Unexpected Love

Unexpected Love

By: Tara-kiki

Pairing/s: Gaa x Lee, Sasu x Naru, Kaka x Gai and more

Rating M- Sexual content

Disclaimer: I don't Naruto or Lee...Darn.

A/N: Alrighty, finally an update. I've been busy with my SasuNaruSasu or whatever story but Ill update this now just because...anyways...mating time!! This is mostly a chapter for the mating XD so yeah, Ill need to start forming the KakaGai plat soon or blargh, wont be good for me D: Ill mess up my whole story if I forget what couples I'm doing.

Anywho, I go all melty when I see Lee as a kitten hybrid aurgh, he makes me die of blood loss XD Yo. Muffin234 sorry for the long wait, I've been a little caught up. But I hope you enjoy this chapter (lol smexing) and I don't write yaoi...sex all that often so I don't know how well this has come out...but enjoy!

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Warning: High yaoi content in this chapter! Be careful!


Chapter one: Hard luck Love


Lee's little shivering paws slid down the door as he lent his head against it, whining softly in hopes of sinking through the solid wood with no avail. His pressed himself against the door for a few minutes, ears prickling as he heard the other shift behind him, then turned and pressed his back in to it instead.

Gaara simply stared back at him impassively as he stalked forward. "So you're Lee, yes?" Gaara asked dangerously soft as he placed both hands either side of Lee's head. "Strip. I want you now."

"W-wha-" Lee jumped a little at the raccoon's straight forward nature and blinked a few times to recompose himself before shifting against the raccoons arms. "But I-"

"Don't speak; strip and we will talk later." Gaara said, this time eyes narrowing dangerously.


Two lips against his own made his words stop in his throat. He could feel Gaara's tongue prying at his lips, and teeth nibbling against the tender skin as the other now pressed against him. Lee made a loud sound of surprise and pulled himself to the ground before scrabbling towards the bed.

He only got a few feet before something heavy sat on his back and pressed his arms in to the ground. "Are you going to strip now Lee?" Gaara ground his hips against Lee and watched the other squirm beneath him. "I'm your mate."

The flush on Lee's face got darker as something hard pressed against his lower back. His lower regions were starting to hurt now. "Gaara-sama please..." He winced slightly as his hips rubbed against the floor. "It's too hot..."

"I can make that go away," Gaara insisted softly, grabbing Lee by the arm and shoving him on to his back. "You want me to make it go away?"

"H-how?" Lee asked softly, eyes diverting from the other. "I-its too warm..."

"Here, Ill show you..."

Gaara moved up Lee's body until he was sitting over his thighs and pressed a hand to the thin fabric. Lee tensed at the touch but slowly relaxed as Gaara began to soften the movements. He had never felt anything so wonderfully pleasurable before, his body was still hot but now the pleasure was over taking the discomfort. He made a small mewing sound and jerked his hips against where Gaara's hand was moving before moaning again breathlessly.

The raccoon above him watched every movement closely, making sure not to miss any of the expressions HIS Lee made. The hand on Lee's lower regions shifted to the belt around Lee's waist before reaching a finger under it and sliding it from the other waist.

Lee looked a little disappointed at the hand moving away but blinked a few times to clear his white spotted vision. He could barely feel anything but the tingling in his chest and stomach and had almost failed to notice Gaara slipping his belt from his waist.

He didn't understand what this was about; he still didn't understand how males could possibly become pregnant. Or have sex. Lee blushed darker as Gaara eyed him carefully before slipping a soft hand under his shirt and started pulling the stretchy material off his chest.

"W-what are you doing?" Lee asked, eyes wide with curiosity and worry.

Gaara momentarily stopped his movements and instead leant down to press his lips against Lee's once again. His lips were warm and tender this time, not dominating and lusting as before. He figured it would be the only way Lee would let him go through with this.

The kiss ended and Gaara pulled away, licking his lips in the process. His hand drifted back to the shirt and pulled it over Lee's head (Much to the kitten's distress) before gripping at the skin tight pants and starting to pull them down. Lee squeaked indignantly and shifted under Gaara's weight.

Before Gaara could pull the offending material out of the way a small paw curled around his wrist. "I don't want to," Lee murmured in embarrassment. "I don't u-understand."

"Then I'll help you understand," Gaara stated, pulling his paw out of Lee's with ease. "It only hurts a little."

Gaara nuzzled Lee's paw softly and set it back on to the ground. He twisted his body a little over the kitten boy and pressed his chest in to Lee's stomach, paws drawing up to entwine in Lee's hair. Lee blushed darker, if possible, and watched Gaara move his pawed hands over his hair then down his sides in a circular motion.

A tongue leaped out and lapped at chapped lips. Gaara leaned down and bit down on Lee's neck, causing the kitten to give a cry or surprise.

"G-Gaara-sama!" The whine fell to Gaara's ears and he pulled back a little, observing the small red mark he made on Lee's neck.

"I said it would hurt a little bit," Gaara murmured, leaning back down to trail comforting kisses over the others neck. "Do you remember?"

"Y-yes," Lee stuttered in reply.

A rough tongue fell across Lee's collar bone and up his neck, lapping at the skin as if it was ice cream. Lee pulled his paws back and twisted his body beneath Gaara's somewhat heavier one; watching as the others skilled tongue flickered across his chest and stopped at his belly button.

Lee could feel Gaara breathing softly against his stomach and shifted a little, tail curling and moving in slight hesitation. Gaara pressed his lips against the tender skin for a few minutes, then pulled back and hooked his arms under Lee's legs; lifting them over his shoulder.

