A Warrior's Love

Chapter 1 Love Found

Disclaimer: I do not own Maburaho or any of its character.

Summary: Rin needs a husband or she will be disown from her family. She also confessed her love to Kazuki. Will Kazuki agreed to be her husband? This is a Rin/Kazuki fanfiction.

Rin Kamishiro- 17 years old

Yuuna Miyama- 18 years old

Kazuki Shikimori- 18 years old


"I need to make Shikimori my husband or my family will disown me."

"I'm sorry Rin but I love Kazuki."

"I also love Shikimori."

"I'm sorry Rin but i can't let him go, beside I think he will propose to me at the end of the school year." As Yuuna left, Rin ran toward the door and slam it close. She started to cry that she will be disown and she will never be with the love of her life.

"Rin are you crying?" Kazuki knock on the door. "Rin could you let me in."


"Rin please let me in, I could help you."

"No, you can't Shikimori. Just leave me alone." Tears was beginning to fall off her face.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" As Kazuki left. Rin let more tears slide off her face.


The next morning Rin decide not to get out of her bed. She just lie there until a knocking was heard from the door.

"Rin it me, Kazuki. Please let me in." Rin slowly got up and went toward the door. She then unlock the door and open it. When he got inside the room. He was suddenly push to the ground. Rin was sobbing on shoulder. "Just let it out Rin." After a few minutes, the crying was stop.

"Sorry Shikimori." Rin was blushing when she notice that she was on top of him.

"What was the problem?"


"You can tell me."

"Well, you see... How do I explain this. I am going to be disown if I don't make you my husband and that you will propose to Yuuna at the end of the school year."

"Is that all? Rin, I've always wanted to say this."

"I love you too Shikimori."

"I love you Rin." When he said that Rin hugged hi. After a minute the silence was broken.

"What about Yuuna?"

"I don't love Yuuna. I only love her as a sister." Rin then kiss Kazuki. He then return the kiss. After the kiss they pull apart and they were blushing.

"So, will you marry when I become 18?"

"Maybe but not yet it will be too early." They began to talk to each other.


After talking for a long time. Rin's stomach began to growl." I must be hungry. I haven't eaten since last night."

"It around lunchtime."

"What for lunch then."

"How about some Ramen."

"I love that but I love you."

"I love you too." They were starting to kiss again when someone yell.

"Rin what is the meaning of this?" They turn their head and saw Yuuna at the doorway.

"Yunna I am dating Kazuki."

"Well you can't because he is my future husband."

"No, he is not your future husband."

"Come on Kazuki let leave." When Yunna grab Kazuki's hand he pull it back.

"Yunna I don't love you. I only love you as a sister."

"Kazuki." As tears threating to fall from her face, she ran.

"Yuuna wait." before he could run after her something stop him.

"Let her take some time to get over it."


The next morning.

"Kazuki wake up or you'll be late to school."

"Just 5 more minutes."

"Its 6:30, so wake up."

"6:30 I need to change."

"Don't run so fast or else you will" A loud crash was heard. "fall."

"That hurts."

"Rin could you come over here?"

"Alright, I here so..." Before she could say something Kazuki push his lip onto her lip. She was shock but she like it, so she return the kiss. Kazuki then move his tongue to her mouth to gain access and she compile. After several minutes they pull apart to breath. When Kazuki tried to kiss her again she push him away.

"What wrong Rin?"

"It time to go to school. We will be late."

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