AN: Sorry about the last chapter. I know it has a lot of holes. Laziness got me. Hope you enjoy reading! This chapter may be a little unrealistic but bear with me. I also used a few things from the manga and some of the Japanese words. If there are any words that you are confused on you can look them up at wikipedia . org.

By first light everyone was ready to leave. No one slept much or for very long the previous night because the anticipation of the upcoming battle put us all on pins and needles.

We spent the first few hours of sunrise planning out our battle plan. Naraku was in the area and we had no doubt that he was prepared for our strike. We all looked at each other one last time before we broke into groups. We knew this may be the last time we were all together but there were no words exchanged. It would make this battle too hard to bear.

"Let's go."

We all nodded at Sesshoumaru's command and waved as we each headed straight for our posts. Miroku, Sango, and Koga would fight off most of Naraku's smaller and lesser demons, drawing them away from Naraku. Ginta and Hakkaku would stay close to the clearing to protect the children, while Jaken, Ah-Un, and Kirara would actually stay in the clearing with the children, just in case anything went wrong. Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and I were going to focus on Naraku.

We were all apprehensive of what Naraku would do. We had no idea what role Kanna, Kagura, Kikyo, or any of his other minions would play in this battle, but we were ready to finally end this. It was a battle that we couldn't afford to lose.

Miroku couldn't help but smile. He was a little tired but the amount of demons attacking them seemed to be lessening. He temporarily closed his wind tunnel and looked over at the others. Sango and Koga were both sweating but they were fighting off their own sets of demons quite nicely.

"Koga! Go help Inuyasha and Kagome! Sango and I can handle this!"

Koga looked away from the bear demon he was fighting and he gave a short nod. He slashed the bear with his claws. Once the bear fell to the ground Koga disappeared from the clearing leaving behind only a cloud of dust.

"That was very stupid monk."

Miroku searched the clearing for the female that had just spoken. Kikyo was standing near a large tree. Sango caught her hiraikotsu then looked over at Miroku. "Don't worry about her! I'll handle her!" Sango nodded and released her hiraikotsu again.

"Do you really think you can handle me by yourself?"

Kikyo took her bow into her hands and prepared to fire an arrow. Miroku clasped the beads covering his hand. It was going to be a battle between two spiritual beings but good would prevail over evil. Kikyo released her arrow and Miroku rolled out of the arrow's path. He smiled as he noticed his target and he raised his arm and sucked in.

Kikyo laughed, "You may have dodged my arrow but you missed me."

Miroku ignored her and looked towards the sky. 'Another one.' He opened his wind tunnel and sucked it in. Kikyo laughed again and fired another arrow. Miroku dodged once again but only took his eyes off the sky long enough to notice where Kikyo was aiming.

"You know I can keep this up all day monk. I have plenty of arrows and eventually you will get tired."

Miroku once again ignored her. As long as she didn't know what he was actually doing he had the upper hand.

"What in the world?" Kikyo was preparing to fire another arrow at the fretful monk but her arrow wasn't surrounded by its usual spiritual energy. She focused on the arrow but it didn't flare up with her pink aura. She looked up at the sky, she hadn't received a new soul from the shinidamachu in a long time. That was what she had forgotten! She was losing control of her body and her grasp on the living world. She smiled as she noticed the shining in the sky and the snake slithering towards her.

She waited patiently for the snakelike demon to come to her. The stupid monk wasn't even taking advantage of her weakness. Just as the soul came close enough for her to absorb it she felt a strong wind sucking at her body. She looked over at the monk. He had just sucked in the shinidamachu and the soul she desperately needed.

She glared as she realized what he was really doing when she was firing arrows at him. "You plan on sucking me in now monk?" She smirked as some saimyosho flew into the clearing and hovered around her body. She knew the wasps' posion would limit the amount of time he kept his wind tunnel open.

"No. Now Sango!"

