One kiss at a time

By: pipersmum and teb85

Ratings: M

Pairings: Chloliver, Lollie, and Chlark

Spoilers: Some of season 6

Disclaimers: Not our characters belong to the CW, DC comics and Millar/Gough.

Chronology: Early season 6, so Lois is dating Oliver but for story purposes Chloe is not dating Jimmy. Plus Chloe doesn't know who the Green Arrow is.

Summary: After a welcomed rescue meeting with the Green Arrow on a roof top Chloe learns that he is more than she bargained for, and what she does not know is that over time he intends to win her heart one kiss at a time!

A/N This is our first fanfic EVER! So please read and review and above all be gentle!!! Sorry for any typo's but we went over and over it again, if we had continued you wouldn't be reading it at all!!!

Chapter One

Daily Planet Office

Chloe let out a sigh of relief as she hit the send button on her computer.

Her latest story was complete and a warm bubble bath was calling her, it was past 10 and she couldn't wait to get home.

Shutting down her computer and picking up her jacket, she was startled by her mobile phone ringing.

"Hello, Chloe Sullivan" She answered walking towards the elevator.

"Hey Chlo, just me checking in."

"Clark I'm a big girl you know."

"Yes and Metropolis is a big city, somebody needs to watch over you."

"My own personal Superhero, aren't I lucky." She laughed as the doors closed. "Seriously Clark I'm fine, just leaving work as we speak. If you should be worried about anyone, you should keep those x-ray eyes of yours on Lois. She is trespassing all over the city after this Green Arrow story."

"Any idea's who he is yet?" Clark asked

"No clue what so ever and it's really beginning to get to her. She seems to have made it her number one priority at the minute. I feel sorry for her new boyfriend. "

"Somebody feeling sorry for Oliver Queen, there's something you don't hear everyday. Are we still on for that movie Friday night Chloe? "

"You bet we are." She smiled walking out into the cold air of the city centre.

"Cool, well see you then and be safe."

"I will Clark I promise. I got to go my battery is dying "she said goodbye and chucked her now dead phone into her shoulder bag, stuffing her cold hands into her jacket pockets as she picked up her pace. Trust her stupid car to break down on the coldest day of the year so far.

She turned left towards her favourite cafe to grab her final cup of coffee for the day. She ordered an extra large caffeine fix, and one for Lois as well. Paying for the coffee's she left and headed towards the Inquisitor to catch a lift home with Lois.

Chloe only hoped that Lois was finished and ready to go home, she was really not in the mood to hang around and listen to the latest sightings of the green arrow for what would be the third time that day. Not only that but with her car breaking down this morning she wasn't in the best of moods to begin with.

Heading down the street it started to spit with rain, so she quickened her pace. But one of her files fell out of her bag landing on the floor. Bending down to pick it up she placed the two cups of coffee on the floor. After the file had been put back in her bag properly she went to pick the cups back up when she noticed two pairs of feet just behind her.

"What do we have here then?" She heard one of them say.

"A pretty little thing that needs our help," the other one replied.

Chloe didn't like the sound of that, she left the cups and ran off hoping that they would not follow. Unfortunately she was not that lucky and the guys were hot on her tail. She turned in to an alley way hoping to find somewhere to hide or a door to go through.

"Damn it, nice move Sullivan" she muttered it was a dead end. 'Now what' she thought. Could this day get any worse!

Looking to her left she saw a fire escape on the side of the building. Seeing the guys were still fast approaching Chloe pulled down the ladder and descended on the stairs to reach the roof.

Once she reached the top the panic started to set in. These guys were not going to go away and Chloe started to scream for help. Maybe someone would hear her, maybe even Clark.

She ran over to the other side of the roof away from the fire escape and began rummaging in her bag for her taser gun. She should be able to stun one of them at least giving her a better chance at fighting the other one off.

The thugs had now reached the top of the fire escape. They began walking towards her, one of them pulled out a knife and the other started to walk sideways towards her so she couldn't run.

"We only wanted your bag," the one with the knife began.

"But now we have built up a bit of an appetite haven't we Carl?"

"Yes we have," Carl smirked.

Chloe felt something dark and heavy in the pit of her stomach, this was not going well at all. They were getting closer and closer when all of a sudden she heard a noise. Looking around she saw that an arrow with a rope attached had been shot at the chimney. Following the rope she could see the Green Arrow swinging towards them.

He kicked one of the thugs in the face as he landed on the roof, the other guy started to run towards Chloe who held out her arm, she used her taser gun on him and he fell to the floor. Chloe looked up and shouted out to the Green Arrow "behind you."

He spun around and tackled the man who he had knocked to the floor realizing for the first time that he had a knife. He elbowed him in the face breaking his nose. Dropping the knife he raised his hands up to his nose trying to stop the blood that was now flowing.

The Green Arrow ran towards Chloe and swept her up in his arms, while firing an arrow from his cross bow over to the building on the left and swung across to it with Chloe safely in his arms. Reaching the other side he placed her back on her feet.

It took her a couple of moments to process everything that had just happened and control her breathing, looking down to her shoes she realised her heel was broken.

"Oh man, my favourite boots." She moaned bending down to see the damage closer.