"A-Ah Gaa-Sama!" Lee pulled his body back awkwardly and winced when Gaara gripped two clawed paws around his legs. "W-What are you doing?"

"I'm mating with you," Gaara answered simply. He pulled Lee back against him and worked on keeping the other still. Lee seemed determined to shift and wiggle out of Gaara's grip as much as he could.

Giving a sigh of frustration Gaara lent down, eyes narrowed in annoyance, and bit down roughly on Lee neck, this time not caring whether or not the other bled. Lee gave a jerk of surprise and cried out, little paws flying up to pull Gaara off. Before Lee could even manage to push Gaara off his upper half he found two paws circling his own and pinning them against the ground.

Lee shook a little, eyes staring up at the other with confusion as the metallic smell of blood met his sensitive nose. He shifted again, mouth letting out small whimpers as Gaara's rough tongue lapped over the fresh bite.

"Don't move," Gaara ordered, now moving back a few feet and shifting his hands away from Lee's wrists. "I don't like you trying to get away from me."

Giving an obedient nod, Lee lowered his ears and let his tail flicker on the ground a few times; daring to curl against Gaara's leg. A hand fell softly to his stomach, lowing until it came to its destination. Gaara turned his head to face Lee as he slipped one saliva covered digit inside of Lee, eyes clear with interest to the kitten's reaction.

Lee gripped the floor and gasped a little, discomfort coating his features as he tried his best not to shift from his spot. The intrusion was removed for a second, only to come back once again, this time with two digits.

Gaara watched him carefully for any sign of pain, and slowed whenever he noticed Lee grimace in discomfort. The red head took a moment to keep still inside of Lee, then pull out for a few seconds before reentering slowly.

Lee felt a whimper escape his throat as Gaara pulled them out again and shifted himself over Lee. "I'm going to start now," Lee grimaced a little as Gaara moved his hands to his hips and gripped possessively. "If you relax it won't hurt as much"

Something warm made its way in to him, giving him a full and somewhat painful feeling. Lee gasped and arched his back clear off the ground, eyes wide and tears prickling at the back of them as pain rose through his body.

"I-It hurts!" He whimpered softly, eyes moving over to Gaara's face. "G-Gaara."

Gaara murmured softly against Lee and let his ears perch up as he began to move in and out of the black kitten beneath him. "It will..." Gaara let out a breathless moan and felt his paws dig in to Lee's hips as he thrust forward. "Get better."

Lee stretched his paws a little and tried to relax his lower muscles in to Gaara's quickening thrusts, barely managing to take in a breath each time the other re entered him. The paws on his waist slid down his hips a little, then gripped firmly against his thigh's.

Lee could see Gaara visibly sweating as he ground himself against Lee, pressing in and watching as Lee arched his back a little more in to each passion filled thrust. The pain was slowly turning in to something more pleasurable and welcoming. With each movement the pain faded a little more, now replaced by a small heating humming against his inner organs.

Something inside him buzzed with life as Gaara hit it softly, rubbing it just before pulling back again. Lee let out a surprised gasp and moaned for Gaara to hit it again. His voice spilled out words although he didn't know half of what he was saying.

Gaara was more then happy to oblige to the kitten's requests and reentered Lee with more force than before. Once again moan strickening pleasure overcame Lee's body and he shuddered against Gaara's stomach as he came, lips parted in pleasure.

Gaara continued to move in and out of Lee, coming towards his peak before gripping expertedly on to Lee's hips, arching himself back and coming inside of the small black eared kitten boy.

Gaara let his body shudder with the sudden feeling then fall back against Lee's legs. He waited a few moments to regain his strength before pulling out and getting wobbly to his knees. Lee simply lay on the ground, a tired expression fallen over his face.

"Gaa-sama," Lee tried to get to his feet, only to feel his buttock's sting with pain. Before he could fall to the ground Gaara rushed over to him, thought legs wobbly, and grabbed him bridal style. He gave the semen covered ground a small disinterested look before walking over to the bed Kakashi had gotten for them and placing Lee on top of the covers.

He noticed the various bruises and bites he had put on Lee in winced mentally. "I will get some ointment from Kakashi later," Gaara murmured, getting in next to Lee with difficulty due to his large raccoon tail. The bed squeaked with the weight of the two hybrids, springs tightening in the mattress as Gaara moved across the sheet.

Lee pressed his head against a pillow and tried to lull himself in to sleep. That was becoming difficult when a certain raccoon hybrid, who was now your lover, had decided they needed sheets covering them both and was pulling them from underneath your body. Lee squirmed and finally let Gaara free the sheets, then plopped himself back on to the bed.

Within moments Gaara shifted the sheet over them both so it fell warmly over them both, ends curling around them much like a basket. Gaara lay his head next to Lee's and lifted a hand to stroke at the thick black strands of hair. He pressed the tip of his nose in to the hair then managed to hook his legs on Lee as he watched the other drift off.

Obviously the kitten was tired for it fell asleep within minutes. Gaara himself didn't sleep all that much and decided to cuddle next to the other for a little while. He curled his paws around Lee's chest and pressed his chest against Lee's so he could feel Gaara back move with each breath.

Soon both were sound asleep, even Gaara, although the most he would sleep was a few hours. Lee mumbled something in his sleep and shifted back in to Gaara's arms, the warmth comforting him through cloudy dreams.