Pack your bags and drop the kids off at the babysitter's because we're going on a trip!

Thanksgiving has come and past, and now Christmas cheer is spreading all across Princeton.

Nurse Katie and Doctor Chase have decided to spend the holidays in lovely Australia, where a birthday party awaits. Chase's perky half-sister is turning 18, and she can't wait to see her older brother. She's probably the only one, though. Unfortunately, Chase never really made it a point to form good relationships with his step-mother and step-brother. Trouble awaits Chase and Katie as they journey into the land down under.

The holiday season won't be too easy for House either. He had been looking forward to his first Christmas with the young and beautiful Dr. Cameron, but everything changed when Cameron was invited home for the holidays. She's bringing House along, of course, to meet the family. And we all know that House is never good with first impressions. Hopefully he can find a way to win the hearts of the Cameron family.

Wilson and Cuddy have finally settled down with their baby boy. Wilson has moved in with Cuddy, to make things easier on the family, but with Chanukah coming up, it's time for a family celebration. Will the Wilsons and the Cuddys get along well, or is their relationship about to take a turn for the worst?

Of course, somebody has to man the hospital as the snow pours down outside! Dr. Foreman and newbie, Dr. Adler, are presented with challenging cases that may just leave them bewildered. Hopefully House and the gang will be on call if they need any help!

All this and more in the final piece of the trilogy… Take Me Away!