Hmm, not sure if these were any good or not, but I gave it my best. LoL :) Enjoy the new bloopers everyone.

Blooper 1

Final Fantasy X

Sad Ending – Take Four

Yuna shook her head vigorously, for she could not and did not want to face what was happening. Her love was vanishing before her eyes and there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening.

Wakka snickered, looking off to the side.

"I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand." Tidus said in a sad tone of voice.

Wakka snickered again. A few of them looked at him onl to look away when suddenly- -

"Yo, Tidus! Your fly's open, brudda!" Wakka exclaimed in laughter.

"WHA- -" Tidus trailed off as he turned towards Wakka.

Yuna placed her hand over her mouth, gasping in amusement as laughter broke loose. Even the producer himself was laughing. Tidus blushed, adjusting the zipper on his pants.

Tidus gave a nervous chuckle. "I thought I felt a cold draft." He then just shrugged his shoulders.

Blooper 2

Final Fantasy X-2

1000 Words Concert – Take One

The lightening cracked and the thunder rolled as the rain fell down gently from the sky. Different shots were taken from different angles. And as the music began the play, they soon got a close up at Yuna who was listening to the soothing sound og the music, awaiting her cue.

"I know that your hiding things, using gentle words to shelter me." Yuna sang. The music played onward, not a word was uttered from Yuna who now had a very bewildered look upon her face- - she had forgotten her words.

"Not again." the producer murmured.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere and dressed in a songstress constume, Brother jumped out onto the scene, slightly shovinv Yuna aside.

"But Yuna belongs to me. That blonde dream needs to forget her!" Brother sang, his voice breaking and cracking like a crumbling rock with every word he sang as he then turned to Yuna. "I love my little Yuna!"

Yuna just gave Brother a disgusted look as he held out his arms to embrace her when he was suddenly tackled to the ground from behind by a very enraged Tidus. "HELPS ME SOMEBODY!!! BLONDE DREAM TURN TO BLONDE NIGHTMARE!!!"

"I'll teach you to touch my girl, you cross dressing psychopath!" Tidus yelled as he continued to tear into Brother like a dog tearing up a newspaper.

"RRRRRIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKUUUUUUU!!!!" Brother cried out. Yuna only threw her hands up in defeat and stepped aside.

Security at last came running out into the stage and it took all five of them to literally peel Tidus off of Brother and forced him off stage. A battered Brother slowly rose to his feet only to come face to face with a very angry Rikku who had her arms crossed over her chest, tapping her foot.

"PA-lease tell me you ARE NOT wearing my songstress dressphere!" Rikku shouted.

"Ew, gross!" Yuna said, snarling her lip at Brother.

"CUT!!!" the producer shouted, distracting everyones attention. "Someone please help Yuna memorize her lines. Rikku, put a muzzle on that brother of yours and hide your dresspheres while you are at it. He then left the stage area to find a quiet place to scream.

Blooper 3

Final Fantasy X

Wedding Bliss – Take Two

Things were going along smoothly until Yuna got a smell of Seymour's breath. Seymour was just about to kiss Yuna when she suddenly turned her head and shoved him away.

"UGH!" Yuna blurted out, holding her nose and waving her hand in front of her face. "You need a breath mint!!" She then glared at a very stunned Seymour.

Rikku bounced around in laughter, Lulu rolled her eyes with a small sigh. Tidus held his sides as he broke into hysterical laughter and Auron just chuckled. Kimahri just grinned.

Wakka's eyes flew open wide. "Ohhh, I have some mints, ya?"

"That candy you have in your pocket isn't the only thing that is mint size." Lulu admitted, walking away as the group of friends fell silent.

Tidus propped his hands behund his hand in his usual manner. "Well, at least we know who was making all that noise last night." All eyes fell on Tidus and laughter filled the group of friends.

Blooper 4

Final Fantasy X-2

Mt. Gagazet Hot Spring – Take One

Yuna softly moaned, twirling her head around. "That feels nice."

A sneaking grin crossed Rikku's face a she bit her bottom lip. She then crawled over to Yuna to check her out. 'What have we got here?" Yuna caught Rikku checking her out, turned around and tried to hide herself. Rikku then turned and sat down, sizing herself up and comparing it to Yuna. "Hmph! Whatever!" Rikku said, brushing the hot water up onto her arms. "I know IMPLANTS when I see them."

Yuna's eyes shot open wide as she gasped and looked at Rikku. "WHAT? Erm- - Excuse me?"

Rikku just laughed and crawled over to Paine who immediately hide herself. "Go away!" Rikku moved from side to side to try and get a look at her. "Wanna get hurt?" Rikku shook her head and crawled away from Paine. "Looks like Paine overstuffed herself with tissue paper!"

Paine stood up, her hands over her breast. She then kicked the water in an angry manner. "HURT TIME!!"

The producer scratched the side of his head, checking the script as he flipped threw the pages of the scene. "This isn't in the script." He then looked back at the girls.

Rikku and Paine were now at a stand off when Yuna then jumped up out of the water, more than excited to give Paine a helping hand.

"I didn't mean it!" Rikku said as Yuna ran behind her, however, instead of holding her like she was suppose to, Yuna grabbed the sides of Rikku's swimsuit and yanked them upward, giving Rikku a major wedgie from hell. The hyper blonde squealed, jumping up and turning towards Yuna.

"What was that for?" Rikku asked innocently.

"For saying I had implants." Yuna reminded her.

"And for saying that I stuffed, which I don't!" Paine reminded her as well.

"CUT, CUT, CUT!!!" The producer shouted. "None of this is even in the script!"

"Hell, we liked it!" Tidus spatted at the producer. "Why not leave it?"

The producer just looked at Tidus. "I'm just a producer."

"Great!" Rikku said. "We've got that famous quote "I'm just a kid!" and now it's that crap?" The girls walked off the scene.