Four years later

Everyone had finally arrived at the Hawthorn hotel where Clark and Lois were holding their rehearsal dinner.

Chloe couldn't believe it had been almost four years since her own wedding. The time had just flown by. Oliver had been busy with the league and watching Madison grow had been a real adventure in itself.

The league had become a close family and Chloe was really looking forward to the weekend ahead. She couldn't believe her cousin was marrying her best friend but she was so pleased they had both found happiness in each another.

She was so deep in thought watching a laughing Lois and Clark that she didn't see Bart Sneak up behind her.

He had a huge grin on his face and placed his hand on the small of her back.

"Wow you look terrific Chloe. How far along are you again?"

"You are so sweet," she thanked him with a peck on his cheek, rubbing her stomach protectively. "Just over eight months now although I am smaller than I was with Madison."

"You will always be Chloelicious to me," he winked.

"And you will always be a hopeless flirt Bart." She laughed.

Lois came over at that point to introduce him to her sister, who he would be walking down the isle with tomorrow as part of his groom men duties.

Lucy's eyes lit up with an appreciative gleam after giving Bart the once over and naturally Bart was doing exactly the same.

"Hi I'm Bart," he held out his hand to her.

When Lucy placed her hand in his he raised it to his lips. "Lois never mentioned she had a better looking sister."

Lois clipped him around the head. "Knock it off Bart, like she would fall for your smooth talk and cheap chat up lines."

Chloe couldn't help but smile at the look on Lucy's face, she was sure Lois was a little late and Lucy had already fallen for the smooth talking Bart.

Ten Minutes Later

"Uncle AC why are we here?" Madison asked as everyone was seated at their tables.

AC was Madison's favourite uncle although she would never tell Clark that.

"It's a rehearsal dinner mermaid. Like a practise run." He smiled.

"But why...?" She asked again.

"So everyone gets to say hello and meet before tomorrow." AC followed her gaze which was now fixed to Bart and Lucy.

Bart had been shamelessly flirting and making a play for the younger Lane the minute Lois had introduced them.

"Oh." She paused. "Uncle Bart has been saying hello to that lady for a long time. Hasn't he?"

AC tried not to choke on his soup as Oliver tried to suppress a laugh.

"Let's leave uncle AC and Bart alone now shall we Madison, your soup will be getting cold."

"Ok mommy." She smiled innocently picking up her spoon.

"Our daughter is certainly the sharpest tool in the box Chloe Queen." Oliver whispered.

"I know I think she gets that from me." Chloe smiled proudly.

Dinner went well except AC fretting over the tuna steaks, worried that they were not dolphin friendly and insisting Lois and Clark took them off the menu for tomorrow, which of course Lois flat out refused to do. Bart and Lucy had disappeared, where to no one was quite sure but Lois certainly wasn't impressed.

Clark began rubbing her shoulders trying to get her to relax and assuring her everything was going to be perfectly fine.

Thanks to Oliver's generosity they all had rooms in the hotel this evening. So Clark had suggested going to the bar for a drink.

"Yay I have never been to a bar before Uncle Clark," Madison beamed.

"And your not going to princess," Oliver cut in before Clark could reply. "It is way past your bedtime young lady and we have a busy day tomorrow. Uncle Bart was going to read you a story and tuck you in. But..., as Uncle Bart is no where to be found how about I do it?"

Madison frowned, "Uncle AC would you read me a story?" She asked in her sweetest voice and gave him her puppy dog eye look.

"Ok Ok, how could I possible say no," he laughed. "I will see you guys later."

With that he swung Madison in to his arms and let her give kisses goodnight before heading upstairs.


They had been enjoying a quiet drink in the bar when Clark had disappeared. Lucy and Bart going missing she could cope with but Clark too. Lois was mad, really mad and if it wasn't bad enough he had disappeared, what made it worse was Chloe desperately trying to cover for him AGAIN!

Chloe had come out with some real lame excuses in the past. But to do a disappearing act now when he knew how stressed she was with no decent explanation. Well it was the last straw, Lois had finally had enough.