Sango released her hiraikotsu. She was waiting for that moment. Kikyo was too caught up in herself to realize what Miroku was doing but she wasn't. She had expected the little insects earlier but it seemed that Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and Kagome were keeping Naraku too occupied for him to help all of his allies.

The hiraikotsu hit Kikyo's body easily and Kikyo made no move to protect herself. She was running out of energy to quickly. Sango caught the hiraikotsu and quickly fired it off again. This time the weapon cracked a piece of Kikyo's skin. A few souls slipped out of Kikyo's body and Kikyo tried to fire her arrow finally realizing this would be her end. Sango threw the hiraikotsu aiming for the crack on Kikyo's body.

The boomerang hit the weakened part of Kikyo's body and sliced through the fragile composition with little resistance. Kikyo's body started to crumble apart like a broken piece of china. Sango smiled happily as she watched Kikyo crumbled into a pile of dust and broken clay. Without any fresh souls to sustain her, Kikyo was nothing more than a weakened shell.

Souls went flying away from the destruction in all directions. Sango let out a sigh of relief as she saw a bright looking soul fly off into the distance. Finally Kagome's soul would go back to where it rightfully belonged. She looked over to Miroku. He was staring at his hand dreadfully. "What's the matter? Miroku?"

She started towards the monk. He was quiet and not responding to her calls. She touched him on the arm and he jumped. He looked up hysterically. "Sango, run!"

"What? Miroku, what's wrong?"

"Run! Run now!"

Sango looked down at Miroku's hand in confusion. She slowly started to back up in fear but she refused to run. As she felt herself starting to drag towards Miroku she hurried her pace. "Run Sango!"

"No!" Sango screamed, "I'm not leaving you!"

"You have to! The beads are too small! The hole is getting too large for me to control!"

Sango believed him. Only a few seconds ago the hole was as large as a small rock. Sango felt a strong pull against her back and she started to run. It was too late and she felt herself fall. It was as if the ground was pulled from under her. She fell flat on her face and she tried to claw her way forward and away from Miroku. There was noting for her to grab onto though as she watched rocks start to fly pass her. She pulled out her katana and stuck it into the ground with all of her might.

Larger objects started to fly pass her, branches and demons alike. "Miroku!"

"I'm sorry Sango! I can't control it!"

Sango gripped the katana as tightly as she could and flipped over onto her back. She could barely hear Miroku over the loud whirling sound. She let out a shout of surprise. Miroku's right arm was completely gone. It was as if the wind tunnel was sucking him up as quickly as it was everything else.

Miroku looked up from the void that was his arm and glanced at her sadly. "I'm sorry Sango. I love you."

Sango strained to hear what Miroku said. She saw his lips moving but she couldn't tell what he mouthed. The katana was starting to come undone from its hole in the earth and she winced as she clasped her hands around the blade.

She felt the blade digging into her hands. Her fingers started to slip as the blood made it harder for her to properly grasp the sword. A tree uprooted itself and slammed against the katana jarring it from the ground. Sango felt her body yank towards the black void that had already claimed more than half of Miroku's body. She always knew his hands would be the death of her.

Ginta groaned as he watched another of his wolf brothers fall to the ground. More demons seemed to be flowing towards them as if they were looking for something. Ginta froze for a few seconds as he thought he heard his name. He shook his head and turned back to the demons. Only three of his wolf brothers were left standing with him. He hoped Hakkaku was doing better than he was. They had decided to split up and protect the children from different parts of the forest that way if someone got pass one of them the other would be able to stop them before they reached Jaken and the others. Ginta gave a small smile. Koga would be so proud of them.


Ginta froze again and listened closely. That was definetly Hakkaku's voice. He started for where he heard his name. He took one more glance back at the clearing where the children were. He was sure they could handle themselves for a little while. He didn't plan on being gone for too long, just long enough to save his brother.

He spotted Hakkaku lying on the ground clutching his leg in pain. "Hakkaku! What happened?!"

