Dramatis Personae, for those unfamiliar with "Devil May Cry" or "Silent Hill":

Dante: Our hero. He is a tall, physically fit and charismatic young man of 20 with ice-blue eyes and a mop of naturally snow-colored hair. He wears a long red leather coat, matching waistcoat and pants, and motorcycle boots - an outfit he chose partly for durability, but mostly for style. He's half Italian (on his mother's side) and half demon-from-Hell (on his father's), and grew up in the U.S. His father was the enigmatic Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, a warrior demon who served the underworld until a change of heart prompted him to side with humanity. Dante has passionately hated full demons since they killed his mother, but he follows in his father's footsteps reluctantly -- mostly to seek revenge and for thrills -- and seems to care little for anything else. He operates a demon-hunting agency called "Devil May Cry" with his partner.

Lady: Dante's partner, and the one who coined the phrase "Devil May Cry." She is a very pretty young woman a little older than Dante who shows off her trim and athletic figure in a white Kevlar catsuit accessorized with many guns. She has short brown hair, a barely-visible scar across the bridge of her nose, mismatched brown and blue eyes, and a painful history. Her father was seduced by evil and slew her mother as part of a ceremony to become a full demon. To stop him, Lady trained herself strenuously in firearms and combat techniques until she became the equal of any group of lesser demons in battle. She fights to defend innocents from evil in whatever form it comes.

Officer Cybil Bennett: A no-nonsense, courageous and slightly cynical motorcycle cop with short blond hair who keeps herself in top physical condition. She comes from Braham, the town closest to Silent Hill, and pursued the Da Silvas into the ghost town when Rose's bizarre behavior made Officer Bennett suspect abuse. Now she too is missing.

Sharon Da Silva: The 12-year-old adoptive daughter of Rose and Christopher Da Silva, she has long brown hair and haunting eyes. Normally a bright and intelligent child, she has recently been subjected to night terrors and sleepwalking, which have made her sullen, sometimes irrationally violent, and increasingly withdrawn.

Rose Da Silva: An attractive blond woman in her early 30s, she is the adoptive mother of Sharon, and would do anything for her child. In an effort to get to the bottom of Sharon's mood swings, nightmares and sleepwalking, Rose brought her to Silent Hill, a West Virginia ghost town somehow connected to the girl's past. But now the pair have gone missing.

Silent Hill: A mining town in West Virginia which was abandoned 20 years ago when an underground mine fire got out of control -- a blaze which continues to this day. The town has had a reputation for strange and disturbing events going back to colonial days, and is still the subject of whispered dread among those who live in nearby Braham.