Viva Piñata: The Warp Portals


Author's Notes: Viva Piñata...filled with fun! Filled with fun! Viva Piñata...don't beat 'em, join 'em! Don't beat 'em, join 'em! Viva Piñata...filled with fun! Filled with fun! Viva Piñata...don't beat 'em, join 'em! Don't beat 'em, join 'em! (stops singing and turns to the screen) Whoops, I guess I was singing too much Viva Piñata. Oh well, I love the show, and I'm looking forward to getting the game, so what can you ask for? A story-whoa, talk about deja vu. I must really be hooked on Viva Piñata, because I keep talking about-oy, I did it again, didn't I? Look, just because I copy the same exact thing I wrote for the beginning of a chapter before, doesn't mean that I can't give a chance to make the chapter a teeny bit longer. And I know people are reading this story, because this story-ach I REALLY gotta stop doin' this so often. But that's just-I know, I KNOW. I just HAD to do it again. Well, this will be very special, because this author's note will have a cameo appearance of Langston Lickatoad! Yayness! Which means that the chapter will be slightly better, and not stupid at all! And it's all about Donkey Kong Country and the hip-and-happening Franklin Fizzlybear. Toodles! (shudders) I can't believe I actually said 'toodles'. (shudders some more)

Disclaimer: ...Why do you keep pestering me and Yoshizilla? JUST WHY? (gets knocked unconcious by Langston Lickatoad)

Langston Lickatoad: (smiles) I love being me. (chuckles)

Donkey Kong smiled. "Aww right, yo! Let me go get my buddy, Diddy!" He turned around to his treehouse, and he shouted, "Hey Diddy! Come down, we got a new friend!"

"A new friend?" A younger, more energetic male voice shouted, as a smaller monkey with a red shirt and a red hat ran from the jungle interiors to Donkey Kong and Franklin Fizzlybear. "Hey Donkey Kong! Who's this?"

Franklin smiled. "Sup, dude? I'm Franklin Fizzlybear, and I'm one hot-spankin' piñata!" He laughed.

Diddy stared blankly at him. "Uhhh...yeah, that's nice..." He said, chuckling nervously as he whispered to Donkey Kong, "How do you manage to put up with this weirdo?"

"Diddy Kong!" Donkey Kong shouted in aghast, seeing Franklin frown and lower his head. "Be nice!" He patted Franklin on the back. "Don't worry, buddy bear - he didn't mean it. He's just like that whenever we see new friends."

Franklin smikled a bit. "Thanks, Donkey Kong. I'd appreciate it, dude."

"No problem." Donkey Kong replied, and then he heard his cell-phone (AN: on't ask about it, I just put it in for no apparant reason) rang, and he picked it up. "Yello? Dad? Is it you?"

"Of course it's me, you sad excuse for a son!" Cranky Kong growled from the other end of the phone, "Who do you THINK it was anyhoo?"

Donkey Kong shrugged. "I don't know, the Candy Man?" Diddy slapped his forehead while Franklin sweatdropped. Donkey Kong chuckled nervously, and he said to the phone, "So what's up, prune face?"
We switch to Donkey Kong's treehouse, where Cranky is calling from.

"Who are you calling-" Cranky was about to start, when he then saw a group of Kremlings taking boxes full of yellow bananas away. "HEY! Stay away from those bananas, you krusty crocodiles!'"

"Make us, old monkey butt," One of the Kremlings laughed, "There's nothing you can do about it, so just give up!"

Cranky got up. "No! Not unless you want a barrel of pain!" He started throwing red-and-yellow barrels at the Kremlings, causing them to crash on the floor and drop the banana boxes.

The Kremling leader, Krunch, came in. "Hey! I thought you guys were suppose to get the bananas!' He said.

One of the Kremlings got up and started waving his hands crazily in the air. "We did! But that stupid, old, craky ape knocked us down!" He pointed at Cranky.

Krunch turned to Cranky, and he snarled. "So you think you're going to be heroic, huh?"

Cranky whacked Krunch on the head with his walking staff. "Watch your mouth, young Kremling punk! I've been in the videogame business for over 27 years! I can take you down!"

"Oh really?" Krunch said, tripping Cranky Kong and taking his staff, "We'll see about that!" He then started beating down Cranky with the old monkey's own walking staff.

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Franklin Fizzlybear all winced as they heard Cranky moaning everytime he got hit by Krunch.

"" Donkey Kong asked. The phone then phased out.

Diddy threw his hat onto the ground and angrily stomped on it. "Darn it! The Kremlings are causing havoc as usual!"

Donkey Kong patted Diddy. "Don't worry. We'll just kick their butt as usual, but with honey this time!" He took out several jars of honey, and chuckled.

Franklin's eyes widened with joy. "D-d-did you just say honey?"

Donkey Kong nodded. "I sure did, my beary friend! Let's go, and kick those Kremlings' butts!"

"YEAH!" Diddy and Franklin cheered, as the three furry characters ran towards Donkey KOng's Treehouse, with Donkey Kong still holding the various jars of honey.

To Be Continued...