Just a little something that was niggling in the back of my mind, I couldn't resist writing it, it just seemed right somehow.

The chicken or the egg?


No one really seemed all that bothered by her anymore, having gotten used to her habits. The former drone of the Borg Seven of Nine was sat in the cafeteria with the Vulcan Tactical officer and head of security. They did what they did for an hour everyday, if anyone asked which rarely happened Tuvok would explain that he was teaching her humanity.

The blonde haired drone arched an eyebrow upwards, she was dressed in her usual blue skintight jumpsuit that left nothing to the imagination, it effectively showed of all her curves in all the right places. The drone was either unaware of the effect that it had on her fellow male members of her new collective or in the very least did not care.

The brown haired Vulcan who was sat opposite her raised his hand, it was not in any gesture of greeting, but rather it was to show her something. "This is an egg."

Anyone else would've been insulted, but Seven realised that there was a lesson here somewhere to be learned. "Fascinating," was her response.

"Indeed, now the question is which came first the chicken or," he waved his free hand towards the egg, "the egg."

"The chicken," was Seven's first response.


"How so," Seven asked curiously.

"By stating that the chicken came first you are assuming that it was not born from the egg." Seven lifted her chin up and studied the inanimate object for a few seconds, puzzled by his reaction.

"In order for the chicken to be alive it must be hatched from the egg," Seven answered correctly, now seeing where her Vulcan companion was coming from. "So logically the egg had to have come first."

The Vulcan nodded, "Now you see the dilemma that has caused many a conversation among humans."

"Indeed," Seven agreed, "Without the egg the chicken cannot have been born."

"And yet without the chicken, the egg could not have been laid." Tuvok said finishing her sentence.

Seven looked at the egg and smiled, it was one of those frustrating questions that were not meant to be answered. She decided to ask the most obvious question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

"Logic would dictate that both the chicken and the egg came first." Seven nodded in understanding.