Supernova Girl

Supernova Girl

By: Kneazle


Disclaimer: I don't own Zenon. She and all other characters belong to Disney.

Spoilers to Zenon: The Zequel.


            "Hey, Zee, what's new?" Orion asked, as he passed Zenon in the hallway of their space station.

            "Oh, hi, Orion! Isn't Protozoa's new single stellar?" Zenon asked, happily. She held up a small disk case and showed it to him. Happily obliging Zenon, Orion took it and looked at the cover. It showed Protozoa on the cover with his space guitar. Inside, when Orion flipped it open, there, written in gold ink, was, Hey Zee, here's the first copy of my new single – Milky Way love. Lots of love from your friend, Protozoa. There was a heart next to Protozoa's name, and Orion grinned.

            "Still talking to Protozoa, are you?" Orion asked, handing the diskette case back to Zenon.

            She nodded, her short blonde hair do bobbing as she did so, "Yeah. He sent me some tickets to his new tour – he's making a stop up here on the new International Space Stay."

            "Really?" Orion asked, widening his eyes. "How are you going to get there?"

            Zenon sighed. "I don't know. Commander Plank and Aunt Judy can't take me – and my parents are being pain major."

            "Well… if you can get their permission, uh… maybe I can ask my… um, cousin on the Space Stay to pick us up and take us back…" Orion said hopefully.

            "Really?" She squealed. "You'll do that for me?"

            "Of course, Zee," replied Orion, finishing off in his mind, anything for you, Zenon. She was completely blind when it came to love – she wouldn't notice if he did this for her, after all, when does Zenon notice anything ever since her newfound fame with the aliens?


            Two weeks later had passed, and Margie, Nebula, Zenon and Orion stood outside the docking platform to the space shuttle they'd be taking to the I.S.S. Orion's cousin had agreed to pick them up, and bring them back after the concert with Protozoa.

            "This is stellar major," Margie said, smiling broadly. She hugged Zenon (the twentieth time in the day, Orion noted), and proceeded in hugging him too.

            "Yeah, thanks Orion, for doing this for us," Nebula smiled. She wiggled her eyebrows afterwards, once Zenon engaged Margie in a conversation of Protozoa, and leant close to Orion. "You like Ze-non." Nebula dragged on Zenon's name in a singsong voice.

            Orion shifted uncomfortably. "What makes you think that, Nebula?"

            "You're always looking at her… and then there was that little 'bump' at the wedding a month ago… and you guys are always talking and laughing and joking…" Nebula trailed off, smirking. "Well… admit it!"

            Orion sighed. "Fine. But don't interfere! I don't think she likes me, though. It would be awesome if she did, Neb. How do I get her to notice me?"

            "Nothing." Nebula said. Orion asked, "huh?" and Nebula sighed, explaining, "I think Zee already likes you, but won't admit it to anyone. After all, she was bummed major when Greg dumped her. So, just be your weird self, and she'll come around and get it."

            "Hey, you two! Our ride leaves now!" Zenon called back, waving. Margie was jumping up and down, and finally dragged Zenon to the space shuttle. Orion and Nebula looked up from the very private (Zenon assumed) conversation and looked guiltily at her. She felt a pang in her lower stomach, and shook it off – I can't be jealous of Neb and Orion… there's nothing going on between them! But she still couldn't shake the feeling off…


            "This is great!" Margie screamed over the noise of the other people. Zenon smiled, but her heart wasn't in it. She led the group over to a VIP guard, who stopped them.

            "You're not allowed back here – only Protozoa's closest friends are allowed." He snapped. "Go away."

            "Excuse me," Orion said, "but she's Zenon Karr, and Protozoa sent her the concert tickets personally. Ask him and we'll be let in."

            The guard growled at Orion, but he held his ground, and finally, the guard nodded and disappeared. He reappeared minutes later, and said in a grunt, "Right this way, please."

            He led the, through a maze of back halls, and finally to a side door, which when open, showed the way for the group to be seated in the first row. Margie and Nebula squealed for joy and ran ahead of Zenon and Orion. Orion held the door open for her, and she smiled gratefully at him.

            Finding their seats, they sat and waited for the music and Protozoa to show up. Finally, the screams died down when a deep pink cloud appeared on the stage, and music started up.

            "Zoom, zoom, zoom…"

            There was cheers and yells from the female population of the crowd.

            "Star gazing mega-fast, you hit me like a cosmic blast, you've given me a Technicolor world," Protozoa sang, emerging from the pink cloud and began doing his dance on stage. Margie and Nebula screamed in unison, "WE LOVE YOU PROTOZOA!" and Zenon waved at him, and he waved back.

            "Putting me in over-drive, speed of light I'm so alive, could you be my supernova girl?" He crooned, and after a while, the song ended.

            "How's everyone out there?" He called out into his micro-microphone, and in his Australian accent. Screams were his reply. "Ah, look who's here… Zenon Karr, you made it once again to my space concert!"

            Every girl in the crowd was now glaring at the large overhead picture of Zenon smiling at Protozoa. She waved, but no one said anything, but looked ready to kill her. Orion put his arm protectively around her shoulders, and glared at everyone around them.

            Margie whispered to Nebula, "he's so galactic with her, Neb."

            "Marjory," Nebula answered.

            Protozoa grinned and said, "well, ladies and gentlemen, this next song is dedicated to Zenon who's helped me more than once… The Galaxy is ours, gents!"

            The song started up and once again, Zenon was forgotten and the song was all that mattered.

            After that was over, he ran through his next diskette, "Protozoa's Greatest hits, number 6", the concert was over and VIP's were lead to the backroom where he and his band were waiting.

            "Zenon!" Protozoa said first, racing to her and they hugged. He then hugged each other girl in return ("Nebula! Margie!") And turned to Orion.

"Taking care of Zenon, now, are you?" He laughed, and shook hands with him. "Don't let her go, she's a supernova," Protozoa chuckled. He then turned to the other VIP pass people. Orion cleared his throat, and said with his eyes to the ground, "Zenon, can I talk to you outside?" He then pointed to the closed-in space balcony.

"Sure," Zenon replied, bemused.

"Um…" Orion began.

"What is… oh!" Zenon began, but then her eyes widened. "That's not your cousin, is it?"

"What?" Orion looked up sharply, and crinkled his dark brows. "What are you talking about Zee?"

"Oh, nothing," Zenon answered, blushing. She turned to look at space. Orion didn't have the courage yet, so he did the same.

"Um… Zenon?" Orion tried again.

"Hmm?" was her reply.

"Maybe, when we get back to the Space station… we can… see a micro-movie in the theatre," Orion stuttered.

"What, like a date?" Zenon asked in an odd note, and Orion noticed it as hope in her voice. She cleared her throat and tried again, "you mean a date?"

"Yeah," Orion said slowly. "You want to?"

"Sure," Zenon replied, and looked at him. They leant closer to each other, once they made eye contact, and didn't break it until Zenon closed her eyes.

"Woo-hoo!!" A voice cried out, and Orion and Zenon broke apart, blushing. Protozoa, his band, Margie and Nebula stood in the doorway of the balcony, and were laughing at them.

Orion grinned, sheepishly, and Zenon laughed. "Okay, enough!" She said.

"Yeah, we'll leave you two alone," Margie said, and shut the door after shoving everyone back inside.

Orion and Zenon grinned at each other, and slowly made their way back inside. But, somewhere along the way, Zenon reached out and took Orion's hand in her own.

My supernova girl, Orion thought happily, and smiled.


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