We Live Different Lives

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Chapter 2 -

"Hey, Matt," Brooke said as she stepped off the elevator seeing Matt lock up his apartment, "Going to work?"

"Yup. Which is where you should be...Which leads me to asking why you aren't there..."

"I got a later shift. Figured it would give me time to cry." Brooke sighed, being dead serious.

Today was going to be a tough day for Brooke. She would have to go to work and act all happy towards the customers. Brooke takes shifts at a small, local diner. The pay isn't much, depending on tips, but it's just enough for her and Sophia to live off of. Work would be especially hard since Sophia usually spent time with Brooke at the diner. Years ago, when Sophia was in preschool, Brooke would take night shifts because Sophia insisted on helping her mother out, something Brooke found very cute.

"Oh, so you want me to pick her up later?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"No problem. So, I figure it didn't go well."

"Well...For Sophia it went great. She practically ran away from me. But for me...I don't know how I even did it," Brooke replied in dramatics causing Matt to laugh, "Hey," She said defensively, "This is all your fault!"

"My fault?"

"Yes, you corrupted my little five-year-old and because of that she wouldn't let me home school her!" Brooke whined pouting.

"Well it's true..."


"What?," Brooke just stood there, hands on hips, rolling her eyes, "What?!"

"Nothing...Just go to work."

"Fine," Matt mumbled as he shook his head and turned around, "Sometimes you're too much Davis, just too much."

"Oh, don't forget to pick up Sophia at 2:30!" Brooke called out as he stepped in the elevator.

He gave her a small nod, "Right, so I can corrupt her some more," He replied joking.

"Very funny." Brooke mumbled as she took her keys out of her purse.


Lucas sat in his house, lightly tapping the sharpened pencil on the desk he sat at. Lucas doesn't have a job, his parents provide him and Rachel with all the money they need plus more. However, he doesn't just sit around and do nothing the whole day, his one passion is to write. So, it didn't surprise his friends and family when he decided to start writing a novel a few years ago. But then his girlfriend died and that put everything on hold. His wife was where most of his inspiration came from and then all of the sudden she was gone. So he scrapped that draft and after a while of grieving, decided to put his writing skills to use once more. Instead of writing something that resembled a piece of Shakespeare, he decided to write a more personal story. Sort of like a memoir about a bunch major things in his life, except it wouldn't be him going through the dramatic events, it would be the fictional characters he made up.

"And then...," Lucas mumbled, trying to get the new chapter out, "And then..." But he just couldn't.

He mumbled something as he threw his pencil down in frustration. His mind was on something else. Or maybe somebody else. It's just so weird! How can you like somebody that you've only known for a minute?! You don't even know anything about them. Like if they're married! He's attracted to a person that might be married! Lucas didn't even think about that earlier!


Lucas stood right outside of the school with all the other parents awaiting for their kids to come out. As he saw the first class come out, he spotted what he thought was that girl Brooke's daughter. 'Yup that's her.' Lucas thought as the little girl grinned, showing an exact replica of Brooke's dimpled grin. So where was Brooke? Lucas looked around not finding her. But then he saw something...the little girl ran to some man, as the guy hugged her tight she just smiled up at him...

"Daddy!." Lucas heard as he felt a tug on his shirt, looking down he saw his daughter.

"Oh, hey, Rach. How was your first day of school?" Lucas asked putting his arm around his daughter, still trying to process what he had seen.

Brooke Davis is married...


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