Hey, guys. Having a case of writers block. So, I thought I would try my hand at some comical bloopers. I did a few and if successful I might add another chpt of bloopers. lol. Please read and enjoy! And don't forget to review.

Blooper 1

Behind the Scenes

The stage in Luca was being set up. Leblanc, disguised and Yuna by wearing her dressphere, swayed her hips from side to side, trying to remember the dance moves. Tidus just happened to walk behind stage looking around when he saw Yuna and did he ever like what he saw where seconds later he let out a loud wolf whistle and Yuna spun around.

Leblanc giggles. "Thanks for the compliment, love." She then gave him a wink.

"Wait!" Tidus began. "You're not Yun- (SMACK) OWWWWW!!!" Tidus turned only to see a very angry Yuna who was giving him a deathly glare. "Yuna, I thought- -" Yuna stomped off. "Yuna, wait! Don't be mad!"

Blooper 2

Battle Scene - Take One

Yuna unleashed Trigger Happy upon a Lupine only to counter its attack. Paine struck only to miss and receive damage from a flan that had cast ice on her. Rikku took her two daggers and slashed upward and around backwards at a lupine.

"Dr. P is in the house!" Rikku shouted as she bounced around.

"Stop that!" Paine demanded.

Yuna fired her gun and destroyed the lupine. Paine began to charge up to use her magic break and then Rikku bounced in. "Show time!!" Colors then shined from all around, however, before the transformation could take place the colors blinked and then faded away as black smoke blew out of the dressphere. The entire room fell silent. Even the fiends had stopped moving. Rikku just looked around at everyone, for all eyes were on her. "What's everyone staring at me for?"

"Is that a new look, Rikku?" Paine asked sarcastically. Yuna held her sides from all of the hysterical laughter she was experiencing. Everyone eventually began to laugh at Rikku who was totally clueless as to what was so funny.

"Hey, guys!" Tidus called out while approaching the set. "What's all the com-WHOA!!" His eyes went wide once he saw Rikku. Yuna saw him and immediately covered his eyes. "Hey! What's the big idea?"

Rikku then looked at herself and noticed she was completely naked. She screamed out, covered herself and ran towards her dressing room at top speed.

CUT. . . CUT. . . the producer said through tears of laughter.

Blooper 3

Sad Ending - Take One.

Yuna could not believe what had just happened. She could not bare the thought of him leaving her. Therefore, she runs towards him. Tidus heard her, turned and saw her running towards him, however, instead of running straight through him she ran right against him and tackled him to the ground. Laughter filled the room, Yuna blushed a little from embarrassment.

"Gosh, Yuna." Tidus began. "I know you want me, but couldn't it wait till we went back to the dressing room?" Yuna's mouth dropped open and she ave him a playful slap on the arm.

Sad Ending - Take Two

Yuna took off running. Tidus turned around and just as he was about to hold out his arms to embrace Yuna, she somehow tripped over her Summoner's dress and fell face first to the floor. Yuna laid there for a second, only to push herself up and look around at everyone innocently. Laughter then filled the room.

Sad Ending - Take Three.

Tidus walked towards the end of the ship, however, he heard footsteps approaching and heartbreaking sobs. He then turned, expecting to see Yuna where to his surprise- - WHAM!!

"What the- -" Tidus trailed off only to look into a pair of swirly green eyes.

"You're not going anywhere but with me, sexy. What Yuna doesn't know won't hurt her." Rikku said.

"RIKKU?" Tidus questioned as laughter filled the room. He looked around at everyone only to see Yuna step out from behind the stage, pointing and laughing at him and Rikku. "You!!" Rikku got up as did Tidus who gave chase, running after both her and Yuna who ran off stage and towards the back. "Come back here!"

Blooper 4

Behind the Scenes

Tidus had just whispered Yuna's name, she looked at him as she silenced her cries, and after gazing into each other's eyes, Tidus leaned in and kissed her tenderly and the music started playing. Yuna was shocked at first, but eventually gave into him and kissed him back. A few distant shots were taken and then the music was stopped and the cameras turned off.

"Okay, people, that's a wrap! Cut it!" the producer said. He adjusted his shades while chewing a stick of gum and watched everyone move the equipment around and happened to notice that Yuna and Tidus was still in the spring kissing each other. "I said cut, people!!" Tidus paid the producer no attention. He only pulled Yuna closer to him and continued to place heated kisses upon her lips. "CUT!!!!" Yuna moved closer to Tidus, sliding her arms up his back and down again. "SECURITY!!! Get those two out of the spring before those two make out!!" He just removed his shades and shook his head.

Blooper 5

Edge of Zanarkand - Take One

Yuna and Rikku were hugging each other. Rikku had already began to tell Yuna not to do the pilgrimage when her earring came loose and fell down inside Yuna's top. Yuna gasped, placing her hands on her chest only to try and look down her summoner's dress.

"No prob!" Rikku bounced. "I'll get that out of there, Yunie."

And without a second to spare, Rikku shot her hand down Yuna's top and began to feel around for her lost earring. She felt to the left and then to the right, not giving any thought about that fact that everyone was watching and the film was rolling. She hummed away as she continued to search. Yuna looked around at everyone who was just staring. Especially the guys. Yuna looked around at everyone and gave a nervous giggle and grin.

"RIKKU." Yuna said through clinched teeth.

"Just one second, Yunie!" Rikku chirped "I almost got it!"

Wakka laughed. "Wish that was being done to Lu, ya?" He whispered to Tidus with a nudge to his side.

"Wish I was doing that to Yuna period right now." Tidus whispered back.

"This was certainly worth getting up at 4 am for." Auron said under his breath.

"Kimahri no like." Kimahri said only to look away.

Rikku shoved her arm down a bit farther only to at last find her earring. "Found it!!" She then withdrew her hand, put her earring back in her ear and then happened to notice that everyone had been watching the entire time and that they were still recording. "Turn those camera's off now!! I mean it!! She took her boot off and threw it at the producer. "Turn them off!!" She then went berserk and began to babble in Al Bhed. Laughter filled them room.

"Cut!" the producer said.