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Chapter Seven

Seto decided to call the others and ask them to come to the Manor because he and Joey had something to tell them. He then told Joey what he did and Joey had tears in his eyes because of the love that he had for Seto.

When the other got there, they weren't sure what was going on. Bakura and Marik knew right away that something terrible had happened to Joey they didn't know what it was. Seto stood up and he said "Joey has something to tell you and please don't say anything till he is through."

Joey stood there facing his friends and he was really nervous and afraid at the same time. "I'm going to tell you why I haven't been around to see any of you, I've been living here at the Manor because I needed time to heal. My father decided to use me as his own sex toy and nearly killed me. Seto found me and brought me back here and with the help of Roland, Helga, Mokie and Seto I've gotten a lot better. Seto and I are an item and well I was afraid to say anything because I didn't know how you'd react when you found out." Joey was crying and so was everyone else in the room.

Tea went over to Joey and said "listen you numbskull, we're your friends and that means that we will always stick behind you no matter what." Then she kissed his cheek and winked at Seto.

Ryou, Malik, Bakura and Marik all stood up and Ryou said "that goes for all of us, Joey we've all been through some kind of hell and we always knew that we could count on our friends to help us through it, so never forget that you can count on us. As for you and Seto being together, well we're happy for the two of you."

Joey stood there not knowing what to say and he turned to Seto who came over and put his arm around Joey and said "thank all of you for being our friends."

Helga came into the room and asked "is anyone hungry?"

Bakura said "food, where is it?"

Helga laughed and then she said "follow me, and I expect all of you to be on your best behavior or else!"

As the others went to follow Helga to the kitchen, Joey turned to Seto and he wrapped his arms around him and whispered "I want tonight to be the night."

Seto looked down into his puppy's face and smiled and replied "I love you Joseph Wheeler soon to be Kaiba." Then they went to the kitchen to celebrate with their friends.

Seto and Joey got married two years after the attack and they are now raising their two twin boys that they adopted. They lived happily ever after…..


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