides, in just a few months you'll be there to set me straight again."

"Kim Possible, single woman in the city….doesn't that scare you a little a bit Kim?"

Kim shook her head with defiance. "Please, check my name Monique. I'm Kim Possible, I can do anything, and taking care of me is no exception. If anyone can make it out there, I can."

The two friends continued to chat about the future as the train came roaring into the station.



In a fit of frustration Ron tore his face away from the screen of his handheld game player.

Wait, I didn't just scream out loud did I?

It wouldn't be the first time that an irrationally difficult game caused him to lose it in public. Like the infamous Denny's fiasco where after losing an infuriating round of Tetris he wailed like a banshee, which frightened his mother, who spilled hot coffee onto his father's lap, who as he fled screaming towards the bathroom knocked an old woman face first into a stack of buttered pancakes with a slice of cantaloupe on the side.

Stupid L block, where were you when I needed you?

Ah such precious memories. Was it a wonder why he wished his brain came with a delete button and a recycle bin?

Ron did a quick glance at the other passengers in the train to see if anyone was looking at him funny. Fortunately no one showed any signs acknowledging he did indeed exist in the same realm as them. They ignored him like everyone else did; until he did something stupid, then they'd all pounce of him like a bunch of jackals.

Ok…… I think I've had my daily dose of negativity for one morning

He pocketed his game player when he realized his eyes were starting to blur and tear up. Now firmly anchored into reality it didn't take much longer for him to notice his aching knees. It was a two hour drive from the burbs to his stop, and he spent at least forty of those minutes leaning against a pole, with his face glued to the screen of a video game.

Another quick scan resulted in him spotting an empty seat at the other end of the car. As he neared it he noticed that next to the empty seat sat a fairly attractive young girl. She wore black tights and a black denim shirt and black beret pushed to the left side of her head. Not exactly the girl next door type but still nonetheless easy on the eyes. Her face was planted firmly in a book entitled "Universal Physics and You".

"Mind if I sit here," he asked as if they were two moviegoers waiting for the show to begin.

She looked up at him and gave him a yeah-I-think-I-do-please-go-away-and-let-me finish-reading look, a quick tightening of the muscles in her face; that Ron interpreted as sure-go-ahead-and-sit-down, which is exactly what he does.

After two minutes or so of weighing the pros and cons, another minute of deep contemplation, and yet another thirty seconds of Felix's irritating but truthful comments coursing through his brain, Ron eventually turned towards her.

"Physics of the universe huh?" he said. "You know, I once read a book about antigravity….I couldn't put it down."

No response…….except for a small smirk from a red headed individual sitting in the seat across from him. She suppressed a smile as she attempted to concentrate solely on her new Club Banana catalogs.

Ok maybe she didn't hear me.

He reached into his left pocket and pulled out a pack of gum. He took a stick out for himself when an ingenious plan began to form in the recess of his mind.

"Gum?" he offered.

She turned to him a bit annoyed. "You're too kind. But I think I'll pass though." Then she returned to her book.

Okay good, I've got her attention…… sort of….

"So," he said cheerfully, "where are you headed--"

His enthusiastic and brimming with faux self confidence pickup line was cut short when the girl suddenly rose from her seat with a sigh and briskly walked down to the other end of the car where a new empty seat had just become available.

Ron briskly chewed on his gum as his mind began to compute what just occurred. Wow that was bru-----

"That was brutal."


He looked up and for the first time he noticed the girl sitting across from him. She tried to hide behind her catalog but he managed to catch her eye.

"Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to comment on your sitch," she said sheepishly. "I mean…I couldn't help but see that…you….know….what just happened."

Ron continued to chew away at his gum as his mind now attempted to this process this new piece of information. He looked to the left of him and to the right, everyone else (they were all, most likely cackling like hyenas in their minds, anticipating the first opportunity they got to tell friends and family about the loser who got shut down so harshly on the train today) was minding their own business.

Ron turned back to Kim; how sweet the pity in her eyes seemed generally sincere. "Don't worry about me, I'm kind of used to it……..Uh you might say I've grown immune to the pain of rejection, although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a really sad thing."

"I think most normal people would see that as a sad thing," she said.

Ron nodded in agreement. "Right, so I guess that means I should too."

With that Kim returned to her magazine the conversation seemingly over. Ron stared at her for a moment than he shyly looked back down to the ground. She was a beautiful girl, like movie beautiful except in real live, warm, soft human flesh. He had been rejected by plenty of girls who couldn't even hold a candle to her.

"I kind of wish," he said a moment later surprising himself more than Kim, "that there was an easier way to get people's attention instead of talking to them…..You know, like if people could just spread out their colorful feathers like peacocks do."

"Well……try wearing a fur coat, that'll get people's attentions," she said humorously without looking away from the magazine.