"I did."

Ginta turned around and saw a large twister coming towards him. There wasn't enough time to move and he knew his brothers wouldn't be able to do anything to help him. Koga would be so mad at him for breaking his promise of protecting the young ones.

Jaken looked around for the two wolves frantically. Demons were getting closer and closer to were he and the children were. A small snake demon slithered towards Kiyoshi and Jaken swung the Staff of Two Heads successfully hitting the demon back into the woods.

"Kirara! Go get help!" The kitten transformed and headed off for the skies. Jaken wiped his forehead. He didn't know how long he could protect the three children but help would hopefully be on its way soon. Shippo was helping as much as he could, as was Ah-Un, but it wasn't enough. The demons were coming in larger numbers and they were getting stronger and bigger too.

Jaken looked back over at Shippo. The fox demon was using fox fire to hold off a small lizard demon from attacking Rin. Jaken gave a small smile. If they could hold out a little longer he was sure his lord would send help. Jaken killed a few small rat demons and turned to look how Ah-Un was surviving.

His eyes widened in shock as he watched Ah-Un fall to the ground with a mind blowing screech. More crescent-shaped blades flew at Ah-Un's body until the beast slowly closed his eyes. The attack was too strong for the yokai he never even got a chance to attack the wind witch.

Jaken looked nervously at what Ah-Un was protecting. His lord's little heir. He made a move to go to Kiyoshi. He knew he stood no chance against the witch but he had to risk his life for the little boy. He didn't get his foot off the ground before he felt his body freeze. It refused to move from it's spot on the ground.

Rin screamed as she watched Shippo's small body get slammed into a tree. He was protecting her but a larger demon snuck up on him while he was fighting a bird demon. She had yelled out to warn him but the demon used the fox's distraction to his advantage. He hit Shippo's head so forcefully his body went flying across the clearing.

Rin watched as the demon started heading for her. She grabbed some rocks from off of the ground and threw it at the demon's head. Most of them missed but Rin refused to give up. She kept backing up until she was cornered against a tree. She looked across the clearing for help.

Shippo's body wasn't moving from its spot on the ground. She thought she saw a small pool of blood near his head but she couldn't be sure from this distance. Ah-Un's body was lying on its side. Most of his scales were torn apart and she could see some his insides seeping out through the large gashes. Rin turned her head away disgustedly. Kiyoshi was no where to be seen and she found Jaken just in time to see Kanna suck his soul out with her mirror.

Jaken's body crumbled to the ground and Rin looked at his bulging eyes for one last time before she looked away sadly. "Master Jaken," she whispered heartbroken. He was her friend and he was gone too, just like Ah-Un. She looked back up at the demon. It was approaching her slowly since it knew that there was no help coming to save her.

Rin closed her eyes and fell to the ground. She refused to watch his approach. She refused to watch as he killed her. She heard a low moan and opened her eyes. The demon fell to the ground only a few feet away from her. She smiled as she noticed the kusarigama stuck in the demon's back.

"Kohaku!" Rin stood and started towards him. Surely her friend would protect her. "Kohaku, you have to help me-, what's wrong with your eyes?" Rin squinted as she looked closer at him. Something was wrong.

"I'm sorry."

"What? Did you say something Kohaku? We have-." Rin stopped talking. It felt like she couldn't breath. She gasped trying to get air but nothing happened. She started to panic. She was feeling lightheaded and each breath was getting harder and harder to take. She covered her mouth and coughed. Her mouth felt funny so she looked down at her hand. It was covered in blood.

She fell down to her knees. Her legs felt too heavy she couldn't balance herself anymore. Her mouth and chin felt warm so she touched them. More blood. She looked up at Kohaku. Tears were streaming down his face but he hadn't moved. A long chain lay limp in his hand. Her eyes followed the chain's length. She didn't see its end. A piece of the chain was near her body and she used her hand to weakly trace it up.

