Author's Notes: This is the sequel to Highway to Hell, but you don't have to read that fiction to understand this one. They are two completely separate plotlines. (NOTE: If you do read HTH, PLEASE skip this prologue for now. It has spoilers!) Still, you should read the first one. It's fun. Also, this is an H/C fiction. I might, I repeat MIGHT, add Wuddy in at a later time. You can read the prologue to catch up on what you may or may not have missed in HTH. And, the genre is Drama/Humor/Medical (did you doubt me there?).

DISCLAIMER: This story was started after 'Half-Wit' aired. The prequel was started after 'Insensitivity' aired. I'm only going to use RELATIONSHIP canon from those episodes and the ones before it. I know the House/Cameron, House/Cuddy, and Cameron/Chase relationships have been a little progressive lately, so don't take ANY RELATIONSHIP canon past those episodes into canon where my story is regarded. Other than that, enjoy!

Love & War -By Liz


The Diagnostic ducklings and their boss, Gregory House, had just returned from their road trip to Morgan City, Louisiana. And what a trip it was!

After a young girl in the nation's bayou was quarantined with an undiagnosed disease, House and the gang were called to the scene. Since they weren't legally allowed to practice medicine in that state, House had to get some help from the child's pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Connor. She turned out to be more of a burden, needless to say. After getting the whole team, Connor, and Nurse Katie (the child's daily nurse) quarantined with the girl, House finally decided to call in a favor from his cousin Ray, a molecular psychiatrist currently working in Texas. She helped House and his team to diagnose Elizabeth Mattock, their patient, with Morgellons Disease. Ray had been studying this disease for quite some time now, but she had little funding because of the disease's contradictory nature. After Elizabeth decided to help her out as a research subject, Ray also got a research grant from a teaching hospital in the north to continue her studies.

The trip to Louisiana wasn't all business, though! Cameron had finally gotten House to admit his feelings for her, and the two started their own secret relationship. Foreman soon found out about the relationship without their knowing, but he made sure no one got in the way of hurting it (no one being Chase, that is). Chase still had feelings for Cameron that he wasn't ready to give up yet, and he had been spending his trip trying to win her heart over. Even after being told by numerous people to stop chasing Cameron, Chase still felt that they were meant to be. That is, until he met Elizabeth's nurse. After eventually seeing what had been right in front of him the whole time, Chase finally let Cameron go (but we all know he still has feelings for her). Instead, he's diverted his attention to Nurse Katie. Even though she lives in Louisiana, Chase seemed to know how they could make their relationship work out.

After a tiresome trip in Morgan City, Louisiana, the team finally returned to Princeton. It wouldn't be long before they'd get landed with another caseā€¦