Supernova Girl

Chapter Three

D/C: Disney is the owner of Zenon. I merely borrow the characters for entertainment purposes.

A/N: the final and last chapter of the "Supernova Girl" series. Mayhap I will write another later on, now that Zeller's has a nice selection of Disney Original Movies on sale ^.~

Spoilers: Zenon and Zenon: The Zequel


            Zenon opened the door, sighing as she ran a hand through her messy hair. She then stared at the teenager standing on Aunt Judy's doorstep.

            Orion stood there, looking out of place in his crazy but adorable space-stay clothes. His slightly orange-reddish hair looked brighter in the Earth sun, his freckles seemed more than plentiful.

            "Orion?" she asked, shocked. Orion grinned his little half-smile, and laughed quietly.

            "Hey Zee," he started. He ran a hand through his hair nervously. Zenon had noticed this trait early on in their relationship when they had first started going out.

            "What are you doing here?" she blurted out before she could stop herself. Orion chuckled.

            "I came to see you," he replied. Then he looked doubtful. "You're not pancaked, are you?"

            Zenon's eyes widened. "So then my worrying if you were going to call over my com-link was a waste of time," she murmured more to herself than to Orion.

            He suddenly looked sheepish as he asked, blushing, "should I have called first? I know it's a shock for me to be down here like this, but Zee… oh God, I felt so bad about what had happened and I—I wanted to see you. To apologize. In person."

            "Orion," Zenon whispered, tears in her eyes. "I thought," she laughed shakily. "I thought that you liked the alien sightings and bleeps more than me."

            Orion, realizing once again, what a jerk he had been, stepped forward and enveloped Zenon in a hug. She wrapped her own arms around his back, holding him close.

            Judy just happened to step through the door that separated the room she had been in and the room Zenon had been in.

            "Zenon, do you know where…?" her voice trailed off when she saw Orion and Zenon hugging in the doorway. Her gaze softened and she slowly backed away, but not before Orion had glanced up.

            "Oh, uh, hey, Mrs. Plank," he blushed, letting go of Zenon quickly. Zenon turned and grinned at her Aunt.

            "Sorry, Aunt Judy," she said sheepishly.

            "It's not problem, Zee," laughed Judy, placing down the paper she had in her hands. She looked back and forth between the two. "Orion, why don't you come in? You can help Zee pack and me. You know I'm coming up there, right?"

            She waved him over, and Orion, feeling a little less out of place, grinned back and stepped in the house.

            He looked at Zenon for confirmation, and she nodded. "I'll be back in the kitchen, going through the dishes," she announced, and walked away.

            With this said, Judy motioned Orion towards her. "Did you two get into a fight?" she whispered.

            Orion looked down at the floor guiltily. "Yeah… and I wanted to come down here to say I was sorry."

            "Which I gather you did," she winked at him roguishly. Orion coughed and blushed a bright red. "You sly space-boy, you."

            Orion then squeaked, "I'm going to help Zenon in the kitchen." Before running out of the hallway and into the swinging door Zenon disappeared through.

            Judy, with her hands on her hips, paused for a second before letting out a loud laugh. She continued laughing all the way up the stairs into her bedroom.


            Zenon looked up when Orion entered the kitchen, the remnants of his blush still evident on his freckled face.

            "I take it you and Aunt Judy spoke," she said from her spot on the floor. She sat with her back to him, looking through the cupboards.

            "Yeah," he said, watching her. She then nodded, "I see," and opened one of the cupboards. She went on her knees and looked in, searching. Orion's eyes traveled from the back of her head to her spine and finally – he looked away, another blush on his face.

            "What?" Zenon asked, standing. She was staring at him.

            "Uh… nothing," he coughed to hide his embarrassment. Zenon grinned.

            "Was there something you wanted to see?" she asked, pushing back a piece of blonde hair.

            "What?" he asked, his eyes wide. Zenon laughed when he caught the double meaning.

            "I mean here on Earth, dirty major boy," she giggled. "I can ask Aunt Judy for a day off. Just you and me walking around here, it'll be stellar!"

            "Yeah?" Orion looked happy at the idea. "I'd like that. Will your Aunt Judy mind?"

            "Sweat minor, Orion," laughed Zenon, waving him off as she passed by, "this is my Aunt Judy we're talking about."

            Orion smiled, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. "Then she won't mind if you don't ask her a bit later, will she?"

            Zenon turned in Orion's grasp and smiled softly up at him. Tracing his jaw line, she placed a butterfly kiss on his lips.

            "Maybe, maybe not," she teased, "but I'll still ask her now."

            Orion groaned, but let Zenon go. She disappeared and reappeared a few minutes' later, dangling Aunt Judy's VW Beetle keys in her hands.

            "You can drive?" asked Orion doubtfully.

            "No," replied Zenon, "but you can."


            A couple of hours later, Orion and Zenon were at the stables where Greg worked, strapping themselves up and getting ready for a ride.

            "You know how to ride, don't you, Orion?" asked Greg, helping him place his feet in the stirrups.

            "Yeah, yeah," he blanched, looking at Zenon over Greg's bent head. He made a scared face and Zenon giggled.

            "It's okay Greg, we'll go slow," assured Zenon. Greg looked up, nodded and smiled.

            "Well, see you guys later then," he laughed, slapping the rump of Orion's horse. Orion let out a terrified shriek as the horse began galloping ahead.

            "Greg," chided Zenon, shaking her head. She then nudged her horse straight into a run after Orion's horse. They caught up easily and then settled for an easy canter.

            Zenon lead him through the forestry area and finally to the beach, which was deserted for miles.

            "It's beautiful here," said Orion, taking in a deep breath of salt air. Zenon nodded, letting the wind toss her hair around.

            "But it's much more fun with you here," said softly Zenon, as she glanced over at him. "Orion, do you forgive me for my rational ideas?"

            "About me being another space-geek?" asked Orion. He shook his head. "You have nothing to apologize for. You changed me, Zee, for the better. I felt… like I was finally accepted because I was with you. Once I received that first bleep, it was only then did I realize that I hadn't changed.

            "After, when you left, I noted just how alone I was." Orion slipped off his horse and walked towards Zenon's. He helped her down and kept his hands on her waist. "Zee, we're one soul – without you, I'm incomplete."

            Zenon's eyes filled with tears. "What are you saying, Orion?"

            "I'm saying that I love you, Zenon Karr," he replied softly, letting his forehead touch with hers. Zenon's tears overflowed and streaked down her cheeks. "Do you love me?"

            Zenon leaned in, kissed Orion fully on the lips and whispered against them, "yes, yes I do love you."

            Orion smiled full-heartedly and held Zenon close. Together, they watched the Earth sun set, their shadows as dusk grew, merging into one.

            They were one.