Her hand froze on a sharp piece of metal. It was embedded in her neck. She felt her hand drop away even though she didn't move it. She couldn't feel any of her body anymore. She managed to lift her head just in time to see Kohaku's kusarigama return to his hand.

Her head fell forward. She wanted to say something but she couldn't she couldn't remember what she wanted to tell him. She felt sleepy. She let her eyes close. She felt warm and cold at the same time but she felt really, really sleepy. She knew Sesshoumaru-sama would forgive her if she took a little nap. She would try to help later, right now she was too sleepy to move, too sleepy to try to breathe.

Kohaku walked into the clearing and I glanced away from the battle to look at him. Sango would hate to see him like this. His eyes were dead and pitch black. It was obvious that Naraku had complete control over him.

"Master it is done. The little girl is dead."

Sesshoumaru stopped in his place. Inuyasha jumped in front of him. "What the hell are ya doin?!"

Sesshoumaru ignored Inuyasha and flew towards Kohaku. I notched another arrow and sent it Naraku's way to help Inuyasha out. I turned back towards Sesshoumaru and noticed what he planned on doing. "Sesshoumaru! Noooo!" I would miss Rin too, but it wasn't Kohaku's fault, it was Naraku's.

I was too late or Sesshoumaru just ignored me. Sesshoumaru pulled out Tenseiga and slashed it in an upwards arc across Kohaku's body. A bright light lit up the clearing. When I could see again I noticed Kohaku's body lying on the ground like the broken shell it was.

The jewel shard in his back could no longer hold his saddened soul in his body. Sesshoumaru waited for Kohaku's eyes to close before he took the jewel shard out of his back. He walked over to me and placed the shard in my hand. There was so much I wanted to say. How would I explain this to Sango?

"Do you two mind!?"

I looked back over at Inuyasha and blushed. I was so concerned about Kohaku's well being I totally forgot Inuyasha was left to fight Naraku by himself. I took the shard and combined it with the small section of the jewel around my neck.

Sesshoumaru turned his attention back to Naraku and prepared his sword to strike. Naraku didn't make a move to attack any of us, instead he looked beyond us.

"Did you get him?"

Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and I looked over at Naraku confused. 'Him?' We followed Naraku's line of sight. Kagura was holding Kiyoshi in her arms. I looked around me. The ground was covered in blood and mangled body parts. I had the urge to gag but I covered my mouth and turned my head towards where I heard voices. I noticed Naraku lifting his sword.

"Noooo!" I started to run towards Sesshoumaru. This couldn't be my dream! I was only a few feet from Sesshoumaru when Naraku struck. One of Naraku's tentacles shot out and flew across the clearing. It struck Kagura straight through her chest. I was paralyzed as I watched Naraku pull the tentacle. Kiyoshi, who was also impaled on the tentacle, fell to the ground.

I snapped out of my splendor and started for my baby, my one and only little Sesshou. Before I could reach him Kagura fell forwards and crushed his small body. The tears poured down my face and I barely registered that the piercing scream I heard was coming from my mouth.

I was so close to them I could smell the blood that painted the ground a horrible dark red. I frantically rolled Kagura's weakened body off of Kiyoshi. She was alive but only barely, knowing that fact gave me a shred of hope. I looked at my little boy. He looked so small lying there. I put my ear against his body. I couldn't hear his heart beating.

'It's not too late. I can do this!' I leaned over his body and started to give him CPR. The only thing running through my head was the fact that Kagura might have just knocked the air out of him. If I could just get him breathing again everything would be fine.

"Blood. Too much blood." I looked over at Kagura. She looked sadly up at me with semi glassy eyes. I couldn't tell if she was sad for me or for herself. What she said snapped me out of my panic.

I looked down at Kiyoshi's little body. His blue eyes were wide open and unresponsive. His mouth was smeared with blood. I quickly ran the back of my hand over my mouth and looked at it. It was covered in a rich red. My eyes continued down his body. He had a whole the size of my palm where his stomach should be.

