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Summary: Doctor Hikari has taken Netto's P.E.T. and Rockman away without explaining why. Could there be a new threat to the suburbia, and if there is... how can Netto save the day once again? (Netto x Rockman)

Warnings: There is some… well a lot of yaoi in this fanfic, which means a lot of boy on boy action, so if you don't like that kinda thing than this isn't for you. Also, there is some angst and drama at the end, and violence and swearing throughout. That aside, enjoy…

Chapter One: Loneliness and Anxiety

201X, whilst there were some minor hiccups to the creation of computer assistance programs known as NetNavis, who were designed to help users through the modernistic day to day needs, about a decade ago, scientists have managed to reduce virus activity inside the Net and no major NetCrimes has emerged for half a decade since the formation of the NetSaviours. Life in this society had reached a state of harmony where NetNavis were not only treated as programs, but as equals to humans and the Net became a place where daily activities and meetings could be had without any major concern anymore.

Whilst most people would find this state of harmony within a society to be the perfect community to live in, one brunette adolescent found himself with more freedom, and less adrenaline pumping through his veins than ever before. Known as Netto Hikari, this seventeen year old was one of the finest and most reliable NetSaviour the area had, maybe second to his partner Enzan Ijuin, who with their NetNavis Rockman and Blues had been the main reason why there has been no NetCrimes or any disturbances. Nevertheless, this left a very bored Netto Hikari to say the least.

Now, in his final year of high school, he had his head on the desk eyes closed, sleeping in yet another one of his classes. This time however, he was excused from work as his father, Doctor Hikari of SciLab, had taken his P.E.T. (with Rockman) meaning that he couldn't do any of the advance virus busting techniques that was being taught in this lesson (not that he needed any lessons on that anyways). Whilst appearing to be sleeping soundly, it was all but a good sleep for the brunette. His head kept asking the same questions over and over again, pounding like a jackhammer in his brain. 'What was father doing with Rockman?', 'Why did he need him urgently?', but the most important question that ran through his mind was, 'Is Rockman okay?'

Ever since Netto hit puberty, all he could think about was Rockman, whom also hit puberty with Netto since Doctor Hikari's programming meant that Rockman was built from Netto's twin brother. Netto always knew that he and his NetNavi had a special connection, but he was unsure whether it was his hormones talking or whether it was actually true love.

"Netto… Netto!" A voice broke through the brunette's restless nap as he looked into the eyes of one of his closest friends, Meiru Sakurai. "Come on Netto, time for lunch!" Her feminine voice chimed through Netto's thoughts as he stretched, then grabbed his bag and followed the auburn-haired girl outside. They walked the entire way talking to each other, well mainly Meiru who kept asking why Rockman wasn't with Netto and when she couldn't get an answer she went on about how excited she was about Yaito Ayanokoji, another one of their friends, and her shopping trips.

This happened every year on either Meiru or Yaito's birthdays where they would spend the entire day on deciding what outfit they would wear for the day. Netto knew because since he realised that he preferred Meiru as a sister-like friend than as a lover, she went to him for every little detail of her day to day life, which in theory meant that nothing had changed between the two. The entire time Meiru was talking however, Netto was in his own little world, extremely worried about Rockman.

"Earth to Netto!" Meiru's voice broke through Netto's thoughts for the second time that day leaving the brunette confused and a little dazed for a couple of seconds.

"Hmm? What was that?" Was all Netto could manage to say as he tried to remember anything that Meiru was talking about.

"You were thinking about Rockman, weren't you?" Meiru asked innocently, but to Netto's ears it seemed like she was implying something, making his cheeks burn as the blood rushed straight to them.

"N…No! I mean, yes… I'm just really worried about him…" Netto stuttered as he tried to regain his composure, "what did you ask me about before?"

"Oh, I was wondering whether I should get a frock or cocktail dress compared to a full length formal dress." Meiru started to trail off into a long speech about the different types of dresses that she could buy for her eighteenth party that was coming up.

