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Chapter 9

My Neighbor


I noticed how time is a gracious thing, how it can heal beautifully. I think I've healed well.

Its been a long while since I've seen Sasuke.

Maybe…lets say six months. Yes, its been six months, half a year since I've seen him. What a surprise, huh? Did you expect that to happen, cause I know I didn't.

Although physically, seeing him was out of the question and quite impossible, it didn't change the mental image he practically etched into my mind. And though my head is occupied and filled to the brim with important things, I still have times when my mind just drifts back into the place it escaped from. It puts me back into the thought of Sasuke and our little game.

Every once and awhile I get these sudden "reflection periods" when I'd just randomly think:

'What if I didn't move away?'


'What if I let him continue in the elevator that day?'.

It was a bit depressing. The 'What ifs' just kept coming.

I'm not sure if it is something like regret. At least I don't think it is, and honestly, I hope it isn't. I don't want to live a life of regret, stumbling on those what ifs for the rest of my life.


I heard the door bell ring and was pretty sure it was Shino picking me up. Today we were going to have a little reunion. It would be Kiba, Shino, Kurenai and I. All together again, just like it used to be. Its not very often that I see my team members. I see Kiba most of the time but when it comes to Shino and Kurenai forget it. Shino's on these never-ending missions and Kurenai is practically attached to the kid she had a long while ago.

I ran down the stairs and through the living room. My new home, huge, almost unfitting. It was nothing like my cozy apartment.

Running to the door I grabbed my jacket, ready to go. I swung open the door not caring to look through the peep hole. I knew who it was.

I quickly wrapped my arms around the person standing in front of me. My dearest friend…Sasuke?!

"Hinata!" He yelled. I blinked a few times and finally came to realize Shino was in front of me. What the hell just happened?

I groaned, I was starting to see things.

"Hina, why is it that every time I see you you're completely inept. Are you taking drugs?" It was a bit faint but I still heard Shino's calm and worried voice hidden beneath the joke.

I patted my self lightly on the cheek, trying to get myself out of it. "This is the third or maybe fourth time I visited and every time it's the same. The only conclusion I can come up with is that your on some type of medication." of course, I could hear the overflowing amount of sarcasm dripping from each word, he was making fun of me. Like old times.

Nobody knew but Shino, the one everyone thought was so mysterious and quiet was unbelievably two faced, a perfect example of a person with two personas. (not counting the other chick)

"Stop it Shino, I get it!" I said, trying to stop his attacks.

I think I was getting dizzy. I took in a deep breath and linked arms with Shino to get some support.

" Ok Hinata there is no reason why you should be practicing Lamaze." I looked over at Shino, " ...or is there?" he said teasing, once more.

"Shut up."

I felt a headache coming on.

I clung to Shino loosely as we made our way towards the restaurant. We were eating barbeque, didn't sound bad. We walked in and heard a loud familiar voice yelling at us to come nearer. It was Kiba of course. Next to him my sensei or now, comrade Kurenai. I let go of Shino and walked towards her, bringing my arms up and pulling Kurenai in a warm, yet suffocating embrace.

About a few minutes later the hugging and shaking of the hands were over, we all reacquainted again.

" So, you probably have a crap load of money now, doing all those missions? Huh, Shino? What ya gonna do with it?" Kiba semi-teased. Shino had paid no attention to the loudmouth seated across from him.

" Goodness." Kurenai sighed and set her eyes on me, smiling faintly. " Have you been well Hinata?" she asked her voice having a hint of emotion that I couldn't describe.

I tilted my head wondering what she really meant by that. I knew she had some meaning behind that question, she knew something that I didn't. The look on her face told me she had something I might have wanted.

I smiled warily. " Yes. Why do you ask?" Kiba had quieted down by this time, probably wondering why such a simple question took so long to answer.

" I heard you moved out a while ago. Just wanted to ask. You know, to see how you were doing." Why did she keep doing that? Emphasizing the word 'you'. She took a sip from her cup. Her eyes seemed to be analyzing my face and mine analyzing hers. She was looking at me like I had the answer to the real unspoken question.

