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"Ok guys just tell me one more time why we are stopping now." she asked as the bison's feet hit the ground with a thud.

"Well, if we are to make it to the South Pole we have to have a lot of food." the older girl answered while she hopped of the saddle with the younger girl.

Appa groaned when the young airbender hopped off his head and sat on the ground. He seemed tired, which was understandable though. He had been the one who was flying Appa and he was so determined to get to safety that he hardly had slept.

"And there are no cities where we can go now. The whole Earth Kingdom has been possessed by the Fire Nation. It will be too risky." he said in a bit tired voice and gestured the way they came from, with his hand.

"Aang is right. Besides, I need to refill my pouch and I think I saw water nearby." the young waterbender said and looked around. They had landed on a spot with no plants, though all around them were tall withered trees. In fact there was hardly any life around. But after a while Katara spotted something green behind the trees. She knew there were big beautiful trees behind the dead ones. She saw it from the sky, while flying on Appa.

"Look! There, behind the dead trees! I bet we can find some fruits and berries there." she said as she pointed at the green trees. "I will go find some food. Anyone coming?"

"Yeah I will!" Aang said as he got to his feet. He pointed his finger into the air as if he was awaiting Katara to pick him to go with him. He took his hand down again and walked towards Katara.

"We should set up camp. It looks like its going to rain." the Watertribe warrior mentioned as he held his arm out with his palm turning up against the sky. He was right. The sky was very dark and out in the horizon the clouds were black with white lightnings throwing light on the ebony coloured sky with a quick flash.

Toph could feel that Sokka wanted to go with them. Maybe to throw some water in his face to make him more awake.

"Wait I can do that. I'll just make some earth tents. But if you don't mind I'll try to sleep, it's nearly impossible to sleep on that fur ball while he is flying. I will sleep better down on the ground where I belong." Toph said, bowed down and touched the ground. Suddenly four solid earth tents shot up from the ground. They were totally sealed up. Momo flied on top of one of the earth tents. Toph then crawled inside the tent. She sighed relaxed and looked out on the rest of the gang.

"Well then just sleep while the other of us is out struggling for finding food to survive." Sokka said in an angry sarcastic voice.

"Shut it, Snoozles!"

Toph closed her tent with another rock and lied down. Momo jumped in surprise. Katara and Aang went towards the dead forest with Sokka right behind them.


"Wait Sokka, there is one here!" Aang shouted down to Sokka. He walked out on the branch and clung himself to it. "Come and hold the sack out under the branch."

When Sokka was right under Aang cut the stalk with his airbending and the fruit fell down in the almost full sack. In it there were fruit, berries and a few nuts. Sokka was also holding another smaller bag with a few fish in.

"Allright Aang you can come down now. I think we have enough." Sokka yelled when the fruit had fallen into the sack.

"Ok." he replied and jumped down. He slowed his fall just in time, with his airbending, to not get hurt.

Then Katara came running towards them. She seemed upset.

"Hey Katara did you get your pouch filled?" the airbender asked her.

She panted in a while and then answered him. "Yeah that too, but there is something you need to see. "

"What's wrong Katara?" Aang asked but he didn't get an answer. Instead she just made a movement with her hand that told them to follow her. She ran in the opposite direction where Toph were and both Sokka and Aang felt relieved.

They came to a huge spot with no trees and no life. Not even a single plant. There was no sound. Even the faint breeze was not to be heard. But in this part of the forest the trees were not dead by natural reasons. The whole area was burned!

"Oh no not them again!" Sokka bursted out angrily.

First Aang looked devastated and sad. He clutched his hands and felt the incredible power rushing trough him. But then he quickly regained his composure and sighed. He went to one of the trees in the middle of the burned spot. He laid his palm on the trunk and quickly pulled it back with a quiet sheik of pain. He looked at his hand. It was burned. He bit his lip. Both because of the pain and the realization that had just passed his mind. Suddenly he heard an unusual sound that made him flinch and look up, eyes widened.

"Aang what's wrong?" Katara asked. She saw his burned hand. "It's okay. I'll just heal it." she said with a comforting voice and started to walk towards him.

"NO stop Katara! Don't move." he said and looked around "It's hardly an hour ago when this forest was burned. This means that there are Fire Nation troops nearby." Katara immediately stopped and looked worried around. First at Aang, whose senses were at their highest, trying to locate the source of the sound and then at the rests of the trees. She looked at Sokka, who was behind her. He looked around, too.