"God how did you put up with this for all those years?" she screamed at Chloe in frustration.

Chloe went to answer, "Wel-.."

Lois cut her off before she could finish her sentence.

"No don't Chloe I don't want to hear it. Don't treat me like I'm stupid or something I am so sick of it. Clark makes a conscious decision to run out on me he doesn't need you making lame excuses for him. So just drop it alright." Lois got up from her chair clearly determined on doing something.

"Where are you going?" Chloe asked trying to heave herself up out of the chair to chase after her cousin. Which of course was no easy thing to do when you're not pregnant, let alone when you're just over eight months gone.

Oliver had to giggle at the sight of his pregnant wife waddling along after her cousin.

Ollie and Chloe just caught up to her as she entered the Cloakroom intent on getting her coat. "I just need some space and time to think away from everyone. I need to get out of here." She snapped.

Pulling the door open and turning the light on, she heard moaning.

"So this is where you disappeared to huh!" Lois was glaring at her sister and Bart who were locked in a passionate embrace with a few less clothes than they had on earlier.

Ollie and Chloe both gasped when they looked to see what Lois was looking at.

"Do you mind?" Lucy fumed at her sister while trying desperately to cover herself, Bart just stood there looking extremely pleased with him self.

"Oh I'm sorry," Lois replied sarcastically. "You two continue what you were doing, don't mind me I will just get my coat and leave you to it."

Grabbing her coat Lois slammed the door with all the force she could muster.

"Could this night get any worse?" Lois almost cried.

Chloe tried to catch her arm, "Lois, please talk too me. Clark loves you; don't run off without talking about this. You're getting married in the morning."

"Correction, I WAS getting married in the morning. The wedding's off, if Clark comes back you can tell him because I don't have anything more left to say to him." With that she turned and walked off leaving a dumb founded Ollie and Chloe behind her.

Chloe turned to Oliver, "I hate to have to ask you but can you go after Lois and try to talk to her maybe she will listen to you. It's not like I can really go chasing after her anyway." She said glancing down at herself.

"For you Tink anything," he leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Keep the bed warm for me won't you," he winked.

She giggled, "In my condition are you sure?"

"I don't mind doing all the work; you can make it up to me after our son is born." Without giving her time to reply he ran off after Lois.

"God this is going to be a long night." Chloe exclaimed to Victor who came over to see what all the yelling was about.

"What's going on? Is it Boy Scout is he alright, does he need back up?" he asked.

"He won't be alright if he doesn't get his a back here and sort this mess out." Chloe fumed.

"Calm down Chloe it can't be good for the baby to get this worked up. Why don't you go check on Madison and AC. I'll send Clark up the minute he gets back."

"Your right but I can't help it, I hate seeing Lois this upset."

"I'm sure everything will work out fine." Victor tried to comfort Chloe as he followed her towards the balcony.

Opening the doors Chloe took a long breath before shouting out, "I know you can hear me Clark you better hurry up and get your a back here asap or else!"

Victor closed the doors turning towards her, "Do you feel better now?" He laughed and put his arm around Chloe and steering her towards the elevator intent on taking her back to her room.


"Lois, thank god." Ollie puffed out of breath sitting beside her on the bench.

"You didn't need to run after me Ollie. I just needed some space that's all."

"Well Tink is worried about you and as she didn't stand a chance in hell keeping up with you,so here I am." He smiled.

They sat in silence for a few moments, when out of no where Lois began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Oliver asked puzzled.

"Life," She smiled weakly as tears stained her cheeks. "Tonight was meant to be the start of the best days of my life with Clark, and here I am left alone again."

"Well your not alone are you, I'm here."

"Yes my ex- boyfriend, who is now married to my cousin. Who happens to be best friends with my lame excuse of a fiancé, sorry EX-fiancé."

"Ok I get your point, life has a funny way of dealing you strange hands when you least expect it. If you'd of told me 5 years ago that I'd be where I am today I would of laughed in your face but that doesn't mean I would change it for the world."

