(Human World)

A hole opened up in front of Yusuke's House and the group of teenagers fell out.

"Oh my head! Wait... why is my voice so low?"

"I feel funny..."

"What Happened?"

Everyone looked around at each other.


"No you fools, take another guess."


"Ewww I'm Hiei!"

"Okay everyone, calm down. Let's try to figure out who everyone is first." Krissy's body spoke. They all nodded. "I am Kurama, in Krissy's body."

"I'm Hiei in the fool's body."

"Well I'm the great Kazuma Kuwabara tapped in the shrimp's body!"

"Yeah the one who acts like a girl... I'm Yusuke in Tori's."

"Ha ha ha! But at least I'm not a girl!" Kuwa laughed and pointed.

"Wow..Hiei's body looks scary when he's laughing like Kuwabara.. Oh I'm Krissy in Britt's body!"

"I'm Britt, the spirit detective! Mwa hahahahaaa!"

"Yo Tori here in Kurama's bod."

"Well now that has been completed, how about a power test?" Kurama (Krissy's Bod) asked.

"I'll go first!" Kuwa (HB) held his hand out. "Spirit Sword! ~pause~ SPIRIT SWORD! ...Why can't' I form my sword!"

"Yeah this is definitely something to get used to. Hiei's all goofy and Kuwabara looks like he wants to kill everyone." Yusuke's body laughed (Britt).

"Try speed running, since that is your only talent." Hiei mocked (Kuwa's Bod).

Kuwabara held his tongue and decided to try it. He got in a running position and vanished.

"Kuwabara?" Tori called (Kura Bod). Then he appeared next to Hiei (Kuwa's Bod).

"Whoa man, I'm looking sexy and muscular!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

"I see, we can only use the body's power. Only our minds have been changed, not souls." Kurama observed. (KrisBod)

"Kewl so I can control plants?" Tori asked excitedly.

"Oh no, we are so doomed..." Krissy moaned. (B-Bod) "Tori's gonna kill us all!"

"I will not, give me a little trust here!" She whined.

"The female side of Kurama, gotta say it does seem fitting." Yusuke joked.

"Good thing Kaira wasn't here to hear that remark..." Britt smiled. (Y's Bod)

"So now what? More waiting?" Tori spoke from Kurama's mouth.

"Apparently, since we aren't allowed back until the spell wears off." Krissy's body spoke. (Kurama)

"Okay we need name tags, there is no way I'm going to remember who everyone is." Kuwa mentioned. (H-Bod)

"Yes, we all know how ignorant you are." Hiei smirked.

"I'd pummel you right now, but I can't bring myself to hit such a handsome face." Kuwa shot back.

"Anyway, we will need the time to learn fighting abilities just in case we aren't given our bodies back." Krissy pointed out. (B-Bod)

"Okay, but lets get those name tags first!" Tori cheered. (Kurama's Bod)

"Of course, and we need to check on Koenma as well." Kurama mentioned.

"Koenma! I totally forgot about him!" Britt exclaimed. (Y-Bod)

"I think we all did." Yusuke sighed. (T-Bod)

(In Demon World)

~ How could you let him escape?~ Kaira sighed, aggervated.

"Hey, I was making a deal for the bug; you could have told me he was getting away!" Kandra argued while she ran.

~I can only see and hear what you do!~ Kaira defended herself.

"Fine, fine at least he is leaving a blood trail. It shouldn't be long until we...Bingo there he is!"

~ Bingo? You sound like Botan...~


~Nevermind, come one lets get him!~

"Hey bug, get back here!" Kandra yelled out to the flying figure ahead.

"Stay away, I don't need Yomi's anger!" he shouted back.

"I don't care what you want, I need your sorry insect ass so I can get what I want!"

~Wow, he'll definitely slow down now..~ Kaira sighed.

~Shut up~ Kandra growled and yanked a seed from her hair. In a matter of seconds the bug was on the ground tangled in a mass of vines.

"Ha! Now what do you have to say?"

~Well I would say he could chew right through them again..~

~Hmm good point~ Kandra forced more energy into her plant. A flower appeared with teeth and thick saliva dripping to the ground.

"Right now, this little sweetheart won't hurt you. However, if you bite it, it will bite you and kill you very slowly by pumping venom into your blood veins that will decay you from the inside out. Understand?"

"Yes, but I would almost prefer this death than the one Yomi will put me through." He admitted.

"Oh well, that is what you get for taking orders from a damn thieving fox and then not finishing the job!"

~Like you're one to talk~

~Hey, I don't need the peanut gallery putting in its two cents~

~Well excuse me then, sheesh!~

~Whats wrong with you all of a sudden? You're all grouchy and smug.~

~Oh I dunno, maybe because we haven't eaten in like, forever!~

~Suck it up! I sometimes go for months without food!~

~Well I'm human! I have special needs!~

~I can agree to that..~

~And what was that?~

~Nothing, just be quiet and we'll eat something later~

Kandra turned her attention to her prisoner. "Come on, lets get going."