"I would go with a long formal dress personally, that way you can wear it for other formal occasions…" Netto interjected in Meiru's speech as he openly gave his opinion.

"Eww, you can't wear the same formal dress twice Netto. It's against the laws of formal fashion." Meiru pointed out to Netto, who just shrugged in response.

"Well in the end it's your decision," Netto said with a small smile, "it probably doesn't matter what you choose, 'cause you'll end up looking great no matter what."

"Aww thanks Netto." Meiru gave the brunette a small hug before running off to greet the rest of the group as they hung at their usual spot.

The group hadn't changed since their earlier years at school, with the exception of Enzan Ijuin. The dual-haired male decided that he wanted to belong in the atmosphere of the final years of high school, so he transferred into the same school as the rest of the group. Whilst everyone else had the benefit of knowing each other and the daily routine for school life, Enzan felt like an extra wheel, but nevertheless Netto soon helped him become an integral part of the social and school system.

"Hey Netto! Why'd you skip out on most of the lessons?" The huge male named Dekao Oyama yelled over to Netto. Dekao was still as huge and as fierce as Netto remembered him from the lower grades of school, and for the record even more hot headed when it came to NetBattling. Throughout the years of school, Dekao joined the school football team (not the actually football, but the United States gridiron football). Needless to say with his build, Dekao became the school's leading running block and defence linesman that ever graced the pitch of their fields.

For the most part, Netto was currently off in his own little world for the nth time today. Snapping back to reality he casually shrugged off the question by changing the subject completely in order to avoid explaining to everyone why his father has his P.E.T. and why it's worrying him to no end.

'I seriously need to stop worrying, Rockman will be just fine… Father is probably doing some new upgrades and virus checks. Damn it! Why didn't he tell me that he was going to do this? In that case, I wouldn't be soooo stressed out!' Netto mused to himself as he detached himself from the group, moving his thoughts from worrying about Rockman, to worrying about himself worrying about Rockman. His mind burning with endless questions, comments and rebuttals to his own comments, he gave a small sigh and decided to shut his brain off entirely, still giving him enough thought to run his vitals. It was a trick that Netto learnt to deploy whenever there was a class that he really wanted to miss, or Meiru and Yaito went off on their shopping tangents that seemed to last for ages.

"Hey…" The deep voice of Enzan broke through Netto's mind blank strategy as the dual-haired male towering over Netto's body which collapsed to the trunk of the tree. "…mind if I sit next to you?"

"Not at all Enzan, no need to ask…" Netto's voice lingered on the end of the sentence, trying to think of a way to prove that nothing was troubling him. However, with Enzan, putting up facades was never a smart tactic. The elder male always saw past the false smiles and facial expressions and managed to find the heart of all troubles.

Not only that, but the actual almost-adult male had changed in Netto's eyes, mostly caused by the recent death of his father. Enzan had to fight the sorrow of losing his father, inherit the stresses associated with becoming the president of one of the largest businesses in the region, becoming the new student in school and learn to adapt to the entire school social and education system and ensure the safety of the Internet through the NetSaviours. Needless to say, Enzan Ijuin had to deal with the world crashing down around him, and being an already mature individual, he had to grow a higher level of maturity and emotional understanding of the world.

Netto felt sorry for his long time NetSaviours partner, and close friend. It felt cruel to take a mid-teen and throw the stress, expectations and sorrow of an adult onto him. But regardless of what Netto thought, Enzan saw it as another chance for him to grow both mentally and in a way spiritually.

"So what's up Enzan?" Netto asked the elder male as he took a seat next to him, resting his back and head on the wooden trunk of the few trees scattered around the school grounds.

"Same old, what about you?" Enzan asked, eyes closed as he felt the cool autumn breeze flow over his body.

