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Volleyball; the word alone sent shudders through my spine. Yet my fear of it did not stop Coach Clapp from forcing us to learn about volleyball, play volleyball, and worst of all… take a test on volleyball.

Not even one of those fill-in-the-blank, or multiple choice tests – oh, no. Coach Clapp decided to be evil and make us take a physical test. As in, getting graded on how well we could hit the stupid ball. The torture didn't stop there, however. Not only did I have to be humiliated in front of the entire class, I had to be humiliated in front of Edward. Not that he didn't see me trip a thousand times a day, but I didn't want to give him another chance to laugh at my expense.

"Cullen, Edward." Coach Clapp's tone was bored as he ushered Edward to the center of the gym, and told him, as he told every other student, the instructions for the test. "Newton is going to pass you the ball three times, and you will bump, set, and spike the ball in that order back to him."

"Behave!" I hissed at Edward, as he walked at a human pace towards Mike, an evil grin on his face. Edward ignored me, and prepared himself.

It seemed that whatever chivalry Mike retained for me, there was none for Edward. Mike lobbed the ball as hard as he could across the gym, grinding in frustration when Edward would perfectly bump, set, or spike it back to him. "Nicely done," the coach praised as he walked to the bleachers and sat down next to me.

"I was too easy on him," Edward murmured quietly in my ear, a hint of regret in his voice. "If you knew the thoughts he was thinking when he passed the ball to me…" his voice trailed off, and his eyes were a piercing coal black. I shook my head, and waited nervously for my turn, chewing whatever was left of my fingernails.

"Swan, Isabella." Coach Clapp looked up and motioned me towards him. I stood where he told me to, and he backed away a few feet. Wow, even the coach knows I suck at sports. He repeated the instructions to me in a monotone, and then waited for Mike to pass me the ball.

I looked at the bleachers, easily picking out Edward's seraphic face. Mike tossed me the ball, and I caught it, still entranced by Edward's face. Laughter exploded in the gym, and even Edward chuckled. My face turned red, and I narrowed my eyes. I would get him back later.

"Why don't you try again, Isabella?" Coach Clapp asked, throwing the ball back to Mike. I nodded reluctantly, and waited. Mike passed me the ball, gently this time. The ball hit my arms, and bounced off of them, going…going… behind me. Everyone started laughing again, and I blushed. "Do you want to try again?" The coach looked at me dubiously, waiting for a response. I nodded firmly.

Mike tossed the ball high into the air for me, and this time, I tried a spike. How hard could it be? The ball wouldn't go behind me, and I wouldn't catch it. I crouched down, getting ready to spring up like a cat… or not. I jumped up, but my timing was off and I only caught the bottom of the ball. Thanks to my wonderful coordination, I landed on the ground and promptly fell over. The ball again landed behind me, and as I got up, laughter was bouncing in my ears.

"Another try?" The coach looked at me, apprehensive. I shook my head, and walked to the bleachers, ignoring the laughing. I sat next to Edward, and glared at him with all the fury I could muster.

He was still laughing, a musical laughter that no one could ever imitate. I growled at him, and bit out, "Don't even say anything."