"Who else?" I asked. And there, she gave me an all knowing smile.

"OH!" Kiba yelled. I looked towards Kiba, "You talking about the gigolo of Konoha?…" Ooh, I knew who that was. But why was Kurenai asking me about that? After I moved away I had nothing to do with him.

Kiba continued, " Seems that Sasuke put his friend back in his pants. Not so long after you left Hinata all the girls of Konoha seemed so zombie-like. The bachelor of Konoha hasn't been 'networking' for the past couple of months, no dates whatsoever. He may have gone back to the way he was, or he's doing somethin' for himself. If you know what I mean."

Okay what? Anyways, did everyone know about this? That Sasuke was some type of player? I mean after a proper amount of time you would think this kind of news would spread. I'm so stupid I didn't think that way. I guess everyone knew. But was I the only one bothered by it?

I needed to open up a new subject box. This current conversation needed to end. "Shino! How have your missions been lately?" Ugh! Hasn't this already been said?

" Okay…?" Shino answered.

" I've heard you've been paired with Sakura Haruno for awhile. How's that been going for you?" I was surprised at hearing this. I looked at Kurenai in some type of shock. Was I really that uninformed since I've moved? First Sasuke made a full rotation, completing his strange little circle and now Shino's doing missions with diarrhea-helper?

"Ok, I guess. The first mission with her, was cruel on my ears, she couldn't stop talking. All she spoke about was how Sasuke didn't want to bed her. Go figure."

Oh, was I missing something, " Shino, when was your first mission with Sakura?" I couldn't help but to ask.

" Around the time of your move."

" WHAT?! So your saying I moved for no reason?" Are you kidding me?

Kiba looked at me with a shocked expression, I just yelled at everyone for no apparent reason - to them at least-. It was very unlike me, "What are you talking about?" I sighed, in frustration ignoring him completely.

My judgment was obviously clouded by the fact that Sakura supposedly beat me to him. I had thought Sasuke went to the all time low and took the pink psycho in.

That was when I lost the game, when I decided to stop playing and give up. How stupid of me to assume the worst? But if you think about it, who wouldn't think what I thought? It's like common sense to jump to conclusions. Seriously, wouldn't you think the same? I bet all of you did! Thought that Sasuke had slept with Sakura!

I wanted to scream right there in the middle of the restaurant. I felt like my head was spinning. I put my whole life on pause because of that bastard and his cheating ways of the game, only him, only he could get away with. I needed to go outside, it was too crowded, I needed to get out of here, breathe!

I quickly excused myself from my little group. I even got a, "Hey, where you goin'?" I didn't respond, only with a swift turn of my head. Maybe it was a panic attack or some type of sudden realization. Never have I felt the huge amount of emotions bubbling inside me like this, I could burst at any moment. I should have the yellow cautious tape wrapped around my body to alarm unprepared victims of my crazed insanity.

I stepped outside the swinging doors and sucked in as much air as possible. I didn't want to let go of the air held inside, this only adding to the long awaiting explosion.

I turned to my left, home, the apartment I departed from, I turned to my right, home, the place where I wished to collect myself and start over. I didn't want to go to my hide away in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to go home, to the place where I found independence and an interest that didn't seem to break. My biggest problem was that I couldn't.

I stopped playing the game.

... My board, the apartment complex.

...The players, me and Sasuke.

...Since I threw away the board, I quit the game, and I lost a player.

So what are my options now?

I decided to wander even though it meant leaving the little get together I looked forward to not so long before. I went the opposite direction of where I really wanted to be. While walking towards my country house I decided, a vacation of some sort would be good for me. I mean, leaving Konoha for a while would be a great thing to do right now.

I smiled. Just the thought of the warm, grainy, sand beneath my feet, the beach. I sighed, how's that gonna happen?

I doubt that I'll have any free time.

Though I've been detached from the Hyuga clan they still want their former Hyuga princess to do what she's supposed to do. They had a fit, knowing I had gotten in some trouble earlier that month (chapter 5) for not attending a mission. And because of that, they made Tsunade give me as much missions as possible, and that's what happened.

