Viva Piñata: The Warp Portals

By Yoshizilla

Author's Notes: Viva Piñata...filled with fun! Filled with fun! Viva Piñata...don't beat 'em, join 'em! Don't beat 'em, join 'em! Viva Piñata...filled with fun! Filled with fun! Viva Piñata...don't beat 'em, join 'em! Don't beat 'em, join 'em! (stops singing and turns to the screen) Whoops, I guess I was singing too much Viva Piñata. Oh well, I love the show, and I'm looking forward to getting the game, so what can you ask for? A story about them. And since this is the ONLY Viva Piñata story at this point (or at least the FIRST story on Fanfiction Net), I'm happy to say that I'll be constantly looking forward to all the trouble I'll go through. And now, that's all I have to say. Enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: Viva Piñata belongs to Rare Ltd. and Microsoft. The show also belongs to 4-Kids, but not the game, so ha-ha. Erm, did I insult you all just now? I'm sorry.

It was a beautiful morning on the tropical and peaceful Piñata Island, where all of the piñatas live, dance, and dream of being chosen one day to entertain people all over the world at parties. And its' times like these that piñatas tend to be seriously wild...especially when it comes down to the 1st event of Piñata Island history - The Warp Portals.

"Paulie, look!" Fergy said excitedly, the rainbow-colored Fudgehog being more perky than ever, "It's coming! The warp portals!"

Paulie sighed. "Fergy, come on - it's only just a new extraordinary thing that's happened here on good ol' Piñata Island since Hudson Horstachio published his new book, "Wow, I'm Popular"," The red Pretztail said to Fergy.

Fergy started hoping up and down in excitement. "Oh boy, oh boy! We'll be the first ones to go through the Warp Portals!"

"Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!" Said the infamous Bonboon in a red-and-white uniform with a yellow hat, "Be the first to see the other dimensions of time and space!"

Paulie and Fergy got onto the platform, and both looked at the red-and-purple Warp Portals in awe.

Fergy gasped. "Wow..." He reached into one of the warp portals with his left hand, and pulled it back. He laughed with excitement. "WOW! The warp portal is AMAZING!"

Paulie nodded his head sideways, being a bit cautious. "I don't know, Fergy - let me take a look." He poked his head into the warp portal in the center, when he fell into it, screaming.

All of the piñatas gasped, especially Fergy, who was the most surprised.

"PAULIE!" Fergy cried, "I'll rescue you!" He prepared to go into the warp portal, but was pulled back by the other piñatas.

"Wait, Fergy!" Hudson Horstachio shouted, pulling Fergy by his right leg, "You just can't go in! Who knows what lies in there to Piñata kind?"

Fergy started whimpering. "But Hudson! I just can't leave Paulie all by himself!" The green Fudgehug retorted, "It's a Piñata's duty to protect another Piñata from harm, no matter what!"

"But what if you don't come back?" Tina Twingersnap asked.

Teddington Twingersnap followed up. "Think of it, man. What would happen to you if YOU got lost in there?"

Fergy struggled. "I don't care what you guys think will happen to me! I'm getting Paulie, no matter what!" He shook all of the piñatas off of him, and the green Fudgehog ran into the center Warp Portal.

"FERGY!" Hudson, Tina and Teddington, and all of the other piñatas shouted, as they watched Fergy fall through the fabrics of space and time.

To Be Continued...