Then suddenly there was a movement and Aang reacted by assuming an airbending stance. Katara saw what her friend did and took her waterbending stance as well. Then a there was another movement followed by a small sound. No one managed to react on what the movement was meaning before Aang suddenly felt a great pain in his upper arm. Katara gasped. He felt on where the pain came from. His fingers felt something wet and he quickly removed his hand to reveal a bad wound. He looked at his hand. It was coloured red by blood. He groaned and looked up. Behind a tree he saw his attacker and was shocked by what he saw. It was an archer and the thing that hit his arm was an arrow. But that was not what he was shocked of. It was by who the archer was. It was a Yu Yan archer. And not just one. About thirty archers looked out from their hiding place. And they all aimed at Aang. A shower of arrows shot though the air towards the frightened airbender. By reflex he made an air sphere around him and the arrows glanced off. Aang blew the nearest archers off the burned branches, of the trees they were sitting on, and closed in on them.

Katara wiped some archers away as well. Sokka used his boomerang to hit a few archers on their helmets and they fell to the ground. But there were so many and they were not only trained to be excellent archers, but also they had to be good at evading attacks.

After some time the most of the Yu Yan archers were gone and the rest had run away in a strange way. Like they weren't afraid and not trying to escape. There was no fear in their eyes.

Aang sighed and looked at the two siblings. He looked tired and relieved. But still there were awareness in his storm grey eyes. Katara went over to him and hugged him, but suddenly stopped. She felt a wet feeling on her arm. She looked at it and remembered Aangs wound when she saw the blood. She looked at his upper arm. She winced at what she saw.

"That really doesn't look good Aang. We need to heal it and find some bandage. I think its time to leave now, when the Yu Yan archers are still unconscious." she said and examined Aangs wound. "Let's take the wound first, it seems to hurt."

Suddenly Sokka made a surprised noise and Aang and Katara felt extreme heat.

"Katara there's no time!" Aang said and turned around. Sokka were fighting a firebender. The two young benders turned around to find more attackers. There were more than fifty firebenders along with about ten regular soldiers. They were all charging and Katara used the water from her pouch. There were no water nearby and fighting firebenders could reduce the amount of the water she had to a minimum. She had to be careful not to loose that water she had. Aang shot a blast of air towards the regular soldiers and they were knocked down. He then jumped up in the air and landed in the middle of a small crowd of firebenders, that all turned against him, taking their bending stances. Aang used earthbending to launch the Fire Nation troops up in the air where they quickly fell to the ground, most of them knocked out.

Time passed as they fought the troops. Too much time. They were all tired.

Aang felt the power rise up in him again, but still not enough to release the Avatar state. There were almost no soldiers back and he felt relieved.

But suddenly he heard a scream from behind him. Then a thud. And then Sokkas voice could be heard screaming in panic and despair.


The name and Sokkas screaming voice made Aang flinch. An uncomfortable feeling rose from his stomach to his throat. He quickly knocked out a firebender which was getting closer on him. Aang turned to see what had happened and gasped a loud gasp at what his eyes met. Katara was lying on the ground with her eyes closed. Her empty pouch was lying next to her. There seemed to be no wound, though it was obvious that she had been hurt. In his rage Aang made a huge spinning tornado, which turned black of the burned tree and earth it lifted from the ground, around him that knocked everyone, around him, out. The ones who were further from him were taken down by his earthbending when he jumped into the air and landed with his feet making a wave of small pillars that rushed towards the soldiers.

Then the airbender hurried to Kataras side and kneeled down. He took her hand and with his other hand he felt for a pulse at her wrist. He let out a moan of devastation and his head felt heavy. Tears rolled down his cheeks. With the hand he had used to feel her pulse he grabbed his shirt, right over his heart. He clutched the cloth and made a face that looked like if he was in great pain. It felt like something had just left him. Something that just jumped out of his heart and left a big hole he knew he would never be able to fill. His breathing became strange and it sounded like if he couldn't breathe.

Sokka saw how Aang reacted when he took her pulse. The sight of the tears on his cheeks, the hand clutching the orange and yellow cloth and the strange hiccup sounding sobs, Sokka didn't doubt. His eyes watered, though he tried to be strong. He looked at his sister and then at the mourning boy at her side. He saw how Aang had given up trying to be strong. He had no one to prove it for anymore. That made Sokka let the tears from his eyes fall.

"It can't...It's not... She...No... No, no, no, no, no, no…." the young airbender said while he took her pulse again. He widened his eyes. "…no, no..WAIT! I feel something! She is not dead yet! I can still…" he suddenly bursted out. Sokka looked up with new light in his eyes.