"Yeah," he chortled, "I can see it now, me walking around wearing a lion's mane. I'm sure the pet-a people would love that."

She looked up to see if he was being serious. He was "Uh, I think it's pronounced PETA."

"PETA? Really? Are you sure? But you don't PETA an animal, you pet em."

She stared curiously at him for a moment. "That actually makes sense in a nonsensical weird way."

Weird…..Crap did I say something stupid again….God Ron…..filter….filter……always remember to filter….think before you speak.

"So uh….do you mind if I chat you up then?"

She once again pulled herself from the magazine this time with her eyebrow cocked.

"As practice," Ron said quickly. "I think I might need some practice. I need to work on my dialog of course but I might have my facial expressions down pat. Like check this one out, I lean forward, as my hand rests on my lap, with my thumb and index finger covering over my mouth. I call this one the "listener."

He proceeded to show off his new pose. Instead of turning away with a look of disgust, she smirked again.

Good enough, keep going, keep going, you're doing great. "Wait, and here comes the clincher. I use the rest of my fingers to rub my chin sagely as I nod, like I'm really paying attention to what people have to say. What do you think?"

"This is all for practice right?" she asked, with more than a dash of sarcasm in her voice

"Yeah, of course," he continued to nod.

"Hmmmm, yeah, you can stop right now, any more will be a waste of time."


"Because you're not my type"

There it was, for the second time in a matter of minutes. But this one didn't seem to burn as much "Awwww, but I said this was just for practice," Ron said undeterred. "……fine no practice, but now I'm curious. If you don't mind me asking, what is your type?"

"I'm not telling you that, it's personal."

Ron nodded. "Right, personal, I understand…….you like the bad boys don't you?"

A faint hint of tinge appeared in her cheeks. "Sometimes," she admitted.

Ron sighed. "Yes, the ladies love a renegade……….I guess they haven't heard that the meek shall inherit the earth. Well I'm sorry ladies; I'm too old to change now…..You see this is what they should teach boys in kindergarten. They should sit them all down and say "listen here dudes, chicks dig the bad boys, so if you have any thoughts of being shy, sensitive and funny you should cut that out and start rebelling against society right n……" Ron cut himself off mid-rant. "I'm annoying you aren't I?"

"No actually this is the highlight of my day," she said.

"You're being sarcastic."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Okay cool, you're not being sarcastic and I'm not being annoying, it's all good then."

"Yep, it's all good."

He really had no idea why he was still talking to her. She had pretty much rejected him in a semi-subtle way. Which was fine, he'd given up on even thinking about picking her up like the last girl; well ok he was kind of sort of still thinking about it. But even though it was pretty obvious that there was no chance of this leading anywhere, he was still enjoying the conversation.

Okay Ron, talk about something interesting….Bueno Nacho…no girls don't want to talk about fast food….That new Chanting Monks CD….no I'm the only who likes that stuff…..Rufus…no idiot… girls don't dig naked mole rats…..comics…too childish…videogames…nah….Think, think, something cool, popular and normal….T.V….maybe…it could work…..but what show…..Agony County…yea that's crazy popular….but how do I bring it up….crap now I need an initial conversation to segue into my main conversation…….

"Well so long."


"This is my stop." She stood up as the train came to a complete stop.

"Hey," Ron called after her before she could make a step towards the door. "Uh….."


He gulped. "Uh….um…." he let his eyes wander, "you dropped something." He pointed to her seat, or more specifically, to the leaflet of the train schedule that was lying crumpled there.

"Oh……that's not mine."

"Right, okay..." he said after a moment of awkward silence.

She nodded and smiled before walking out of the car. Ron watched as the doors slammed shut behind her. As the train slowly lurched forward, about a second before he lost sight of her, through the window, he caught a glimpse of her waving goodbye.

He started to wave back but it was too late, she was already out of his field of vision, probably gone from his life forever.

But at that moment a flurry of thoughts and questions were running through his mind. Dude do you realize you just had a normal conversation with a girl who was totally out of your league!

"I know," he answered himself.

You minimized your stupidity and you didn't do anything to weird her out!

Totally man, I was in the….. Well I wasn't really in the zone, but I was near the zone, maybe in the same block as in the zone. At least in the same zip code!

If you can keep this going…wow….man maybe….hey maybe you should call Zita…you can do it. You don't want to end up like the guy in that song by that washed up singer……what was it called? It was by that Spanish guy…He was big back then

"Ricky Martin?"

"Yeah, that's his name, what was that song he had? The one about being a loser; the one that should be your theme song?"

Nobody wants to be lonely?

Yeah, that's the one. Why do you know all of his songs?"

Because I'm a loser.

You weren't a few minutes ago…You were cool and normal…You were totally badical dude…..that was a bon-diggety good way to start a new life dontcha think?

Ron grinned and said a barely audible "Booyah" that only he could hear.

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