As my notes seem to be as well received as the fic itself, I've decided to expand them into sort of an essay.

I challenged myself to write a totally different Inu-Yasha story, and I guess I succeeded. While many authors point out the fact that Inu-Yasha is part demon, I decided to focus on the fact that he's part DOG demon.

And now for a little biology to clarify a few points. When a female dog is ovulating, or 'in heat', her body releases a set of pheromones that attract every male dog in the neighborhood. They show up at her doorstep, ready, willing, and eager to sire every pup they possibly can, often reacting violently to competition. But I'm sure you already knew that.

But what you might NOT know is that human females do the very same thing. Women generally ovulate about a week before the start of their period, and are most fertile during this time period. During this time she also releases her own set of pheromones specifically designed to attract members of the opposite sex. So why do we not see the same result as we do in dogs? The deal is, women have historically (as in million years historically) found it to make more sense to hide when they are receptive, so they virtually (but not totally) stopped producing pheromones. No longer useful, the organ in human males that senses pheromones shrank to virtually nothing and generally doesn't do anything anymore.

Which is why Inu-Yasha was reacting while Miroku wasn't.

Ahh, but the evolutionary explanation barely scratches the surface, and tends to involve more than a bit of arm waving. So how about something you can sink your teeth into, so to speak?

Now to recap. Female dogs go into heat, secreting pheromones that alert nearby breeding partners. But then what's the fun in only telling the guys? Lionesses take this one step further, and alert the girls as well. Look this up if you don't believe me, but it has been shown that lionesses use the pheromone secretions of the other female pride members in order to synchronize their estrous cycles. this means that they all go into heat at the same time, and will most likely become pregnant and give birth at about the same time. And why do they do this? For baby-sitters, of course. Isn't it best when the majority of the lionesses can go out hunting together, with only one remaining behind capable of nursing ALL the cubs? Then during the next hunting party, a different lioness stays behind.

Now why am I telling you about lions? There are none in my story. Simple. I'm using them as an example to show that human females do in fact secrete pheromones. The proof is simple. Take a group of females (sisters, roommates, co-workers), and have them live or work in close quarters for extended periods of time. They will begin to synchronize their estrous cycles. Don't believe me? Talk to sisters who have been sharing the same room for years. They tend to have their periods around the same time. Or better yet, talk to the guards of a woman's correctional facility, and they can tell you of the joys of several hundred inmates PMSing at the same time.

So guys can't smell pheromones but girls unconsciously can? Is that true? Well, to some extent, yes. We girls can even detect subtle things about our guy's scents. Proof for this was based on work with mice. It has been shown that in this one species of mice, there are different variations of the immune system. About four, I think. Also, breeding two different variations together produced healthier babies than breeding two mice of the same type. The female mice could tell this, and would prefer to mate with 'different' males. Once they were pregnant they would prefer the company of 'same' males, as they were more likely to be related to them and thus be safer around the kids.

Here's the cool stuff. Human immune systems also have variations, and a mate who is 'different' is better than a mate who is 'same'. Sort of like being able to sniff out different blood types. Anyway, as scientists couldn't very well ask women to go hopping into beds with strange men, just so they could test the health of the resulting offspring, they devised an easier test. A group of men were each asked to wear a shirt for 48 hours straight, no showers, no deodorant, no nothing. The shirts were then put into bottles, and given for ladies to sniff. The ladies would then rate each shirt based on how much they liked the smell. Low and behold, most preferred men who were 'different'. Interestingly, those who were on a form of birth control which simulated pregnancy (like the pill), preferred men who were 'same'. Kinda makes you wonder... is your beau really the one for you?

However, scientists agree that it's a combination of factors (not just this one) that makes a girl think 'Mmmm, you smell nice...' Oh, and ladies? You think your guy just happens to smell extra nice during certain times of the month, but he's not doing anything different? Well, it's not him, it's just you paying attention to him on different levels.

Wrapping up. I'm sure you'll all agree that male dogs can sense pheromones. Human males, on the other hand, are generally clueless when it comes to this type of thing. They don't know a girl is on her period until they find a tampon in the trash can.

Which, once again, is why Inu-Yasha was reacting while Miroku wasn't.

And in the sequal, Kagome is not a biology major, so she doesn't have all the information I do and thus can't quite figure out what is going on in our favorite puppydog's mind.

Now that you've read this, reread the fic and see if it makes any more sense. For those of you who are currently asking yourself "Where on Earth is she getting this stuff?" the answer is simple; I'm a University graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, and I have a passion for programs on TLC and the Discovery channel. And if you have any more questions about my biology lesson, or if you want to know more of the behavioral aspects of this, email me.