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"She's not your girlfriend? Hell yeah, I'll believe that when Naruto get s a damn working brain." Sasuke glared at Niwa and clenched his teeth so hard he thought that they would break from the impact. But that didn't matter now; it was time to focus on finally kicking this dude's ass like it needed to be.

"She's this crazy ex of mine! I swear; I had no idea about her stopping by on our date!" Sasuke winched when Niwa said 'our date'. It sounded sick and wrong. But Sasuke still didn't like this guy no matter what. And he wanted Niwa to know that and to stay away from Sakura. And that if he didn't he didn't care how many times he got suspended, or if he got expelled. He would beat the crap outta Niwa til it dawned on the boy.

"Well I don't give a slightest of a care. You will make sure that never happens again; by never going near her. And don't wanna pay attention and go ahead and mess with her again? Fine. I'll call the funeral parlor and ask for an opening soon." Niwa could tell; no matter what he said, Sasuke would not listen. He wanted him gone. Niwa huffed and looked away.

"Put me down." He didn't say it demanding, but in a normal voice, with a small sound of demanding and…giving up? So Sasuke did as he was asked, and put the boy down. Niwa smoothed out his shirt and looked Sasuke square in the eye.

"Maybe your right, but I'm gonna tell you the real reason why I'm gonna leave her alone; because I don't want to add to the pain that she's already going through." With that, Niwa walked away and Sasuke didn't even hear Niwa's shoes make noise that echoed throughout the school, but only heard the statement over and over again in his head.

'…add to the pain that she's already going through...'


"Damn History question…" Sakura said running her hand through her hair as she sat at her desk wondering how in the world the question came from the chapter of Petra, Jordan that she just read. Sakura jumped when the sweet melody of 'Sakura' came from her cell phone that was plugged into the charger in her room. She went over to it and saw a number that was very familiar.


"Yes, Sakura, this is Itachi…" Sakura's eyes widened and thought why in the world he was calling her cell phone. Wait…how come the caller ID said 'Sasuke-kun's cell'?!?!?!?!?!

"I'm calling from Sasuke's cell cuz' I know he has your number. Now I'm getting away with this cuz' he is too busy watching the light rain storm outside." Sakura was surprised; had she been studying so hard that she never noticed that had started to rain? But indeed when she took a glance outside, a dark blue feeling came over her as the storm did its wonders.

"Hmm hum…" Sakura mumbled into the phone.

"Has something happened that made him depressed or stressed lately? I noticed that his depression pills seem to stay the same amount, the ones that he got after our parent's deaths that is. But I sense that something has been bugging him…" Sakura thought and then gasped.

"You are in the knowing of, Itachi, that he is suspended?"


"That's cuz' he got in a fight with this one guy, Niwa… I think something happened today when he saw Niwa again." Sakura thought over the many possibilities that could have happened, but she knew that probably none that she thought of where the right one.

"Maybe." Sakura looked over at her homework. She was one her last one. She KNEW that all the other questions where right, she just didn't get the last one. She decided to leave it blank. One wrong answer like that one wouldn't hurt her almost perfect grades anyways.



"Can you pick me up? I wanna talk to Sasuke; in a way where he can't hang up on me any second." Itachi was quite, and then said he would if her parents said it was ok. Getting permission from them and telling them that her homework was done, she picked up her rain jacket and a waited for Itachi's car to pull up.


The rain was falling down pretty good. Steady, but not too much. Small drizzling droplets came down making it hard for Sasuke to see the end of his backyard. Forgetting the fact that his backyard was pretty big, yeah. Anyways; it was a soothing rain storm. The beat would help one think. But not Sasuke. That one thing made Sasuke think real well. What pain? Sasuke shook his head and stared back out.

"Ahem." Sasuke looked behind him and saw a glass and a hand with two pills in it in front of his face. Tracing the arm to the body it was attached to, he was surprised to see Sakura. Where'd she pop up from this time?