I passed Kiba's home about five minutes ago, meaning 10 more minutes till I made it through my doorway. As I walked on the narrow, dirt, road I started thinking.

Sasuke didn't sleep with that sleazy bitch. Ok, that's good, but what about all the other girls? I mean, I cant just excuse that.

Strange, I kind of knew Sasuke liked me, I just never actually admitted to it. I always thought it was just wishful thinking. -Wait, did I just say wishful thinking?- Why else would he get bouncy-boob 24? Or bring Sakura into the building and say such a sinister thing to me before going in? TO MAKE ME JEALOUS! So, yes, I knew, but I wanted to deny it. Really, fight it. Sasuke did express his feeling towards me, but it was just in a sick, sick way.

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke,…tsk,… tsk,… tsk.

If this is how a relationship is I don't want to be in one! This thing is just plain crazy! And is just too much to handle.

I felt like my headache getting worse. I stopped walking and leaned against the small, white fence lining the road. I closed my eyes and sucked in the warm afternoon air.

Whoa, bad idea. Now, I felt wobbly and light headed. I opened my eyes to see everything spinning. Not such a surprise. But what was, is the fact that I thought I saw Sasuke (again dammit!). My headache had turned into a throbbing migraine by this time. And because of it I passed out.






…Then him…

My eyes fluttered open. The first thing coming to view, a dark room. I waited a few moments until I regained some strength to get up. I knew for a fact that I was not where I was supposed to be. Sitting up I began to analyze the dark, dark room. I couldn't really see anything. I would've tried the byakugan, but at the moment I only had enough energy to sit up.

I felt strangely comfortable here, wherever I was.


I was on a huge plushy bed, heavy sheets covering the lower half of my body. The room definitely belonging to a man. The scent was all guy, musky with a tinge of forest pine like cologne that soothed your senses.

Instead of wandering like a normal person would, I laid back down, feeling oddly at comfort. Though, I have to admit it was a bit awkward being in someone else's house, in their bed, in the dark. But then again, I really didn't care.

If I died now, I probably wouldn't care either, at least it would be on the best bed in the world. The only problem with the bed was it being uneven. I rolled over to the right, then the left going down a little, my body stopping when it hit another. Oh, crap. I was going to die on the best bed in the world.

I looked over in the dark and extended my hand to feel something. It was a cheek. I then traced my fingers down to a firm chin, and stopped there, beneath a nice set of lips. I looked at the dark image, two blood red eyes staring back at me.

"Have you been hiding?" Sasuke said. His tone having a mixture of seriousness and amusement. I tried taking my hand back but he caught it, entwining his fingers with my own.

"P-please turn on a light...?" I asked? Ugh, I asked! I wish my voice to be firm, demanding. With my luck I doubt that would ever happen.

"What? You don't want to play in the dark?" I do not have an answer for that. " I didn't sleep with Sakura." He started scooting closer to me, his body close to mine. Hmm, was he trying to give us something to work off of? I felt a strange sense of confidence rush into my body, like the air, breathing it in and out.

"And? Do you think I care?" I didn't realize till after I said it, it was a very childish statement.

He gave my hand a squeeze, "You moved away. Do you think that's not caring?" He stated, sounding like he did not like my answer.

My confidence then fell, crumbling beneath the truth of his words. He was very serious. Nothing in his tone invited me to play. This wasn't a time to joke. I cleared my throat and laid my head down on a firm pillow placed beneath it. Pausing for a long while I finally came up with something to say. I doubt that it was the right thing to say, but this was the perfect time to say it, "Why did you sleep with all those girls?" We were still in the dark, and his eyes were still red, never leaving me. "Not knowing is not an answer." I stated making clear that I would not except a reply that was hallow, something without reason, meaning.

I really didn't understand the situation. What was he making it? What will this end up as? How will we take the answer? How will I take the answer?!

This was awkward. After minutes of waiting for some type of answer, he finally spoke, "I didn't sleep with all of them." his voice lingered with something similar to a lie. but I couldn't tell if he was lying or not. "Believe me." he said, reassuring me, as if he knew what I was thinking.