"Yeah, not much really. Procrastinating on school work like normal, hanging out…" Netto gave a small smile as he watched the rest of the group starting a two on two NetBattle between them. Yaito and Meiru with their NetNavis, Glyde and Roll would be battling Dekao and Toru Hikawa and their Navis Gutsman and Iceman. For their part, Netto and Enzan would only watch with a slight interest. Not that the two disliked NetBattling, they just saw it as another chore they had to do as NetSaviours.

"So how's Rockman…" Enzan trailed his question off, leaving Netto to ponder the many reasons why his father took his P.E.T.

"He's doing great, our internal link is still working strong… even though it's been ages since we cross-fused." Netto said, placing his hands behind his head, leaning back against the trunk in a similar fashion to Enzan.

"So why did your father take him then?" The other asked, his sapphire blue eyes looking at the now, really tensed body of Netto.

Netto closed his eyes, his mind started off on it's blur through all the different thoughts and possibilities again. Netto's hands rushed to his temples, rubbing them slightly to ease the pain that started to emerge from the excess thinking that it had to endure today. Then, in a flash of light, he started to remember what caused the concern.

--- Flashback ---

Netto heard the alarm emanating from his P.E.T., but like his usual self, he chose to ignore it. That was before Rockman decided to take matters into his own hands for two reasons. One, Netto really needed to get up to learn better time management before school and two… that alarm was really annoying from where he was. Partly thanks to the new technology installed in every home, Netto's P.E.T. was hardwired to everything in the room. Because of that, Rockman's plan was to turn off the fan and increase the temperature of the electric blanket that was used to protect the male from the chilling autumn nights.

In a matter of minutes, Netto was curled up into a little ball, teeth slowly chattering. Rockman gave him another four minutes before the male decided to wake due to the cold. And, in that amount of time, Netto's chocolate brown eyes slowly opened and adjusted themselves to the light slowly rising over the horizon.

"R…Rockman…what…" Netto's voice was slow and strained as he tried to warm himself by rubbing his arms and legs. "…was th…that for?"

"Sorry Netto-kun, you needed to get up… and obviously the alarm wasn't going to do the job." Even through explaining why he needed to get up, the brunette gave Rockman a small death glare for his cruel tactics. "Tell you what, you get up now and you can have an extra long and hot shower to recover from the cold, and I'll beg mother to make you pancakes from breakfast…"

This peaked the male's interest, almost springing out of bed so he could shower and then go down for one of his mother's famous breakfasts. Rockman chuckled before calling out to his partner before he managed to get out of earshot.

"Hey Netto, don't forget me!" He called, earning a thump as the brunette stopped in his tracks, ran back to unclip the blue P.E.T. from the holster in his room and take him to the shower. In the bathroom, he set Rockman down into the holster positioned near the shower, so he could start the morning routine of checking his systems for an error or virus. Like always, his systems were entirely clean and so he had not much to do but look around his confined space of the P.E.T. Well actually, he did have a very nice glance at Netto as he slipped out of his black boxers and make his way to the shower, showing off his mature body, which included a flat stomach, small amounts of muscle and other "specialties" about his body that Rockman could only dream about, given the programming.

However, his view was cut short as the brunette went into the shower, and closed the glass door, making Netto's body fuzzy and impossible to depict through. Giving a small sigh to himself, Rockman went back to looking around the insides of his surroundings, hoping that he could have another small glance at his partner, and major crush. That was one thing that he thanked Netto's father for. The ability to have emotions just like a human, which had its positives and negatives.

Rockman saw it as a positive, because he managed to feel all the emotions of a human: the thrill of being in a tough NetBattle, the adrenaline to strive for perfection in a fight, the joy of winning and happiness of life and everything around him. But there were also the negative emotions such as hatred, jealously, envy and annoyance, which made Rockman wonder why those emotions occurred in some humans.

But the main emotion that he had problem dealing with was love. Doctor Hikari took the long explanation of how love is formed by the affection of one human to another and that there were different forms of love. This explanation occurred during Rockman's turn of puberty whilst Netto (and the rest of his class) were being taught Sex. Ed. at high school. Regardless of Doctor Hikari's explanations, Rockman still saw this emotion the most difficult to understand, which Netto's father agreed with.