The blood coming from his body mixed with Kagura's and started to creep towards me. "No!" I had the urge to cover my eyes so I didn't have to see my little darling like this. So dead, so cold. My head shot up from the horrible sight and over to Sesshoumaru.

He and Inuyasha were desperately fighting Naraku. Their moves were sloppy from all of their rage. Inuyasha had turned into his demonic form and the snarls coming out of his mouth were getting louder and shorter every time he missed Naraku. Sesshoumaru's pain was evident on his face. His sword swings weren't as graceful as they usually were. He wasn't thinking as a fighter but as a father. His mind wasn't on the fight but on Kiyoshi.

"Sesshoumaru! Tenseiga!"

Sesshoumaru turned to me. The shock on his face started to turn into a smile. I didn't blame him. The first thing on my mind wasn't the sword of resurrection either. All it took was for me to get Sesshoumaru's attention for one second and Naraku struck again. This time his tentacle was aimed for Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru sensed it in time but didn't have the time to move completely out of harm's way. Naraku's tentacle sliced across Sesshoumaru's neck. It wasn't deep enough to decapitate him but it would probably leave an ugly scar that would never heal. After a hit like that I knew Sesshoumaru wouldn't get the chance to give me Tenseiga.


I looked over at Naraku. He had a large smile plastered on his face showing his absolute pleasure at the situation. I stood. If Sesshoumaru couldn't give me the sword maybe I could go get it. I started for them but Kanna walked up and blocked my path. She held out her little mirror in front of me and I saw it activate.

I wasn't about to let Kanna take me or Kiyoshi's soul. I took my bow from off my back and grabbed my last arrow. I was saving it for Naraku but I wanted my baby back. If Kanna took his soul there would be no chance of reviving him later. I knew a regular purified arrow wouldn't work but this time I had a better idea.

I took the jewel shards off of my neck. I glanced back up at her. Her mirror was glowing a light blue and I saw a beam of light shooting out of it. I felt the light freeze me in place and I felt myself weaken. I suddenly felt the movement return to my body and smiled as I realized what had happened. Koga had come up behind Kanna and kicked her. She had dropped the mirror in shock. That was the first time she wasn't under Naraku's direct protection when she had a job to do.

"Kagome hurry!"

I nodded at Koga and used the neckalace's chain to tie the shards to the arrow's tip. Koga tried to keep Kanna occupied as I pulled the arrow back but Naraku finally noticed his incarnation's dilemma and a wave of demons came after Koga. It was enough time for me though. I released the arrow just as Kanna turned the mirror back on me. I was paralyzed again but the mirror sucked in the arrow with a piece of my soul.

The tip of the arrow struck the mirror and one long crack ran across the width of the mirror. Kanna's usually void face showed its first emotion, shock. I watched triumphantly as the cracks spread across the mirror's surface before the glass fell apart into little pieces. Kanna dropped the broken mirror and white lights flew from the broken pieces. I stared as the lights flew off into different directions. A piece of it flew into me. I blinked in surprise. I felt stronger and refreshed.

"Go Kagome! I have her!" I looked over at Koga after his yell drew my attention. He looked like he wouldn't be able to take much more but I knew he could handle Kanna, especially without her mirror. I nodded and headed for the main fight.

Koga looked at the little girl. He never actually fought a woman before, this just felt too weird. The little girl was so helpless without her mirror to protect her. She didn't move as he walked towards her. Her face was still blank, it refused to show any sense of fear. Her eyes were also empty. He walked up to her and stopped. He didn't think he could do it.

Her dark eyes looked up at him expectantly. "Do it. It does not matter."

Koga walked behind her. He couldn't do this if she was looking at him, those eyes would haunt his dreams if he did. He grasped her small head in his hands gently. He closed his eyes and sent a prayer to the gods. He turned her head to the left and paused. She didn't struggle against him. He swallowed and brutally twisted her head back to the right as quickly as he could.

