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This isn't Freedom

In the quiet of a thick night forest, a gunshot, clear as a bell, rang out. The sound pieced his ears, sending him running.

He saw the worst when he saw where the gunshot had come from. It had been a warning shot.

The terrorists they had been trying to capture now held Nikita in their arms. Her eyes were opened wide in fright, a gun pushing in to the flesh of her temple.

When her eyes met his, tears started to flow down her cheeks. Little whispers of pleading help escaped her. She was all alone. She couldn't get out of this by herself. And she needed help. His help.

The only person in witness to this was himself. But when he tried to get closer, it was in vain. They dragged her off, shoving her hard in to the back of a van. A loud, sharp piercing scream was the last of her as they drove away.

The forest disappeared. A memory filled his vision.

The train station. Nikita's tearful goodbye.
He wasn't really here, on this mission. He was far, far away from Section's grasp. Helpless to save Nikita.

He awoke with a start, sitting up in bed. His sheets were drenched with cold sweat that clung to his bare torso.

It was just another night. Another dream. Just like every other.

He's always had nightmares that plagued him. Ever since his parents died so many years ago.

But these were worse than any he had ever suffered. They kept coming back to him. The only variation was the way Nikita was taken. Or tortured. Or...killed.

Usually, they lasted longer. She stayed in his sight. He watched her pain. Her sorrow. Her anguish. Every night was the same.

Each dream played out his greatest fears before his eyes. The horrid thoughts that would pop in to his mind at random moments of the day. It plagued him always. Never lessened the hurting. Even with the months going by, it never stopped the heart wrenching pain.

What if his dream came true? While he was far away, in a comfortable home with freedom surrounding him, Nikita would be captured by some organization? She'd be tortured, killed?

He tried to tell himself that she was Operations now. She'd be just fine.

But the grasp of evil had reached it's hand inside the organization before. The previous Operations had been affected, nearly killed, plenty of times during his reign. Lucky for him, either Michael or Madeline was always there to save him.

Nikita had no one.

Michael walked across the room, opening the french doors that led to a balcony. He looked out to the forest in the distance, covered now in a snowy backdrop.

He'd stay awake until morning. There was no point to trying to fall back to sleep. Experience told him it would be fruitless.

He'd stay awake, just to suffer the same ill fate the following night.

Nikita's voice lulled back in to his ears. Something she had said after he had found her alive after too many months of thinking she was dead.

She had been set free in the real world. Her dream come true. Yet she wasn't happy. She was miserable. Tears had filled her eyes.

This isn't freedom.

He now knew the meaning of her words well.

He had everything. He had nothing. He lived in constant fear and panic. His body was out of Section, but his mind was still trapped there.

This isn't freedom. Not by any stretch of the imagination. After leaving Nikita alone, he didn't feel like he deserved it anyway.