A/N:: This is based on the Taylor Swift song, "I'd Lie". I'm not exactly happy with it, but I can't do much else with it. The plot is kinda random, I know. :P Oh yeah, this is my second fic that uses contractions outside of dialogue. lol Minerva's POV.

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 082- If

I'd Lie

"I'll never fall in love," he says, stroking his beard despairingly.

I laugh uneasily, hoping he is wrong, hoping he did not hear the sound of my heart breaking.

"You look stunning tonight, Minerva. Is that a new robe you are wearing?" he asks, his eyes telling me that he, like I, would like to quickly digress from our previous topic.

"Yes. Thank you for noticing."

There it is again- that familiar heat biting at my cheekbones. How is it that he never fails to make me blush? I would not dare tell him that I bought the robe with him in mind; green is his favorite color.

Surprisingly, I do not feel up to arguing with him tonight in regards to his comment that I look "stunning." We argue about this quite often. He has admitted more than once that he enjoys the debate.

Albus simply smiles in reply as his eyes begin to sparkle with every shade of blue imaginable; I've memorized every one of them.

"It's getting late, Albus. I think I should go," I say as I rise to my feet.

"Very well. Goodnight, Minerva," he says in a low voice.

"Goodnight, Albus"

My hand is on the doorknob now, but I am reluctant to leave. I smile back at him before slowly closing the door behind me.

I know what you are thinking, but save your breath. Don't ask me if I love him; I'd lie.


A/N:: Told ya it was horrible!