Her neck broke without her making a sound and she fell limply to the ground. He turned away from her body. 'It was right. It was what I was supposed to do. This is war. People die.' Koga licked his lips and started to walk away from her. He picked up the jewel shards. He needed to give them back to Kagome. He was about to call out for her but he felt something large and heavy slam into his back.

Pain radiated up his back and he released the shards. He felt his body leave the ground and saw a tree flying towards his face with deafening speed. The last thing his mind registered was a bone shattering crunch as his nose slammed into the tree.

I looked away from the battle when I heard a large cracking sound. Koga was lying next to a destroyed tree. I winced and had to turn away from him. His body was twisted in an inhuman position. It was doubtful that his body survived that type of torture from Naraku.

I felt my anger rise when Inuyasha was picked up by one of Naraku's tentacles and thrown into Sesshouamaru. The battle was going on for to long. I ran for where Koga was. I needed to get the jewel shards before Naraku realized that they were unprotected.

I picked up the necklace and tried not to look at Koga as I pulled the two shards out of his legs. I doubted he would need them again. I glanced at the shards. I had about half the jewel. I glanced back at Naraku. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had regained their bearings but it was easy to see that both of them were too worn down to survive much longer.

If we didn't kill Naraku today it was doubtful we ever would. I couldn't let this battle be for not. I ran straight for Naraku. I completely ignored Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's cries. It had occurred to me how to kill Naraku. It would take all three of us but I knew that we could do it.

Naraku sent tentacles at me as he noticed that I was heading for him. Sesshoumaru sliced off two of them and I used the opportunity to come within striking distance of Naraku. For the first time the smirk fell from his face. Naraku looked genuinely afraid. He erected a barrier around himself.

He smiled again confidently and sent a tentacle towards my heart. Inuyasha used the distraction to use a kongosoha to shatter the barrier. I felt the tentacle hit my arm but I didn't stop. Naraku glanced back at Sesshoumaru thinking that his tentacle had slowed me down. Sesshoumaru used his poison whip to successfully disintegrate five of Naraku's tentacles.

I looked at Inuyasha and he started back. I knew we shared a connection that I could never share with anyone else, even Sesshoumaru. I could only hope that connection would be powerful enough to let him know what I planned.

I walked up behind Naraku and wrapped my right hand up underneath his right shoulder to get a firm grasp on him. He realized his mistake of brushing me off and started to break my grasp.

"Now Inuyasha!"

"No, Kagome-."


I bit back a groan as I felt the Tessaiga slide straight through my stomach and into Naraku's. I knew if I made a noise to voice my pain Inuyasha would pull the sword back out. The sword stuck Naraku and I together but wasn't enough to kill either of us. Naraku continued to fight Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jumped around the clearing avoiding attacks from both Sesshoumaru and Naraku. It was sweet that Sesshoumaru was mad at Inuyasha but he obviously didn't realize what I had planned, and neither did Naraku. I used my left hand and placed it were Naraku's heart should have been.

I felt Naraku's half of the jewel pulse under my hand. I focused on my hand and watched it flare up in the brightest pink aura I had ever seen. The purity of my hand ate through Naraku's skin and he shrieked in pain as my hand torn away at his skin and bones. I swallowed back my reflex to gag at the smell and continued stretching my hand through his dying flesh until I felt a hard circular object.

I desperately clenched onto the jewel. I had to purify it before Naraku's own aura over powered mine. I gave shout as I felt his evil miasma eat at my own skin. I felt someone rip the sword out of my back. I knew it couldn't be Naraku since he couldn't reach it. I felt myself falling and barely managed to yank the jewel out of Naraku's body as I fell back onto the ground. I clasped my two hands together and tried to keep my mind on fusing the jewel shards back into a pure orb.