"What do you mean? What can you do?" he asked impatiently.

"I think… I hope… Maybe I can resurrect her. I don't know it its possible but its worth trying isn't it?" he said and looked hopefully at the warrior. Sokka nodded.

"It sure is. But what if it is possible? I will properly take all your energy. What if there are more soldiers? It's too risky." he said and somehow regret it. Weren't his sister more important than his best friend?

"No, nothing is too risky." he replied with a determined look on his face. "If I can resurrect Katara, I will gladly face the consequences."

Sokka looked surprised at the young boy. When did he get so determined and mature? He nodded. Everything for his sister, right?

Aang cupped Kataras hand in his own two and closed his eyes. He inhaled with his nose and exhaled with his mouth. He repeated it a few times. Then he closed his eyes tighter and bit his lip. Then suddenly the arrows on his head and hands started to glow. Wind started to move around him.

"AANG you can't make it! It will kill you! STOP!" Sokka yelled as he saw how much energy Aang was using.

"NO Sokka, I don't care! I have to do this." the Avatar replied.

The groaned as the wind started to twist around him, creating a wild tornado. His breathing became hard and his eyebrows twitched. Then suddenly the wind faded and the arrows stopped glowing. He sighed heavily and fell backwards. Sokka catched Aang before he hit the ground and made him sit up again. A sound was heard and Aang opened his eyes. His tired eyes searched the area, but found nothing. But he wouldn't take the chance and stood up. Cautiously he moved closer to where the sound came from.

Eighty meters away behind a burned tree a young firebender stood. He had been watching it all from a safe distance and now he felt determined. He looked around at the ground. An archer had fainted and was lying near the 16 year old bender. He picked the archers bow up and took an arrow from his quiver. He aimed at the young boy.

"If I can't capture you, Avatar I must use other methods get rid of you." He closed his scared eyed and focused and on the airbender. He breathed the same way as Aang had done a bit earlier. But it seemed to be a bit too loud.

Katara had woke up and looked into the watery eyes of her brother. Then she looked at Aang who were searching for source of the sound. And the she looked further away. And behind a tree she saw him. A croaky gasp made it over her lips. A gasp that was supposed to be a warning.

Aang looked up just as Zuko released the grip of the arrow and let it fly towards the young Avatar. Aangs eyes widened and they met the prince's. He felt his reflexes telling him to evade, his instincts telling his legs to move, but he was too tired and too weak. "This was my own decision. Now I will face the consequences."

And then it hit him. Right through his left lung. His knees felt weak and his head and shoulders felt heavy. Next to him, a bit behind him, he heard a loud gasp. Somehow he smiled inside himself. He recognised he voice. As he fell to the ground the owner of the voice and her brother rushed towards him. He winced at the pain in his chest. He tried to reach the arrow, but it took him too much energy and hurt too much. He suddenly felt his friend's presence and was surprised how hoarse his voice was when he whispered their names.

Katara took his hand and moved it up to her cheek. With the other hand she caressed his cheek and started to sob. Sokka kneeled down on the other side of Aang.

"Katara…" Aang whispered in a hoarse voice. "…you're alive! I…I did revive you." he said with a happy tired smile. The hand she held to her cheek started to move by itself and touched her face with his slender fingers. Her eyes overflow with tears and they started to roll down her cheeks. His rasping breaths made sting in her heart every time he inhaled. She looked at Sokka, somehow to make him tell her what to do. But the face her eyes met was not an enthusiastic face. It seemed more helpless and afraid.

"Sokka there's something we can do, right?" Katara said with a desperate voice. "I can heal him. We just need to find some water. And some rags. We need to…" Her voice was strange, mixed with desperation and hiccups. But she was cut off by her brother. "No Katara. There is nothing we can do. This wound is too big for you to heal. The arrow has struck through his lung. The only thing we can do is to remove the arrow and lighten the pain." he said as his hand moved to the arrow in Aangs chest. "This is gotta hurt pretty much, Aang. You're sure you want me to remove it." Sokka asked the airbender.

