Title: Identity Chapter 1 of ?

Rating: PG13 I suppose, for minor swearing

Characters: Dean, Sam, Young Dean, Young Sam, Pre-Series John, Pastor Jim

Notes: Thanks http://michelle2007. for the great beta job! Takes place after Kansas City Shuffle. No real episode warnings.

Disclaimers: I own nothing, I just like to play with what's not mine.

Summary: After the events of Kansas City Shuffle, Sam and Dean are on a hunt for a cult. Once again, Dean can't keep his hands to himself, only this time he ends up traveling back to the past and trading places with his 10 year old self. Now Sam has to deal with taking care of a 10 year old, while Dean has to convince his father he is who he says he is.


Chapter 1

My brother Dean is not the sharpest crayon in the box. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy. But there are times when I just want to smack him and ask him what the hell he was thinking. Like now for instance. Only right now, I can't. Why can't I you ask? Well, because it's partly my fault. See, the first time it happened, I wasn't very clear in my instructions. This isn't the first time? Nope. This is the second time. The first time happened 3 months, 1 week, 5 days, and 14 hours ago. But who's counting? After the first time it happened I said to Dean, "So the next time you find a statue in a field that has writing on it, DON'T TOUCH IT!"

Pretty simple right? Then you don't know my brother! The problem with that line is this…I was too specific. I said not to touch a statue that he found in a field. I didn't say anything about a statue he found, say, in a cult's abandoned barn. Dean's a little slow, so he didn't make the connection. And that was how it happened. I was looking through some texts that they had left behind when I caught sight of Dean out of the corner of my eye. He was looking at this statue, with some sort of hieroglyphs on it. And before I could even get out "Dean, don't you dare!" there was a blinding flash of light. Only this time, instead of finding my brother unconscious, when I could finally see, I found a child. Around 10 years of age. Excuse me, 10 and ½ as I would later be corrected. He looked quite confused as I'm sure I did.

"Dean?" I asked already knowing the answer. I started to laugh. My brother had just turned into a younger version of himself. This was priceless and worth YEARS of ragging on him! But then his eyes widened and his lip wibbled a little. And then he spoke, and I knew my day had gone to hell in a hand basket.

"Who are you?!? Where's Sammy? Where I am? What have you done to Sammy?!?"

Uh oh…that doesn't bode well for me.

"Dean? It's me, Sammy, remember? You touched the statue, now your short…well…shorter…"

Dean glared at me. "You're not Sammy! Now give me back my brother or my daddy will kick your ass!"

Whoa…um…ok so how do we fix this? If Dean really thinks he really is 10 then we have a problem.

"I'm 10 and a half you bonehead! Now give me back my Sammy and let us go before my dad gets here!"

Apparently I had spoken that out loud. That was the first of many times I had been pointed out the great 'and a half'. Apparently to a 10 year old that was a very important number. I tried to remember what Dean was like when he was 10. I seemed to recall him being incredibly smart, a know-it-all. I went to him with all the questions I could ask. He was also a pain in the ass. I don't remember that really, but I learned that rather quickly.

"Ok…look, remember when I was in pre-school? That one kid in my class got a birthday party, and I talked Pastor Jim into baking a cake and I made you a card? You said it was the best birthday ever. But it wasn't your birthday it was actually like 2 months after your birthday?" How the hell I remembered that, I don't know, but he still doesn't look like he believes me. "What were you doing right before you got here?"

Dean frowned as he thought about it. "Well, Sammy and I were playing hide and seek. I was hiding in the bathroom closet, under the bottom shelf. What's so funny?"

"Well I have a feeling that my Dean, your 28 year old version, just found himself in a very cramped spot."

Still frowning, Dean said, "How can you be Sammy? He's younger than me. He's only 6."

Sam sighed. "Well that's what we have to figure out."

Dean crossed his arms over his chest and cocked his head to one side. "If you're Sammy, then where's dad? I won't believe you until I see dad!"

Ok, now I've got a problem, and how am I supposed to fix it? I can't exactly tell the boy his dad is dead. Yet I have no way of producing a John Winchester. I tried to think back to who we knew back then. Pastor Jim and Caleb but that wouldn't work. Maybe Bobby…

"Let me make a phone call. Dad's on a hunt, so he may not answer."

Dean frowned. "Dad always answers when I call. You're lying!!"

I put up my hands. "No it's a very important hunt. He's really in deep and can't always answer his phone. But I'm gonna try ok? He'll call back when he can."

Ok…now if Dean's not in this time…oh man I can't believe I'm ok with this thought…then I can call his cell phone and not get anything, but pretend I'm calling Dad. So I pushed the speed dial button for Dean, and sure enough got a "this number is not in service at this time" message. I went through the motions of leaving dad a message asking him to call back as soon as he could, because something had come up with Dean. When I flipped my phone closed, I looked over at him. He looked rather pathetic really. His jeans were pretty torn up, and his shirt looked like one he'd probably worn two years longer than he should have. Depending on how long this took, I was going to have to get Dean some more clothes. In the mean time, I needed to snap some pictures of the statue that Dean had touched.

"Ok, so we'll just have to wait for dad to call us back. In the mean time, I need to get some pictures of that statue to send to a friend. Then we can go back to the motel."

Dean shook his head and glared at me. "I'm not moving until dad calls!"

I sighed, wondering how I was going to get him to move.

"Do you know Bobby?" I asked him. He nodded. "Ok, I'll call Bobby, you'd recognize his voice, right? Ok good, I'll call him and let you talk to him. Ok? You know you can trust him."

He nodded, but hadn't let his guard down. I pulled out my phone and prayed that Bobby would answer.


"Bobby? Hey, it's Sam. Listen, I've got a problem. Did you know us when Dean was 10?" I ignored him as he pointed out yet again he was 10 and a half. "You did? Well good, because well, I need you to tell 10 year old Dean that he can trust me. Now don't laugh! Man, I'm serious. Yes, he did. Exactly. Ok good."

I passed the phone over to Dean. I'm not sure what Bobby said to him, but he seemed to relax, a little anyway. When he handed the phone back I thanked him and then hung up. I looked at Dean.

"We ok now?" He gave a small nod. I could tell he was freaked out by all of this. Using my cell phone I snapped some photos of the statue being careful not to touch it. No sense in having both of our younger selves here. After that, I made sure to gather up all of our stuff, and then led my 'older' brother out to the car. As soon as he saw the car, Dean froze.

"How come you have the car and Dad's not here?" he asked.

Uh oh…good question. Well, I suppose this bit of truth wouldn't hurt him.

"Well, when you got old enough to drive, Dad let you have the car. He drives a pickup truck now."

His eyes lit up. "I get the car?"

I nodded and unlocked the trunk, tossing in the few things Dean and I had brought in with us, as well as a few things I had collected. After I got the Deans switched, we'd still need to finish tracking the cult. Dean went to the passenger side and climbed in. As I got behind the wheel, I heard his stomach growl.

"Hungry?" I asked and he nodded.

"Dad had gone out to get some dinner so I haven't eaten yet."

"Oh…shit…what's gonna happen when dad finds Dean there and you gone? Oh man I hadn't thought about that…" With a renewed sense of dread, I quickly headed back to the motel to get those photos emailed out. I needed to solve this and quickly, because I had a feeling my older brother may very well be killed shortly if John Winchester came home to find his son missing and a strange man in his home. After I got the pictures emailed I took little Dean down to the diner to get some food. As the time ticked by, I wondered vaguely if we would know somehow if Dean was killed in the other time, or if I would ultimately solve this mystery, only to bring home the dead body of my older brother.