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Haruhi coughed and rolled over in bed. She woke up with a mild fever and her nose was stuffy. "At least I have one Host Club free day." She smiled and took a sip of her tea. Her father was at work and wouldn't be home until tomorrow. "Let my day of peace begin!" All of a sudden the door smashed open and she heard Tamaki's voice shout through her small house. "HARUHI! DADDY'S HERE FOR YOU!" "Oh no." She pulled the covers over her head. Her bedroom door got kicked open and they piled in. "Haru-chan Haru-chan! Are you okay?" "Hone-senpai our Haruhi is not okay!" Tamaki shouted. Hikaru Kaoru! Get some soup!" "Hai!" The twins gave a quick salute and ran off. "SENPAI YOU IDOIT IT'S JUST A COMMON COLD!" "Hush Haruhi. You need your strength I'm not going to let you die on us!" She began fuming, "How the hell did you know I was sick." Kyouya smiled and pushed his glasses farther up his nose. "You weren't at school today so Tamaki made me call your father and he told me you weren't feeling to well." Haruhi reached over the side of the bed and hurled her shoe as hard as she could at Kyouya. He moved his head with a smile. "Now now Haruhi calm down." She heard an explosion from her kitchen. "What-was-that?!" The angry vein was throbbing on her head. The twins peaked their heads in. "Um sir? We only found canned soup and we started to heat it up and it exploded." Haruhi jumped up "MY KITCHEN!" She ran towards the door but was stopped by Mori. He picked her up and plopped her gently back into her bed. Tamaki stroke a dramatic pose, "Haruhi! You must rest! Daddy will not let you die!" Haruhi looked at him. "Your gonna kill me senpai." Tamaki went and sulked in some corner.