"Itachi said that your depression pills didn't seem to be disappearing like they should be…" Sakura said as an attempt to get rid of the awkward atmosphere. But it didn't really seem to help.

Sasuke reached over and took the pills only and didn't bother with the water. Sakura twitched her mouth at this thinking on how he could have choked…

Sakura sat down next to him and also looked out the window.

"What did Niwa say or do?" Sakura took a shot at guessing what happened. She didn't know that she hit the bull's eye directly. But Sasuke did tense and took a quick glance at her before looking out the window.

"Niwa is going to leave you alone."


"By his own choice." ….his own choice? Hmm...

"Something else happened. What? Tell me."

"The real reason why I'm gonna leave her alone; because I don't want to add to the pain that she's already going through." Sasuke recited what Niwa had told him that had been bothering him so much. "That's exactly what he said." Sakura looked at him.

"Don't worry; it's not something that you should bother yourself so much with. You need to think about taking your pills." Sakura added a small hint of scolding at the end of her sentence.

"He said pain. What pain?!" Sasuke was getting mad again. Sakura was alittle shocked when his voice went up a notch. She looked away and at a spot on the tile floor.

"It's not really a pain. Really, it's nothing. Just leave it alone. I'll tell you when I'm in pain. And right now, I'm ok and thinking that you should keep to your pills; to stop taking them like you probably did can make you sick or give you illusions. You want to keep all pain away from me? Then take your pills. I don't care if you don't feel like it, or feel that it makes you feel weak, what-ever. Do it. And let me try to battle my own battles. You didn't need to get suspended. You're too smart for that. Now you're gonna have homework for three days worth with a stupid question about Petra, Jordan!" Sakura took a deep breath and looked at Sasuke again. He seemed surprised about the former sentence. But also like he wanted to smirk really bad about it. So Sakura wanted to change the mood and also wanted to get a smile from him and smiled a weak smile at him.

"It WAS annoying…I didn't see the stupid answer anywhere!" She said throwing her hands in the air. Sasuke did smirk at her childish ways and decided to let go of the argument.

"You always did have a flaw in history." Sakura stood up and Sasuke looked at her oddly.

"I got it; the rain has a beat…but so does Evanescence…" Sakura said suggesting on going to his room and hanging out.


"Stay low, soft, dark, and dreamless. Far beneath my nightmares, and loneliness. I hate me, for breathing without you." Sakura lowly hummed as she lay on Sasuke's bed and Sasuke himself was going through all the pictures that his mother had taken of him when Team 7 had a match in karate. A sudden reminder popped up in her mind and she almost hit herself for forgetting.

"Guess what Sasuke-kun?!?!" Sasuke looked up from his spot on the floor and gave her a quirked eyebrow in his response.

"You know how Hinata and I are our school's winners, and we're gonna go to a county wide bake-off?"


"It's gonna be in a week! Next Thursday! I'm going over to Hinata's place tomorrow and we're gonna practice. I surely do hope we get a placing…" Sasuke looked at Sakura like he almost wanted to laugh at her stupidity.

"I've tasted what you and Hinata do separate, and then that cake for Shikamaru's b-day last year; they were awe-mazing! And that you must have gotten better over the past year…I'm sure you'll get first or second. No other place would be right. Don't you dare go into that mode where you think you suck when it's not the case…" Sakura gave a light laugh and shook her head no.

"Tehehe, no, I know I'm gonna win something! But yeah, I'm getting hyper about it. Hinata is getting excited too by giving me the craziest ideas for a cake! And then some things she'll go hunting for a perfect and wild batch of cookies. Tehehe, good thing Naruto volunteered you guys for taste-testing…" Sakura waited for the explosion…




"What do you mean he 'volunteered us guys for taste-testing'?!?!?!?!?!" Next Sakura heard some grumbles about 'Damn Naruto….knowing I don't really like sweets…'

