Title: Moonlight Rage


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Chapter 7

Meeting You (pt. 1)

Darkness…Darkness…Darkness was all she could see…It was so dark. So dark and scary.

She felt bound by ropes tightly wrapped around her with her back pressed against something solid and hard. Her head was flooded with dizziness and she felt it hard to try and concentrate on one of the many thoughts swimming around in her mind. Each thought would slowly float by until she reached for it and it slipped away. Eventually she grasped one in her clutches and held onto it.

Her basic instincts were signaling her body to struggle for freedom. But the girl knew better. All she saw was darkness and she didn't fully comprehend her situation. Until she did, she knew not to draw attention to herself. Slowly her mind unclouded and she noticed that there wasn't any type of fabric covering her eyes and she could blink them without pain. That told her that she hadn't been captured by an enemy ninja. It felt more like she was in a room with no lights on.

But…where did the ropes come from?

Was this another dream?

It wouldn't be uncommon for her too be sleeping right now.

Lately she had been feeling drained of energy. But then again she had been feeling drained ever since she skipped sleeping every now and then. Sometimes when she didn't even realize it, she would slip in and out of consciousness. Once Neji had caught her doing it at their home and she had to explain to him that she just hadn't been getting much sleep and the look in his eyes told her all she needed to know.

He knew she was holding something back.

She never told him about her reoccurring nightmare or that it was the cause of her loose of sleep.

Her breath stopped short.

This couldn't be her nightmare again…could it?

Her heart skipped once.

No, she thought to herself. This couldn't be it...

First came denial and doubt.

What if this was her nightmare? She tried to move…but soon found out that she couldn't.

Her heart skipped again.

Second came fear.

She didn't care anymore about finding out her situation! Or denying her basic instincts! If this was her nightmare of flames, she wanted to wake up. Now! She struggled against whatever it was that was keeping her bound. She didn't think that she could go through the death of her friends and crush again. She knew that the loss of sleep would be the least of her troubles if she had to smell that…horrible odor …that nauseating scent of burning hair and flesh.

Third, came sickness.

I don't feel so well, the girl thought while tightly closing her eyes and praying that the spinning feeling in her stomach would stop. But once her stomach stopped churning, images swirled around in her mind. Images of her friends and family screaming from the pain of dying by fire haunted her. Their screams turning into coughs from choking on the smoke filled her ears.

Her friend's deaths were tragic and hurt her very much…But, there was something else about her nightmare that made her swell with hate.

That look in Naruto's eyes. That terror filled look he gave her. It made her feel helpless. The way her Dad used to make her feel. Then th-that fox. It was red! And it had those fangs and claws! Red chakra danced off of its form, it looked and felt like fire! That red giant radiated something evil. And then she remembered how the dream ended. He died in her arms.

II couldn't help Naruto-kun at all…

His tattered form. The blood. The gashes that looked like they would never heal. His sad eyes.

Pleading was fourth.

No. No. Oh, Kami, stop it…please.

She tried to force the images from her mind but those eyes. They captivated her. She couldn't force them away.

Fifth was hysteria.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

She was struggling furiously and with all of her might to move. If she was dreaming than all she had to do was just rub at her eyes and she'd wake up! She tried. And tried. Until…

Yes! she thought as she felt her ring finger twitched. The new achievement made her flush with hope and make her attempts at freedom more frantic.

But just as she was starting to get some feeling in her leg, a searing freezing, painful pang shot through all of her veins and rushed through her entire being.

Just as her friends had choked on smoke in her nightmare, she was choking on her tears. Her scream got caught in her throat and she could feel her jugular go raw. Her lungs were burning with the need for air. Then just as suddenly as the pain had come, it vanished and oxygen was replaced into her respiratory system (breathing system).

Amazing how her body wouldn't move but she could feel everything that was happening to her.

I apologize for that small bit of pain that I caused you, a deep and calming voice comforted. Truth be told, it was truly your own fault I suggest you stay still, little one. Daijobu?

Hinata stopped struggling and listened to the voice that was coming from everywhere. She instantly tried to activate her Byakugan and gasped out of breath, "W-Who's there?"

The voice chuckled softly; You can not see me, Lady Hyuga. This is a realm in which I control everything. If I decide that you are blind and immobile, you are blind and immobile

Hinata slowly blinked away her Kekka Genkai and she breathed shakily, "W-Who are you? How

do you know my name?" she asked. "And what do you mean…realm?" on her last question she darted her eyes from side to side.

So many questions, he sounded pleased. Who am I? he repeated.

Hinata heard footsteps.

Over the span of my lifetime so far, I have been given many names.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

My most recent name is Sanosuke.

Hinata heard the voice behind her and she tried to look in that direction but she eventually gave up once she remembered that she couldn't move. She sighed and fixed her eyes in front of herself when she let out a startled gasp.

Lilac met pure gold.

Translations (Japanese to English):

Sensei is "teacher"

Teme is "bastard"

Baa-chan is "old lady; grandma"

Arigatou is "thank you"

Kun is an honorific used for "male friend" or "male of equal age"

Chan is an honorific used for "female friend" or "female of equal age" or an honorific that gives cuteness to a name

Ato is "later"

Ja ne is "good bye"

Anou is "ummm"

Gomen is "sorry"

Gomen nasai is "I'm sorry"

-sama is used for titles that require higher respect than just "-san"

Daijobu (ka)? Is "you okay?" or "are you alright?"

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