Hey Guys! I finally got up the first chapter, though it's rather short. I'll try to have the next chapter up this weekend, but no promises! Okay and now without any more waiting I present the first chapter of the sequel! Yippie!

"Kaira! Open this door!"


"You do know school starts in an hour, right? "

"I don't care! I'm not going!"

"Stop beening a baby and open this door!" Britt shouted and pounded on the door again.


"You've been locked in there for a month! You need to come out...don't make me break down this door!"

There was a pause. 'Heh, got her now.' Britt thought.

"Go ahead, it's your door." Kaira replied cooly.

"Grr! Whatever, fine! I'm going to school, see you later." Britt yelled and stormed off, slamming the front door on her way out.

"It's about time she left." Kaira stood up and streached. 'I'm greatful she's letting me stay at her house, but she is soo annoying!'

After taking a shower (dressing in black baggy pants and a tank top) and eating breakfast, she went to her little treasure cave.

(At The School...)

Tori and Krissy were waiting at the gate when Britt arrived.

"No luck huh?" Krissy asked, noticing Kaira wasn't with her.

"Not at all. Ever since we took down Game Master, she hasn't even tried to prank me." Britt answered.

"Well, it's only been a month you know. She's just depressed about losing Kurama." Tori picked up her bag and headed for the school door with the other two.

"Yeah yeah. By the way, have you guys tried to use your powers yet?" Britt opened the door.

"I can only use one bullet a day with my spirit gun." Krissy responded.

"I can summon my sword, but I can't extend it at all. I guess we need to start all over and train a lot."

"The only thing my energy is good for is making my punches stronger. I can't do anything else. And I don't know about Kaira. Though if I'm doing it right, it doesn't feel like she has any enegy at all."

"Well that doesn't seem right." Krissy said.

"Oh well, we should continue this later, class is about to start!" Tori mentioned.

"Right, see you guys at lunch."

(At the Cave..)

'Let me see, since I still haven't recovered my energy, I have to lift this rock myself. Where did I put that vine...' Kaira searched the ground until she located it. Then she braced herself against the wall and pulled the door open. 'Gosh, this thing gets heavier everytime I open it.' She tied the vine around a stake in the wall and went inside.

"Maybe I should just live here. It's much more peaceful." She looked around and then checked to make sure the four stones were in their places. She nodded in approval. "Good, at least one thing is right today."

Kaira flopped down on the couch, sighing as she hit her head on a box. "A box? Where did this come from?" She picked it up and shook it lightly. When it didn't explode, she decided to open it. There was an action figure of Kurama and a note which read:

"I figured he was on your mind, therefore here's a gift for you. Don't worry, I'm not a stalker and I don't plan on hurting you, much. This is basically a threat, either you get me the Necklace of Souls and the four stones, or I'll destroy him and your family. When you want to hand them over, I'll be waiting in the park. Ta-ta!"

"What the hell?! Who writes letters anymore?" She examined the doll when she discovered it was beeping. "Oh crap!"

She ran outside and threw the doll in the air. Only a second later the thing exploded, sending Kaira flying back into the cave.

"Stupid frickin' letter writing..." she mummbled as she dusted herself off.

"Oh and I was thinking you hadn't opened it yet."

She ran outside and looked around. "Who are you?"

"Aw come on, don't tell me you don't remember?" a tall dark figure emerged from the shadows.

"Wait a minute, Scott? What are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too, Kaira."

"Yeah yeah, save the hurt feelings. Just what in the world were you trying to pull by giving me that bomb?"

"You didn't like it?"

"Of course not! It tried to kill me! And what was with that note?!"

"It is really hard to please you isn't it? And whats with all the questions? Geez, chill out."

"I'll chill out when you tell me why you're here."

"I thought my letter answered that. I want the four stones and the Necklace of Souls."

"I'll never give you the stones and I've never heard of that stupid necklace. Why do you want it anyway?"

"Well the necklace can amplify your powers by half. When you merge the stones together, you have a powerful energy source. So if you combine them together, what do you think will happen?" Scott smirked.

"Hmm right. That's exactly why I'll never let you have them." Kaira got into a fighting stance.

"Oh? You think you can fight me with no spirit energy? You are sadly mistaken. Now that I know where the four stones are, I really don't need your help. Sorry but I have no use for you." Scott started rotating his right arm until a mini tornado formed around it.

Kaira's eyes widened. "No way...you're Jin's counterpart?"

"Ah, I see you know your fighters. Very good! Then you should also know you won't stand a chance." He charged at her, aiming for her head. "Tornado Fist!"

She tried to dodge it, but she was too slow. Instead of hitting her in the face, though, Scott's fist connected with her stomach. She was flung into the rock wall and buried beneath the rubble.

"Well that was a little easy. I guess you aren't as strong without your energy, heh heh." He studied the pile before entering the cave.

'No, I can't let him get the stones! I need to be stronger, I'm too weak...need more strength and energy! I can not be beaten by him! I WILL NOT be defeated by him!'

Scott stopped dead in his tracks. "Where is that power coming from? There's no way it could be her, it's not possible!" He ran back outside and watched as the fallen rocks were blasted away. "What the..what the hell are you?!"

Kaira stood up slowly, dark purple energy swirling around her. She had claws that where extended about six inches from her finger tips and long fangs. Her ears where a merge of her human ears and red/brown fox ears tipped black, her hair was still brown but with dark purple highlights. She had no tail, but she did have the animal's feet and ankles, red and black in color.

Scott just stood there. It wasn't the claws, the ears, or even the fangs that scared him, it was her piercing blood red eyes. "Seems like someone has found their inner demon." he managed to say.

She stared him down before letting out a horrible roaring howl, then she charged at him.

"What no witty comment? Or can't you speak now?" Scott dodged all of her swinging attacks and retreated into the trees.

She responded to this by taking down all the trees in her way. Finally, Kaira managed to tear down the tree Scott was going to land in, making him fall flat on his back. Then she dropped the tree on him.

"You are not human, you're a monster!" He gasped.

She growled in return.

"Heh, seems you let the demon have it's way. No wonder you couldn't summon your energy. You can't control it. Thanks to Game Master, you were able to use it fine before."

Upon hearing the name, Kaira bent down and was preparing to slice off his head.

"Scott! There you are! What the...Who is that?!" A guy questioned after he kicked Kaira away.

"Dude, you have to get me out of here! She's gone insane!" Scott yelled.

"Is that Kaira?"

"Yeah, hurry. Help me get this thing off."

"Some wind master you are."

"Oh shut up!"

The nameless guy rolled the tree off his friend.

"Thanks, now lets get out of here before we become fox food!"

"Shouldn't we knock her out first, so that she doesn't follow us?"

"Good idea. Tell me when to throw the tree."

"Yeah, thats not going to work, she doesn't have a mind to read!"

"Oh great. Well just lure her over here and I'll try to nail her."


Kaira narrowed her eyes and growled once more. She ran after the loud one, not seeing the tree that was coming at her from behind. She took the hit right in the back of the head and collapsed on the ground.

"Nice one."

"Thanks, now lets go."