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Haruhi coughed a bit and Tamaki was up and at her side. "HARUHI! "Senpai please it's just a co-" Tamaki pulled Haruhi from her bed and held her close to him in his arms. "Don't speak, Daddy's here for you. Daddy will make you better!" Haruhi lifted up her foot and stamped hard on Tamaki's foot. "Idiot it's just a cough." Tamaki pulled back. "Mother! Our daughter is so cruel." Kyouya adjusted his glasses before pushing Haruhi back into bed. Haruhi crossed her arms and glared at them. "Will you please leave me alone? I just wanna rest." Tamaki smiled widely. "That's why we're here! To make sure that no one disturbs your day of rest." "Senpai….your the ones disturbing me!" She coughed again and let out a light sneeze. Hunny ran over and shoved his bunny in her arms. "Here! Usa-chan will make you feel better." Haruhi sighed and smiled at the small boy. She didn't want to upset the small ball of dark destruction. "Arigato Hunny-senpai." "Mitsukuni, you should leave Haruhi-chan alone." "Hai!" The small boy nodded and scuttled up Mori's leg and onto his back.

The twins ran back in and holding a bowl of steaming soup. "It turns out you need to take the soup out of the can." They tripped on the shoe that Haruhi had hurled at Kyouya's head earlier. The soup went flying and landed smack on Tamaki's head. The blonde king began to run in circles screaming. He continued his screaming for awhile but soon he tripped over himself and fell into Ranka right as he walked through the door. "HARUHI-CHAN! I'M HOME EARLY! I-" Tamaki knocked over the cross-dressing father. Haruhi sighed. "I just wanted to relax."

What will happen to Tama-chan?! Hell, not even I know yet.

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