Written for the 100 Themes Challenge. I don't own BJ and Lydia, but I wish I did. Enjoy!

XII. Insanity

Insane. Was she insane, loving him? Was it insane to love someone so vibrant, so wild, so unpredictable that every moment with him was a rollercoaster ride? Insane to revel in the presence of someone who reveled in every part of existence? Insane to love someone so crazy that you began to wonder if maybe he was the sane one and it was the whole world that was insane?

Was it insane to love a guy who, okay, had hygeine issues, serious ones...and questionable taste... 'I mean, beetles?' she wondered, though she'd gotten used to it after a while, as long as he didn't try to get her to eat them.

His hair...shaggy, greasy, messy, greenish-blonde that she loved to run her fingers through. So soft against her skin...His skin, so pale, ethereally so. His eyes...his gold-green eyes, so entrancing, changing from happy to upset to sad in a flash...and capable of holding so much love, so deep that she could see forever in his eyes, and it was her, with him.

His arms, draped possessively around her form as they slept, holding her close, almost as if he was afraid to let go. His hands...ooh, his hands. The hands that had caused her so much pleasure...She sighed.

His smile, his laughter...his crazy schemes, one after another. He made her laugh. Just thinking about him, a Cheshire Cat grin spread across her face of its own volition. He was clumsy sometimes, and maybe not the most socially adept, though he tried. Stubborn, impulsive, impatient...but she liked it, no loved it. She loved him, and she was so wrapped up in him and he in her that unraveling the two of them would prove impossible. She smiled wider, chuckling to herself.

Was it insane to love a ghost?