Here I am

I don't own pokemon. Duh. Don't sue.

My Own Kind

By Farla

Here I am

Trapped in a cage

Team rocket stole me from my trainer

I've heard about the things they do to pokemon

Sometimes I even hear the screams

I see a pokemon walking outside my cage

Alone, free!

One of my own species even

Brother, I call out, help me!

A pokemon in the cage next to me laughs bitterly

That meowth isn't going to help you, it said. Sounds like a golem, but not quite.

He stops, turns around

He looks at me so very sadly. My own kind! Why isn't he helping me?

That meowth steals pokemon for them, it said harshly

Because it's trainer tells him to? Pokemon would do this, sadly.

He just stands there. Why won't he do anything? No one is here to stop him!

No. For money. He is paid to do this. Hatred enters the golem-thing's voice.

What?!? No pokemon would do something that awful, especially not to it's own kind!

You should see what they did to me, all because he caught me, it says.

Sadly, he starts to turn away

Brother, I cry, please! How can he do this?

The golem-thing laughs again, hard and cruel

He isn't our kind anymore. He's not a pokemon

What do you mean?

He turns back around, resigned, like he doesn't even care what the golem says,he's so sad.

What pokemon would do this for money? Asks the golem-thing

He doesn't even speak our language anymore. He speaks human! Loathing is in it's voice.

He looks at me. All the things he has seen are reflected in his face

If he isn't a pokemon what is he?

He is a human now, says the golem

What pokemon could do this? If he is so sad, why not help us?

He turns around, tears brimming in his eyes. And continues walking, his head down.

"I'm sorry" he says. Human!

Only a human could do this, even if they hated it. Pokemon would not do such a thing!

I yell this at him. He hears it.

You are a human, to be such a coward! I scream

Only a human would sell their soul for money!

He walks down the hall, and out of sight.

Well, that was nice. I really don't know where I got that. I was just musing on Meowth, and the fact that he, a pokemon, steals other pokemon for an organization that maims/hurts/kills pokemon for money or because they are weak.

No one tell me Meowth doesn't act like this or this wouldn't happen. If you can't take the fic, just think of it as an AU.

And NO ONE tell me team rocket isn't all that bad. Get the pokemon game (RBY)and go to Lavender town. Talk to the people in the pokecenter(about cubone's skulls). Or G/S and look at what they do to the slowpoke.