Inuyasha pulled the Tessaiga out of Kagome. He could already see the effect her purifying powers had on Naraku. His tentacles were no longer regenerating and no more demons were popping up to protect him.

Kagome was smart to get the jewel away from him. Sesshoumaru went off the deep end after he saw the Tessaiga stuck in Kagome's back and Inuyasha was honestly afraid that Sesshoumaru would kill him and forget about Naraku. Inuyasha glanced up at Sesshoumaru and caught Sesshoumaru starting back. He nodded and Inuyasha mirrored him.

They had never tried the attack together before but there was no other way. Inuyasha lifted Tessaiga above his head and watched Sesshoumaru do the same with the Tenseiga. It was almost as if looking into a mirror. Inuyasha slashed straight down and watched as the large black sphere went flying towards Naraku's unprotected back. The sphere hit Naraku and sent him flying forwards into Sesshoumaru's waiting black circle.

Inuyasha sagged in relief as he watched the meidou close. It seemed almost too easy for Naraku to be sent straight to hell. Inuyasha smiled and looked over at Sesshoumaru. He squinted in confusion. Sesshoumaru didn't look overjoyed at the fact that Naraku was gone, in fact he looked sad. Sesshoumaru dropped the Tenseiga. When Inuyasha realized why he let the Tessaiga fall to the ground and watched as a perfectly round and pink orb rolled out of Kagome's unmoving hands. It was impossible! It was too hard to believe but the truth was lying in front of him.

Kagome sighed as the jewel rolled out of her hands completely purified. She no longer felt the evil presence that Naraku gave off. They had did it! She sat up and looked around the clearing. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were staring at her. She growled and shakily got to her feet. They looked like hell too!

She noticed the Tenseiga lying on the ground and remembered what she needed to do with it. She ran and picked it up. 'Why is Sesshoumaru just standing there staring at me?' She glared at him but rushed to Kiyoshi. 'For gods sake! I have a hole in my stomach but Kiyoshi does too! How can he just stand there?!'

I slashed the sword across Kiyoshi's small body but nothing happened. My face contorted in confusion. I had seen Sesshoumaru do it this way a few times but it wasn't working.

"You can't revive him."

"What! But why?! Why are they all just standing there staring?! They should be helping me!" My voice sounded shrill but it was the last thing I was concerned about.

"No Kagome."

"No! No?! What the hell do you mean?! My baby is dead! You won't do anything! They won't do anything! This stupid ass sword won't do anything!" I swung the sword again and again but it refused to work. It was stupid of me to think it would work just because I was Sesshoumaru's mate but I had to try, he wasn't doing anything.

"Kagome, stop." Akiyama grabbed the sword out of my hands.

"Why are you even here?!" I hit Akiyama with my fists. It wasn't too late. Maybe if I kept trying I could figure out how to make the sword work. I could save Kiyoshi.

"Kagome. He is gone. Stop! We need to talk." His eyes looked at me sadly. I didn't need his pity, I needed Tenseiga!

"No he's not! You don't know that!"

"Yes I do Kagome. I'm sorry, but he is dead."

"No! No! Damn it! Stop saying that! He isn't dead!"

"Yes he is Kagome. I'm a god. I am telling you he is gone, his soul has passed."

"Then bring him back!"

"I can't."

"Yes you can! You're a god! Use the sword!"

He shook his head slowly and pulled me into a hug but I won't let him. He wasn't saving my son. He could. He was a god. "The sword won't work for me."

"Then tell me how to do it! I can do it!"

He shook his head and looked at me sadly. The pity and pain were obvious. It was in his eyes, in his voice, in his body language. "It doesn't work for the dead."

I looked at him shocked. "What the hell are you talking about?! Of course it does! Sesshoumaru's sword was made for bringing the dead back to life."

Akiyama looked at me and tried to smile. The corners of his lips barely moved. "No Kagome, you're dead."

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