That was when he saw it, a tiny tattoo on the base of her spine, it was in the shape of a fairy and Ollie would have totally missed it if he hadn't been paying much attention.

"I believe this is yours." Chloe was startled by the some what distorted voice and looked up to see her bag swinging in front of her.

Chloe hadn't even realized she had dropped it. Looking up at him she smiled and said "thank you."

"You know a young lady like yourself Miss Sullivan really shouldn't be walking around this part of town alone." He was a vision in green and black leather, a hood hung over his face and dark shades were hiding his eyes.

This guy clearly worked out the muscles on his arms and his chest, well what she could see through the green leather anyway. He wasn't as big as Clark but he was definitely just as toned.

The Green Arrow smirked at her noticing the appreciated look she was giving his body. He decided to give her the same treatment and began looking her up and down. Her coat had fallen open, revealing her cleavage. 'Very nice' he thought as his brain went off on a naughty trail of thought.

Noticing where he was looking Chloe crossed her arms not realizing it only enhanced her cleavage. "You know it's very rude to stare at somebody's chest when there talking to you, did you see something you like because it's certainly holding your attention" She demanded, her voice sounding a lot more confident than she actually felt.

He raised his eyes to meet her flustered gaze and gave her one hell of a sexy smile, "indeed I did." He raised one eyebrow and took a step closer to her. "How about you, did you see anything you liked?" He almost whispered against her ear.

Chloe blushed not knowing what to say. He had seen her checking him out and she couldn't help it she did find him rather attractive. Not that she was going to tell him that and inflate his already cocky ego anytime soon.

Oliver couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through his head. The urge to kiss Chloe was so strong and he had never felt such a strong pull towards kissing anyone like it before.

Although he knew it was wrong it was like he was unable to stop himself, like he had no control. Which was not Ollie, Oliver Queen was ALWAYS in control.

Chloe could feel her heart beat increasing. She didn't know what she would do if he kissed her but saying that she didn't know what she would do if he didn't.

Without thinking, he slowly moved his head towards Chloe's and nervously she licked her dry lips. That was all the encouragement Oliver needed and he moved that extra bit until finally their lips met. Chloe gasped with surprise and that one action allowed Oliver to explore her sweetness with his tongue. 'God she tastes so sweet' he thought.

Ollie moved his arms around her before he realized what he was doing. She felt wonderful in his arms, soft and pliant, and the soft noises she was making went right to his groin.

Once Chloe got over the initial shock that she was actually kissing the Green Arrow, she responded with as much effort as he was. She stroked the inside of his mouth with her tongue and took great delight in the moan he gave her. He pulled her closer so that his groin was pressed up against her stomach and she could clearly feel how much he was enjoying this.

All of a sudden he broke the kiss, holding on to the tops of her arms he pulled her away from him. Chloe looked up at him confused as to why he stopped and a little disappointed.

"I think it was time I got you home," he mumbled so low that if she hadn't of been paying attention she would have missed it.

He walked off and Chloe took a moment or two before she decided to follow him. Once they were back on the ground they walked around the corner and he walked over to a green motor cycle.

"So are you going to let me give you a ride home?" He asked while lifting his leg over the bike.

"Are you sure it's safe?"

"I promise I won't jump you again if that's what you mean."

Going over to him she got on the back," I was referring to the bike and…" She whispered close to his ear ..." Who says I didn't want to be jumped in the first place."

Ollie felt a tingle run down his spine as the tone of her voice washed over him.

He looked back at her with a raised eyebrow trying his best to ignore her last comment. "You are going to want to hold on," he smiled. He waited for her to put her arms around his waist, so they could take off.

The ride to the Inquisitor was fast and before Chloe could think they were pulling up outside.

"Thanks." She smiled stepping off the bike and not knowing what else to say.

"So you reckon you can keep out of trouble for a few days, I'm out of town you see and won't be available for roof top rescues." He smirked." See you around Miss Sullivan."

Before Chloe could answer or ask how he knew her name he had started the bike again and disappeared into the night.

"Hey Chloe, you ok? You are looking a little flustered?" Lois looked up from her laptop screen.

"I'm fine thanks, just had a little run in with your Green Arrow friend." She perched on the edge of the desk.

"Really, what happened?" She asked closing down the laptop and placing it in her bag.

"I was being followed by these two goons and he swooped in and saved the day."

"Saved the day? Are you sure it was definitely the Green Arrow Chloe, it doesn't sound like his thing!"

"Let's see Green leather outfit, hood, dark shades, rides a green motorbike…"

"Ok, ok I get your point. Did he say anything?" Lois asked sounding intrigued.

"He knew who I was!"

"Really well that's interesting."

"It got me thinking Lois maybe me and you could team up on this one. You don't seem to be getting anywhere on your own and with the planets resources."

"So you want to jump on my story, huh? All this time, you've shown no interest and now after one run in with him you want to team up."

"Look it was just an idea Lois."

"What really happened with him tonight? Is there something you're not telling me?" Lois looked at Chloe with a questioning glare as they headed towards the elevator.

"No, nothing honest, I am just intrigued." She smiled. "I'm not after your headline Lois. I just want to find out who he is."

"Well welcome to the club Chloe." Lois quipped as the elevator doors closed.