"I suppose." He sighed. "You're right. I should have finished him off when I had the chance."

"Not my problem pal." The plant grew vines for legs and followed Kandra to Yomi's Kingdom.

(Human World)

"Hiiii-ya!" Hiei's sword cut through a tree, then a rock, then another tree...

"Stop fooling around, moron!" Hiei shouted from Kuwa's body.

"Oh shut-up, you'll magically get a new one anyway!" Kuwa argued back.

"Have you noticed that those two are the only pair that switched with each other?" Britt asked (Y-Bod).

"I have, but I do not think there's anything special to it." Kurama answered. (Kris-Bod)

"Look at this! It grows and I think it likes me!" The red head was dancing around with a flower that used its roots as legs and its leaves as arms.

"Oh man...I am so sorry Kurama..." Krissy giggled. (B-Body)

"It kind of reminds me of that Pokemon plant thing." Britt stated and Kuwabara stopped whacking things to stare.

"Oh no! Stop, come baaaaaaack!" Tori yelled. The plant was running towards her own body.

"What the? Kurama, I though your demon plants were supposed to eat people?" Yusuke asked as the plant rubbed the girl's body's leg.

"Hahaha I think it likes you Yusuke!" Kuwa laughed as the fore mentioned boy kicked it off.

"Lets try not to use our powers unless we really need them." Kurama sighed. (Kris-Bod)

"I wonder how Kaira's doing?" Tori pondered out loud. (Kura-Bod)

"If she stayed human, she is probably already dead." Hiei stated. (Kuwa-Bod)

"Wow so positive..." Krissy rolled her eyes and then thought of something. "Didn't that guy say that this predicament should wear off?"

"Yeah so what?" Britt asked, puzzled. (Y-Bod)

"So does that mean that he will return us to the castle through a reverse portal?"

"I hope so, I do not want to walk all the way there again!" Tori managed to wrestle her creation to the ground and turn it back into a seed. (Kura-Bod)

"That might also mean that Kaira should be back. I am not sure of his plans, but I think he wants either Kaira or Kandra for something." Kurama's face was blank like a stone tablet. (Kris-Bod)

"Hey man, don't worry about it I'm sure she's fine." Yusuke patted the shoulder of his friend.

"That's not all I'm worried about."

"Then tell us what you mean." Hiei prompted the fox.

"Kaira is alright, I don't believe Kandra would hurt her. However, what does he want with her powers? Kaira herself has no solid energy on her own. Right now she relies on Kandra for her strength. The way she managed to sneak out of the house without me knowing tells me that they were up to something. I believe Kandra is trying to get her body back. She planned on being shipped back to Demon World and dragged Kaira along with her."

"So when Kandra gets her body, what happens to Kaira?" Kuwabara asked.

"She might be trapped in Demon World forever."

(Demon World)

~How much longer? I'm hungry! I want to walk some!~

~UH! Shut up! You cant take control because I am in the process of transporting a prisoner that you couldnt possibly handle!~

~What do you mean by that?~

~I mean that you are nothing. You are a weak human with no powers of your own. The only reason you were feared is because of me. You have been relying on my energy from the start and without me you would be dead right now. And without my power, Kurama will abandon you~

~What the hell did you just say to me?~

~You heard me. Kurama doesn't want to have to protect a weak human for the rest of his life. Unlike Yusuke and Keiko, Kurama is a demon who likes power and hates weaklings. When you become regular old Kaira again, he will leave you and come running back to me. You will just be in the way.~

Kaira didn't say anything else and Kandra smirked to herself. The bug guy glanced at the demon and chill went down his spine. They were almost to the city and his fate was upon him. He could feel the presence of the feared king creeping into his brain; oh how he wished that day never happened. And now he was being taken to the man he was supposed to kill by some crazy lady that liked to smile and growl at herself. What he wished his life should have been...was nothing compared to this.

"Hello there Kandra, I see you came through for King Yomi. He will be very pleased with you!" Marty greeted them at the gates and started to lead them to the main castle.

"Finally I'll have my body back and my former life! How I missed this world, my home..." Kandra sighed and dragged the bug behind her.

"Yes of course. King Yomi will be very grateful to you and so are all of us. You managed to track and take him down in less than a day, something we other demons wouldn't have been able to do." The lizard complimented.

"I agree, you guys are total losers." She responded. The other just frowned in her direction.

As they approached the castle, the main double doors opened up and Yomi with his advisor stepped out into the open.

"Welcome back. I have to say, that was rather fast. I wasn't expecting you back until sometime tomorrow." Yomi smiled at his new captive. "I have plans for you. I wont kill you just yet, you see I have a hunch about one thing but I cannot prove it without you. And I fear that he will not believe me unless I have you here, alive."

"Right well you can have him now and chat him up all you want later. When do I get my body back?" Kandra interrupted the king.

"Don't be so impatient, friend. I have not forgotten our deal. Please come with me, once we put away your prisoner, I will set you up with your reward." He smiled and motioned for her to follow. The big doors were closed behind them.