Aang nodded stiffly. "Yeah that would be nice." he answered and smiled to his warrior friend. Sokka gave both Aang and Katara a concerned look and then looked down at the arrow. He had done this many times on the warriors from his village, but this was different. This was Aang. He was not a rough watertribe warrior. He was only a young vulnerable boy. Despite his fear for making Aang suffer he grabbed the arrow. He carefully cracked it so closely to the wound as possible. Aang made loud pain sounds that gave Sokka a bad feeling in his stomach. "Don't worry Aang; this will be over in a few minutes." When the arrow only half its length he placed a hand under Aangs back, right over the arrow, and another around the rest of the arrow. Sokka lifted him a little to make space for the arrow to come out and the hardened the grip on the arrow. Then in a quick pull he pulled the arrow out. Aang made a loud gasp and then breathed very fast. The blood began to flow faster and made a pool around him. Katara cupped her mouth and nose with her hands and gave him a look filled with concern and pity. Sokka frowned at Aangs condition.

"Im sorry Aang." he said when he had thrown the arrow away. He laid Aang on his back.

"Don't worry Sokka. I said you could do it and you warned me too. Ngh!" he said and groaned at the feeling of coldness rushing over his body from his legs and up. He couldn't feel his legs anymore. "There isn't much time. Im sorry… I could have saved us so easy… If just I had…" he said in an exhausted voice.

"Shh Aang. Try not to talk too much. It wasn't your fault." Katara said.

Tears filled his storm grey eyes.

"I don't know what will happen to the world. I was the world's last hope for peace. Now there is no hope left. My duty was to save the world. But I couldn't fulfil my duty." he said and sighed a hoarse sigh.

"We will be fine Aang. The Avatar will return and restore peace. As it is meant to be." the waterbender replied with a sad smile.

They all sat there in a while. Looking at each other. The only thing that could be heard was Aangs feebly breathing. Then Sokka broke the painful silence. He felt an urge to lighten the situation. Make them both smile.

"Well, now we don't have to worry about hunger." he said with a forced smile. Katara gave Sokka a forced smile too. She could feel that he tried to cheer them up. It cheered Aang up too. Enough to make him laugh a little. But it became depressing when he short after started to cough violently. Blood started to flow out of the corner of his mouth. He started to shake.

"I… Soon I will…" he sighed and closed his eyes.

"No!" Katara busted out. Aang quickly opened his eyes. He gave her a shaking smile. Katara smiled back in relief. Even though the tears made her sight blurry. She wiped the tears away. She wanted to see the last of her best friend. The thought made her cry.

"Y-you need to f-find the next Avatar. It w-will be a waterbender." he said as he felt the cold feeling reach his throat. He could hardly breathe.

"We know Aang. We know. I promise we will defeat the Fire Nation." Katara said with a determined voice, but still filled with sorrow. "And avenge you. Make Zuko wish he was never born!" she thought and clutched her hands. Then she placed her palm on his cheek. It looked like it removed a little of the pain he was suffering and he relaxed a bit. He placed a hand on her cheek as well. He used his thumb to caress the tanned skin. She pushed her head against his hand, enjoying his caress. Tears wetted his hand.

"I…I think im going to leave you guys now. Remember your promise. You have to make peace in the world."

"I don't care about the world Aang. I don't care about the next Avatar. All I want…" she thought and suddenly she realized something. Something she had doubted for a long time. But now she realized it. "…is you."

Suddenly Aang made an outburst. The blood started to flow faster out of his mouth. And then slower. Much slower. His breathing became very slow and his eyes were only half open. His hand started to shake violently. He felt the coolness reach his head. His mind began to fill with darkness and his body felt heavy. He couldn't feel the hand caressing Kataras face. He couldn't even feel her.

"Katara!" he cried out with dread painted all over his face. "Katara I... I… I lo…"he started the most important sentence in his young life, but was cut off by something not entirely unexpected, but yet horrible. The light disappeared from his light grey eyes and he stared out in the air. All left was empty eyes with no spark or sprit. His hand fell from her face and landed next to his body. His chest went from barely moving up and down to not moving at all.

Katara let out a shriek of grief and grasped his cold hand in hers. Her sobs transformed into a loud crying as she embraced his cold limp body rocking forward and backwards.

Sokka reached out and placed two fingers on Aangs eyelids and forced them to close. He held his fingers there for a while to make sure they kept closed. Katara glared at him and he removed his hand.

"Don't do that. He's not dead." she said and looked down at the airbender knowing she wasn't telling the truth, though she pushed it away with the faint hope that he wasn't dead. "He's not dead. He's not dead. He's not."

Every time Sokka heard his sister claim the impossible it hurt in his heart. They both knew it wasn't true. But he couldn't tell her. Even though she knew it, he couldn't. It would hurt too much. Again he let the tears flow out his eyes, straining his dirty cheeks. He bit his lip and looked down. He remembered this from earlier.

"He was right. There is no hope. Its over."