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Hinata's POV for chapter 1.

Chapter 1

The Introduction to My 'New' Life

About this time years ago I moved out of the Hyuga compound and into an apartment complex. I like most of my neighbors, they are a quiet bunch, like myself. All but one, Sasuke's my neighbor, and has been for a couple of years; 2 ½ to be exact.

I don't really know the guy, really, I don't want to know the guy. I personally think he is a complete asshole. Not only does he use those trashy little whores who claim to love him to satisfy his bodies urges but after all of their confessions the cold hearted bastard slams the door on each one of their faces. I see them one-by-one, when they step inside to when they're kicked out.

Its hard to see this. Each one of them being turned down after being used…it's, it's sickening. Each one of these girls are heard going down the hallway, crying uncontrollably. I feel their pain, not out of personal experience, though I was close to it. Seeing this brings me down a couple levels, my confidence is completely demolished and trampled on, knowing that this can happen to me. Of course not from him but, from his best friend.

Over the years my feelings for Naruto have subsided. Not like I don't still like him, if he asked me out I would say yes. I just don't feel like he's my only love, my first yes, my one and only…no. Someone else could be out there waiting for me, I just need to find him.


Its been about three days and I'm surprised to say that I have not heard one single crying girl run through these hallways. Maybe Sasuke was wising up? It could be that or he was on a mission and currently absent.

I walked down the cement stairs on my way to the Hokage tower. Just recently she called me in. I knocked on the door and waited for her to allow me in. Shizune appeared and smiled politely, "Hey Hinata." she said while opening the door.

" Hi." I replied back.

Tsunade, the Hokage, looked at me with stern eyes and posture. She was such a tough woman, so intimidating. Everything about her was very womanly but she showed much masculinity. Her voice, her posture, and especially the way she drank, no man can beat that.

I stepped in and gave a quick bow. "Take a seat," she said. I nodded and sat myself down on the seat placed in front of her. She then began, " Hinata, I called you in today because we need some help. Kakashi's team, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are out on a mission…"

I mentally laughed, I knew that Sasuke was on a mission. He probably couldn't go one day without breaking a poor girls heart. I shut my thoughts off and turned my attention back to the older woman before me.

" What I want you to do is send them a message. Telling them that the mission does not need to be carried on. After that bring them back. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes." I said simply, not wanting to further the conversation.

" your mission starts now. When returning tell them to report back to the Hokage. When I see them, there will be no reason for you to come see me. Your dismissed."

I bowed to her respectfully and left.


It took an hour and a half to retrieve them. It was quite pointless, I thought it really was a waste of time but, its really not my choice is it now?

I woke up the next day early morning, to the sound of sobs. I couldn't believe it, I truly couldn't. It has been only , maybe just a few hours and Sasuke had bed another one of those girls and kicked her out. Her sobbing became louder and louder, I was amazed no one came out and told her to shut up already, but surly he did.

By this time I had activated my byakugan. I watched from my bedroom as the Uchiha opened the door and kneeled down to speak to the one in tears. He began to speak, faintly hearing it, I leaned in, not like it would help since I was ways away.

" Your crying is pointless. I will not spread any sympathy nor will I spread pity. You sitting in front of my door will do nothing. I did come out here but, only to tell you to shut up. I'm finished and I don't want to see you here anymore. So just leave, there is no need for you to be here." the saddened girl stood and rushed down the hallway crying an unbelievable amount.

I watched as Sasuke stood and turned his head, his eyes suddenly changing color from the lifeless black to a piercing red, I jumped back in surprise, pressing my back against the headboard of my queen sized bed. He was looking at me, at me!!

I felt a twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach. He knew I was eavesdropping.

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