"You…you don't like Hinata-chan and I's sweets?! I, I TOUGHT YOU SAID YOU LIKED THEM! YOU WERE LIEING!?!?!" Sakura yelled playing her fav game with Sasuke. To act all mad at him, and watch as he VERY BADLY tries to make her happy again. They used to do it alllll the time. It felt kinda odd for Sakura to do it now…

Sasuke and Sakura were childhood friends VERY much. But then they got their common senses, and Sasuke noticed all the girls around him that liked him, and that Sakura was kinda acting like one too. And Sasuke wanted some guy friends, so he went to Neji, Naruto, and Shikamaru plus some other guys. Sakura thought that he hated her or something when he did that. Really, that kept going until Sakura's friends (Ten Ten, Not-so-much-of-a-Sasuke-fan-girl-Ino, and Hinata) became friends with Sasuke's.

"Uhh! Sakura! Don't do that…" But Sakura kept playing her game, and put Sasuke in an awk-ward moment. He knew the only way for her to stop this was to say, 'I'm sorry' and mean it.

"Meany." Sakura whimpered. Sasuke frowned and huffed. Fine, JUST to get her to stop this annoyingness would he say sorry, not cuz' he really felt guilty in any way that is…

"Sorry that I said that in such a way. I DO like both of your cooking and baking." Sakura looked up at him and whimpered again.


"Really." Sasuke replied. Sakura surprised him when she jumped on him and hugged him.

"Sakura!" Sakura picked her head up from leaning against his chest, and looked at him. Then Sakura got it; he didn't want to play their old games like that. Oh…

"Sorry, I missed doing that. I guess you didn't miss it at all…" Sakura said as she got back up and looked down and then around the room- just anywhere but at his face. She felt stupid, like the child-like act looked so stupid to him, and only humiliated her. She just couldn't do anything right could she?

Sasuke looked at Sakura and that one stupid sentence just wouldn't stop echoing in his damn head!

'…add to the pain that she's already going through...'

Sakura got up and walked across the room to his dresser where some photos were, and Sasuke watched her all the way.

'She's really, a normal looking girl besides the pink hair. At the weight and size she should be, umm…uhh…good size breast I guess, and a pale skin tone; much like mine. Nothing like some girls, who always bought the top designer clothes, or wore stupid bunnies and frilly stuff like that. Not too girly, but not like Ten Ten and so much of a tomboy. Sakura always wears very simple stuff, but it never looks simple when she wore it. How did she do that? And she really doesn't do much; not a boy-friend catcher who had a new one every month, she only was on the swim and golf team, plus some karate, is super smart; but isn't a teacher's pet. But she sure does change you so much, and caused many stirs in life. And I'm not only talking about now, with Niwa and everything, but other times. But damn it! Why do I care so dang much?!?! I don't have a crush, or love her. Nuh-uh. But how come when she's in any other mood but happiness, do I wanna change it all to make her happy?'

Sakura slowly spun on her heel with a new smile from the frown she just had on, and showed Sasuke his Linkin Park calendar.

'She's so simple..'

"Guess what Sasuke-kun?! The Halloween dance is only two weeks and a half away!"

'But so fragile…'

"I'm gonna go as a vampire! How about you Sasuke-kun?"

'The name Sakura fits her very well then I guess…'

"I don't know yet Sakura." And Sasuke noticed that her name was perfect. A lot like his, and it always slipped off his tongue so…soo…-dare he say- perfectly?

'She always did everything I told her, and made me go crazy after she said sorry a billion times when she didn't…'

"Then let's go costume shopping sometime!" Sasuke shook his head no.

"I won't probably even go this year." Sakura pouted and then went to his desk and took a marker. After scribbling something on a certain day, she hung it back up on the wall. Curious Sasuke went up and read it standing next to her. Hn…she has perfect height too… just above his eyes…

'Halloween Dance! To go or not to go?'

But Sasuke had his own question, and it had nothing to do with witches, dances, acting or anything of that sort. But about the pink-haired-fragile-and-pretty girl next to him.

'Could I really be the pain of Sakura's so-called pain that Niwa was talking about??'


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