But there was some emotion of Rockman's that was only reserved for Netto, it wasn't pride, respect or adherence, because he felt the same to Blues and Enzan for all that they did. It was something else, which Rockman could only describe as love.

Whilst Rockman was musing over his own emotions he didn't notice that Netto had gotten out of the shower and already dressed himself in his clothes, which the Navi was sort of annoyed to miss. But nevertheless, he was glad that Netto was up and about this early in the morning instead of always rushing to school. Once Netto had neatened himself up, including hair and wondering whether or not he needed to shave again or not, he headed downstairs with his P.E.T. to the smell of pancakes filling his nostrils.

After making quick work of the meal, and Rockman apologising to Netto's mother for making pancakes on short notice, the two headed upstairs to get ready for school for the day. But not before Netto's father knocked on the door and let himself in.

"Netto, I need to borrow your P.E.T. and Rockman for the day…" He started off, immediately getting cut off by an overprotective Netto.

"Uh… why?" He quickly retorted to his father's request. Normally he would never reject his father's offer, but if it involved Rockman he needed a really good reason.

"Netto, I can't explain, I just need them…"

Netto seemed really uncomfortable, and Rockman for a little while, but his faith in Doctor Hikari helped him assure himself and Netto that it was probably best if he did have the P.E.T. And so Netto, for the first time in ages, had to head to school without Rockman and his P.E.T.

-- End of Flashback --

"Hey Netto…" Enzan's voice broke through the brunette's thought train of this morning, snapping him back into the real world. "I asked if you knew why your father took your P.E.T?"

"Hmm? Oh, I have no idea Enzan… he said he needed my P.E.T. and Rockman for the day." His thoughts seemed to die down, maybe because the male was extremely hungry or tired, maybe even a combination of the two. "I hope nothing's wrong…"

Netto was cut off as Enzan received an Email through his P.E.T. which his Navi, Blues found. He showed it to Enzan who tapped Netto on the shoulder, showing the brunette the same email. The email said that Doctor Hikari needed to see Netto urgently, and that an email has been sent to his teacher to excuse him for the rest of the day. In a flash, Netto leapt off the ground, said hurried goodbyes to his friends and clipped on his rollerblades to his shoes and sped off down towards SciLab, releasing more fears, worries and headaches into the brunette's already overstressed mind.

Outside the SciLab building, Netto unclipped the rollerblades from his shoes and ran as fast as he could to the elevator. As luck would have it, the doors closed before he got to them and ended up running full pelt up the stairs, never once breaking step for breathe. Reaching his father's floor he took a sharp right turn and skid down the hallway, coming to a complete stop by his father's office door.

Netto, feeling tension, stress and fear coursing through his body, raised a shaky fist to the door was held suspended in animation in front of his father's door. Sweat dripping down his face, breathing heavily from both running all the way here and anxiety, Netto looked like a person who was about to have an epileptic attack more than a person about to knock on a door.

Grabbing a hold of himself, Netto let out a few knocks on the wooden door that separated himself from the truth. A few muffled sounds of his father, papers being folded and piled up, wheel's creaking over floorboards and footsteps played through Netto's ears as he waited for an eternity to end, when the door opened.

"Hey so…" Doctor Hikari was going to greet his son normally, but the anxious male was in a more insane sort of mind set at the time.

"What happened? Why did you need to see me urgently? Its Rockman isn't it! What happened?" Netto started to hyperventilate from all his questions and not a lot of breathing or any sort of brain function for his body.

"Calm down son… I have something to show you…" Doctor Hikari said, ushering his son towards a long silver cylindrical tube that stretched from the ground to the ceiling. And like a science fiction movie, the tube opened up, revealing a bright light and a lot of smoke before the sight in front of Netto hit him, making the brunette almost faint where he stood.

"Netto…" Doctor Hikari said…


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