"What are we doing? What is this supposed to be? I moved to get away from this lopsided situation. And even when I did, I wasn't completely cut loose, but dragged back into this bizarre circus we put together." I said disappointed.

"Are you trying to say this thing is unrequited love? Cause that's what 'lopsided' is implying."

"Yes," That's ...what I think I'm trying to say, "That's what we have." At least, that's what I have. "I don't like being on one end of something like this. And the way you are, I don't want to be someone you can use for carnal desires." I said while getting off the bed, making my escape towards the door.

I was kind of hoping he would stop me before I got to it, but that didn't happen. He stayed quiet while watching me leave. I opened the bedroom door and stumbled outside, making my way towards the exit.

As I fumbled with the door knob I had realized that I was in Sasuke's apartment, I mean here… inside. I looked back towards the bedroom to see if he would at least watch me leave, thankfully he didn't, it would've only made me more upset, only adding to my theory of him being the biggest asshole in the world.


I made it home yesterday night just barely. Damn him, I could have been raped. It's fine though, its not like he cares or anything, not like anyone cares really.

URGH! I yelled into my pillow. I just woke up to the sound of the door bell ringing. As I sat up in bed I looked towards the window, the suns rays practically blinding my eyes. I tried blinking it off as I walked my way to the door. Looking through the little window on my door I saw my neighbor.

I opened the door.

"Hinata!" The elderly woman yelled, stepping in.

"Ah, y-yes?" I asked, sucking in some of that chilled, morning air that followed through the open door.

" Did you know…" this was my 'new' neighbor, she was an elderly, widowed woman that liked, excuse me, loved to gossip. "…your getting a new neighbor!" she said excitedly.

"I thought you said not many people come out this far from the village? What happened? So suddenly too." I said a bit saddened by the news. I liked that no one lived out here, it was great.

"Oh you're how old and you act like you're my age. What's wrong with you? If I looked like you with cha cha's like yours I'd be out there. It would be a night on the town every night." she said laughing.

I gave her a weak, yet convincing smile. At least that's what I thought until she frowned and lead herself to the door. I just followed to let her out. "Well, Hinata if you're ever interested go knock on his door. It's good for you to be social."

" Y-yeah. Bye." I said, wondering who this was. While attempting to shut the door, I heard her say, "Your done already? My, my what a lively young man, finishing in one morning." she looked at me once more with a sinister smile, "Have you met…" Oh crap, time to put on my shoes and get my jacket cause this lady will not let me go. I walked outside and turned towards the house to the left. There standing on the porch was him.

I turned towards the elderly woman again, she was gone. I really felt like running back inside, locking my doors, windows and sitting in my closet where he couldn't see me, with those taunting red eyes.

But for some reason unknown to me, I was walking up to him, sloshing through the mudded ground towards his house, towards his porch, going straight for him. He didn't move or anything just watch as I came.

Finally I stood in front of him, hands on my hips, "What the hell are you doing here?" my voice firm, but tired.

"Living." he replied simply.

"Why do you come back to haunt me?"

"Because." I rolled my eyes. "Can I ask you a question?" Why ask? If I were to say no, you would ask anyway.

"Who's unrequited love is it, yours or mine?" He asked. His posture slumped and relaxed. With his hands in his pockets he stared at me, waiting for an answer that I could not come up with.

"W-what…?" That had caught me off guard.

"I don't want to repeat myself. If you didn't hear, oh well." He stated, still standing there.

I was a bit frustrated by his actions. Him coming here was a bad move. I turned around and headed towards my home. "Hey Sasuke, I'm your neighbor now, so don't be surprised with anything you see. It's time for revenge!" I yelled, turning my head towards him. He smiled with a guessing face, like he knew, but truthfully he had no clue.

I looked ahead, knowing he wouldn't be standing there when I look back again. In seconds, I was in his arms, "Revenge is sweet." he said smoothly, as he pulled me into a tight embrace and gave me the most devouring kiss. I smiled, feeling no sense of remorse. I didn't know he missed me so much.

With all that said and done, our battle ended and our war began. Two players on a new board, on a new playing field.

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