"Clark just makes me so cross. It wouldn't be too bad if he would at least give me a decent excuse as to where he is running off to all the time. I just want to be happy Oliver and I really thought Clark was the one. But I can't keep doing this. Just once I want to be the most important person to the one I love. I'm tired of taking second place and I'm not going to do it anymore Ollie."

"Clark's a fool, he just forgets to think sometimes Lois but what I do know without a doubt is how much he loves you and how happy you make him. Now I'm not saying you should ignore what issues you have but I really think if you cancel tomorrow you will regret it later. Why don't you come back to the hotel, let me buy you a drink?"

"I don't think I can face it Ollie."

"Well let's go for a walk then."

"You should get back to Chloe and Madison."

"Nah Madison will be fast asleep by now and Chloe gave me strict instructions to make sure you were ok. So let's walk." He helped her to her feet and they set off around the stunning hotel grounds.

An hour later

Chloe's hotel apartment

Chloe was startled by a knock on the door realizing she must have dozed off on the sofa.

"Clark, where the hell have you been?" She snapped pulling him into the room and slamming the door behind him.

"I had something I needed to take care of, I've only been gone an hour. I came back as quick as I could. When I couldn't find Lois downstairs, Victor told me to come straight up and see you; oh he also informs me that the wedding is off. What's going on Chloe?"

"You need to tell her Clark, you need to tell Lois everything. I can't keep covering for you and she is really upset. Oliver ran after her to calm her down but she was dead set on calling the wedding off."

Clark looked gutted, "I better go find her and hope she will at least listen to me."

"Clark, promise me you won't screw this up. Lois loves you and she is my cousin. You might be my best friend Clark but I won't stand by and watch her get hurt."

"I promise Chloe that won't happen. I could never hurt Lois I love her."

"Good, now get going or you can be the one to tell Madison why she won't be wearing her fairy dress ..."

Before she could finish her sentence he had disappeared.

"I hate it when he does that." Chloe cursed out loud before going to the bathroom for the 100th time. Getting her night dress on she decided her bed was calling her.


Another 20 minutes had passed and Chloe found herself wide awake waiting for Ollie to return.

She looked around the huge hotel room when her eyes fell on her matron of honour dress that was hanging on the wardrobe door.

Lois had the dress maker let it out 3 times and as much as Chloe loved the dress, she couldn't help but think she was going to look like a beached whale tomorrow.

A total contrast to her own wedding day she thought...

The sun was shining through the Rolls Royce window. The weather was close to perfect and Chloe had to take a deep breath.

"You ready to do this Chloe?" Clark asked taking her hand. "Because if you have changed you're mind I can super speed you out of here in no time." He smiled.

Clark had to fight back the tears as he took in the vision of his best friend. She looked stunning in the beautiful white gown and he loved how her eyes sparkled with something magical, that he had only recalled seeing once before. The first time he had seen her after Madison was born.

"I've never been more sure about anything in all my life. Besides I didn't just spend 4 months killing myself in the gym to fit into this dress, to run away for no one to see me in it."

"You look stunning Chloe, Oliver is a lucky man." He beamed.


Chloe felt the bed dip behind her about 20 minutes later. Rolling over she came face to face with her husband who looked exhausted she leaned over and kissed him.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming back. Did you calm Lois down?"

"Yeah we had a good long talk and we went for a walk, we were on our way back here when Clark found us. I stuck around for a few extra minutes in case Clark had trouble with Lois believing him. You should have seen her face Chloe she was completely shocked, Clark had to fly to prove he wasn't winding her up. Oh and your in big trouble by the way, she said to tell you that she will be at your door bright and early and you have some explaining to do." Oliver chuckled.

"I will deal with Lois in the morning right now I would rather deal with you." Chloe began undoing his shirt eager to remove his clothes. "I am just glad that our own wedding wasn't this stressful."

Oliver replied laughing, "Yeah the worst thing to happen at ours was Bart eating most of the buffet before the other guests had arrived."

