Reminiscing -
Blissfulness' Storyline

What would you feel if you have the perfect life but something were missing. And even that missing pieces in the other side of the world and it takes a miracle to make it happen. Two girls can make it happen for their parents. Troypay

Okay... Take everything you have seen from HSM and.. Bam! Make it vanish... So you can understand this story easier..

The oh-so-perfect Disney had these all and what do I have?? Nothing...



They had an happily ever after.

(Shows Sharpay walking down the isle)
(Shows Troy smiling at her sight walking)
(Shows their fingers echanging rings)

And twins.

(Shows two baby girls wrapped in pink blanket)

But a misunderstood.

(Shows Troy and Laura kissing)

Had to ruined it.

(Shows Sharpay throwing her clothes to the luggage with hands covering her mouth from sobbing)
(Shows Troy hitting his hand to the driving wheel then covering his forehead thinking)

Now she is a perfection.

(Shows Sharpay smiling walking to her big building company greeted by people)

While he has everything anyone could ever wanted

(Shows Troy making a basket in a game)

Living in both fame.

(Shows Sharpay and Troy in different places giving autograph)

But something were missing.

(Shows Aundrea playing baketball with his dad)
(Shows Aurelia pointing her mom's design and giving her opinion)

And one will leave them.

(Shows a funeral)

Will love conquer.

(Shows two hands with the wedding ring holding on eachother)

Or will new love happen.

(Shows Laura in a wedding gown)

It's up to the twins.

(Shows Aundrea and Aurelia making poses clinging to eachother)


Zac Efron

"Why don't you believe me!?"

Ashley Tisdale

"I can't keep having my hopes high on you"

Dakota Fanning as both twins

"I'll miss you"
"You're always my sister"

Lucas Grabeel

"Give him a chance"

Vanessa Hudgens

"Troy, what the hell were you thinking?"

Corbin Bleu

"This is not about you!"

Monique Coleman

"Why don't you understand?"

Rachel Mc Adams as Laura

"I'm the right girl for you"

And Miley Cyrus as Bridgett

"You can't let him marry her"


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