I thought of you mainly as a role model at first. Or perhaps it was you who believed in me first, which later led me to following you in your footsteps. So maybe you weren't my role model. I was just another young ten-year-old lover in the world of…salad, as one might put it. Tossed salad. Because it was a world filled with chaos and peace, evil and good, but many say there is not evil and good. People just make the wrong decisions. Sometimes those wrong mistakes, big or small, can cause catastrophes, like a pond rippling outwards until it affects the entire world around it.

I suppose that is what happened with you and me.

I still wonder how you could have believed what others had said about me; a 'sad, broken man, who was at the brink of madness and suicide'?

I would have never done anything to harm a fly – well, if it was buzzing around me and continuously landing on my hands, maybe I would have. Or maybe if it was terrorizing my food, I might as well have smashed it with a flyswatter – but now I can no longer do any of this: suicide and killing flies.

Firstly, I simply cannot kill any more flies because all the treacherous villains of the world have gone out to make my life a living nightmare, and stole my flyswatter, so now all I can do is swat away flies in vain. And secondly, I can never, ever, commit the worst crime of failing to the remaining volunteers of VFD.

Suicide is supposedly a simple way to escape the pain of the world. But I've dedicated myself to not your story, but your children's.

Perhaps by writing these terrible tragedies down, they will prove to help the world understand better the concept of good and evil. And perhaps it will also to be very helpful in lighting fires to burn down buildings, but I hope that its use will be for a good cause.

But now that I look at it, the way the entire world is falling apart, the chances of seaming these awful mishaps back together seems almost impossible. Fires are lit metaphorically and physically, burning across darkened earth, destroying the last traces of humanity.

Even babies kill.

I'm afraid that people all around have resorted to mad and uncanny causes, one such I examined the other day, in which a good friend of my friend murdered my friend. And there was another at a restraunt where the man sitting two tables across from me stole the cherry off of his wife's sundae and accused a nearby waiter of forgetting such a simple thing that even I could live without.

But perhaps what frightens me the most is the evil consuming my world. You have fallen already and everyone else has fallen.

But the stars are always brilliant, even at night when the dark clouds stretch over the sky and cover up the moon. We are those stars, unfortunately, setting the role model for the others to follow in the future. Sadly, so many have resorted to evil causes that most, I believe, will be led into a world of misery. But there is still hope, if you could call it that.

Even if you're dead, you had set a good example for your children.

But all secrets can never be hidden forever.

Man hands misery on to man,

It deepens like a coastal shelf,

Get out as early as you can,

And don't have any kids yourself.