Drabble No1 jerk

She skips the part where she calls him a jerk and slams the porch door before he can say a word.

He stands there wondering why she passed out the middle man because even though it was a hundred degree day and scorching, he'd never felt so cold.

Drabble no2 snow

It's Christmas and sitting on Ace in the cold is not her idea of fun. It gets even worse when a something wet and cold impacts on the back of her neck sliding down the back of her flannelette shirt past her deer hide jacket and making her shiver with cold.

Blue eyes narrow as the dripping snow trails down her back and Jake Ely knows he's dead.

Drabble no3 hurt

Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to get so mad at him in a school corridor in front of her class, that she ends up slamming a door and in the end tears a centimeter of skin off her thumb.

Sitting in the nurses office with it bleeding and brown mustang eyes surveying it the same way she is, she hisses as he draws the plaster over it tight. "You always end up hurt." It sounds more like an accusation than anything and she can't figure out which hurts more, her thumb or her heart.

Drabble no4 gone

He'd see her sitting on that rock, a book draping loose in her fingers with an expression fixed far on the mountains and know that Sam's heart had gone galloping with that stallion she loved so much.

Drabble no5 wonder

Sometimes he wondered if it was bad that he liked to see her get mad at him. To watch as she perched her fists on slim hips and just glared and he felt happy though he didn't show it, because for once her attention wasn't on anything but him.

Drabble no6 because

When he asked her why she'd gotten so angry, she suddenly forgot exactly why and she hated how he did that, it made her annoyed, annoyed led to angry. So instead she turned on her heel and stomped off, "because."