Undoing his belt and attempting to remove his trousers Chloe asked, "What was your favourite bit?"

Wiggling his eyebrows Ollie replied, "The wedding night." He rolled Chloe on to her back and removed her night dress where he began reminding her.


The morning of Clark and Lois' wedding

True to her word Lois had woken her up bright and early and after given her a telling off hugged her and accepted that Chloe could not have told her as it wasn't her secret to tell. Chloe had explained that she had told Clark repeatedly to tell her, which made Lois feel much better.

Just then Madison came out of the other room where she had been getting her dress on and having her hair done.

Chloe beamed with pride Madison looked a beautiful little princess, even Auntie Lois welled up upon seeing her.

"Oh Maddie you look so pretty, I only hope I look as pretty as you especially as I am the bride," she chuckled.

Madison did a twirl in front of her Mom. "Do you like it Mommy?"

"Wow you look like a princess."

"Like Cinderella?"

"Much prettier than Cinderella," Chloe declared.

"But I don't have glass slippers."

"No, but you have pretty blue ones."

"They're shiny, too."

"Very shiny," she smiled. Turning around she picked up her camera and asked Madison to pose for a picture.

"Right I am off to Lucy's room to get dressed," Lois said leaving the room.

"Good luck," Chloe called. "I will see you at the church."

Turning to Madison she said "Ok young lady you go and watch the TV while I go and get dressed Daddy should be here in a minute to watch you."

30 Minutes Later

Chloe came out from her bedroom in a sky blue dress the same colour as Madison's. She had her hair up with little white flowers in it. Oliver got up from the sofa to compliment his beautiful wife. Madison beat him to it.

"Oh Mommy you look so pretty."

"Really...?" She asked, "Because I feel as big as a house."

"Nonsense Chloe you look radiant." Oliver came up behind her and helped her zip the dress up. He nibbled on her neck and whispered in her ear, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I will show you later."

Chloe felt a shiver run through her body at his words, Oliver always knows exactly what to say to make her feel better. Turning around she kissed her husband.

"Eeeewww not the icky kissing stuff again," Madison moaned.

Oliver and Chloe laughed. "One day you won't be saying that trust me," Ollie told her.

Madison crossed her arms and shook her head, "I don't think so Daddy."

The Church

Arriving at the church they found Clark in a complete melt down. He had got him self so worked up that he had put a hole in the carpet with all his pacing back and forwards. He was sure that Lois had changed her mind and wouldn't be turning up after all. Martha was trying to get him to breathe and upon seeing Chloe asked her if she could have a word as he didn't seem to be listening to her.

Ten minutes later Clark and Chloe emerged and he seemed calm at last.

"I'm sorry Mom, Ollie. It's just after last night, I keep thinking the worst and over reacting."

Oliver patted him on the back, "It happens to us all I didn't get quite as worked up as you, but I did doubt that Chloe would turn up on the day." He admitted.

"Yeah me too," confessed Pete. "I thought Lana would realize she had made a mistake and leave me at the altar."

Clark looked about and saw that most of the guests had arrived and Lois should be here any minute.

"Ok Clark we had better go wait outside for Lois," Chloe leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "See you soon," she winked. The others followed her which left Martha and Clark alone again.

Lois pulled up outside and her Dad and Lucy helped her out of the car, they all took their places and entered the church as the music started.

AC and Madison walked in first followed by Kara and Victor, then Pete and Lana. Next was Lucy and Bart followed by Oliver and Chloe and then Lois and her Dad. Chloe notices the relief on Clarks face at Lois heading towards him.

As they separate and go to their appropriate sides Oliver pinches Chloe's bottom and winks at her causing a huge grin on her face.

They repeat their vows and are declared Husband and Wife. Clark is told he can kiss the bride. But as he does he hears Chloe mumble 'Oh st', Looking over to her he see's a startled expression on her face.

"Er I don't mean to butt in but could you guys hurry things up, my waters have just broken."

The End

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