Summary: During an experiment to bring Rockman to the real world, an error occurred and data from the Net starts to seep through… (Netto x Rockman)

Warnings: There is some… well a lot of yaoi in this fanfic, which means a lot of boy on boy action, so if you don't like that kinda thing than this isn't for you. Also, there is some angst and drama at the end, and violence and swearing throughout. That aside, enjoy…

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Chapter Two:- Relief and Realisation

(Last Chapter)

And like a science fiction movie, the tube opened up, revealing a bright light and a lot of smoke before the sight in front of Netto hit him, making the brunette almost faint where he stood.

"Netto…" Doctor Hikari said…

Netto just stood, like his feet had turned into concrete and set his legs onto the floor. His eyes widened as the smoke cleared and there in front of him stood Rockman. His bright, emerald eyes shone in the light as he adjusted his vision to take in his surroundings, finally focusing upon the brunette spellbound in front of him. Trying to get closer to his owner, and crush, Rockman stepped out of the tube, only to lose his footing. The result was that Rockman was successfully on top of a now crushed Netto, who was still shocked at Rockman's existence in the real world to care.

"Rockman…" was all the brunette could say as he looked into the half-closed eyes of his long-time partner and friend as he tried to stand.

"Easy there Rockman, you're calibration is still very sensitive at the moment…" Doctor Hikari said, helping the Navi to his feet, trying to find his centre of balance on his feet. "Just take it very easy to begin with, well at least you're internal calibration is completed."

"Whoa," Rockman yelled, almost losing his balance again before his lightning reflexes helped his regain balance, his hand darting to a computer desk to break his fall. "Yeah… I feel all dizzy and…" He couldn't finish the sentence as he fell once again.

This time however, Netto was his support. The brunette lodged his back foot against a different computer desk so his body wouldn't budge as the Navi fell on top of him for the second time that day. It was at this time that the brunette noticed the height difference between himself and his partner. Whilst Netto stood at an average five foot six, Rockman would tower him by a good five, maybe even six inches. Also, as Netto noticed, Rockman's muscles were very easily seen through his outfit, which hugged around his arms and chest very tightly, much to Netto's joy.

"I'm sorry Netto… I must look like a complete idiot." Rockman sighed as he tried again to stand properly, only to fall back onto the younger and much shorter male. "Damn feet…"

"It… it's okay Rockman, I mean you do look a little strange, but it's acceptable…" Netto started, Rockman's eyes still fixed on the brunette's chest as he struggled against gravity to regain balance. "I don't think the transition from the Cyberworld to the real world would be kind…"

"Netto, you should help get Rockman home so he can rest…" Netto's father turned to one of the tables and picked up the blue P.E.T and tossed it to his son, "Rockman still has all the functions of a Navi, as in you can still input battlechips into the P.E.T and Rockman will be able to use them in the real world. Also, Rockman can still enter into the Internet through the P.E.T, but it requires Rockman to vacate his body for the time in the Cyberworld."

Netto gave a small nod to his father, looping one of Rockman's arms around his shoulders and helped ease some of the Navi's weight off his new body. Before they exited however, Doctor Hikari gave Rockman a change of clothes in which to disguise himself, so he didn't attract too much attention to himself in the open public, especially in the middle of the day. Ducking into one of the closest public toilets, they breathed a sigh of relief when they managed to get down two floors without being noticed.

"Uh, Rockman… this is going to sound really weird…" Netto gulped, a thin red blush spreading across his face as he realised about their current predicament.

"What is it Netto?" Rockman looked at the brunette's face, not quite grasping what Netto was getting at.

"Um, without holding yourself up, you will never get that suit off to change into the other clothes." Netto looked over his partner's body a thick red blush was plastered on his face as the blood rushed to his cheeks.

"Oh… that… that is a good point…" Rockman's voice wavered as his face was almost identical to Netto's at this point in time.

"Um… how are we going to do this then?" Netto looked at the clothes that his father gave them for Rockman to change into. He unfolded the shirt and placed it against Rockman's chest measuring the shirt against his body. "Well, the shirt is kind of big on you, so you can just put the shirt and hopefully the pants over your suit."

Rockman nodded as he leant on the row of sinks in the room, moving the weight off his legs, allowing Netto to easily slip on the pants without any problems. Netto took off the Navi's helmet and revealed the long flowing onyx hair of his partner. Some of the bangs fell into the emerald eyes of Rockman, and Netto wanted nothing more than to sweep some of the bangs away to continue looking into those emerald eyes. Unknown to Netto, Rockman wanted the exact same thing as his partner. Regaining his composure, Netto slipped the temporary shirt over his partner's head, and slid the sleeves up his arms. However this created a problem, as Rockman's navy suit was still visible.

"Rockman, is there anyway you can roll those sleeves up?" The brunette asked, eyes looking over his partner seeing if there was anything else that was still visible.

"I wish… the suit is almost completely skin-tight, it would be nearly impossible." The Navi responded, looking at his partner, looking over his entire body.

'I can't believe it worked, the experiment actually worked. I'm here in the real world with Netto.' Rockman thought to himself, the realisation hitting him as his mind began to tick over. The internal calibration was slowly taking effect on his body.

"… if any body asks we'll just say it's a thermal suit, cause you're not used to the cool temperature here." Rockman returned his attention to the brunette, catching most of what he was saying. He simply replied with a nod and slowly started to hobble along the ground, getting used to his new body. As a precaution however, Netto was there continually looking between Rockman and the pathway ahead of them.

Exiting SciLab, and doing their best to ignore some of the stares that were directed at them, Rockman and Netto headed off back home, with the Navi being able to walk without any assistance. Rockman credited this to both Netto and his father. Doctor Hikari was an expert and integrating a calibration system into his real body from the P.E.T was a stroke of genius. And he thanked Netto because he was there for the moral and physical support which helped in regaining his balance.

The train ride home for the pair was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that Rockman kept getting weird stares from random people on the train. Not to mention that there was one small kid that constantly stared at the two of them and kept saying to his mother, "It's Netto and Rockman, mummy! I know it's them." Rockman quietly kept his eyes down after that comment, hoping not to draw to much attention to himself or Netto. Luckily, many people either didn't believe the little child or recognise them and the pair snuck off the train at their stop.

"So how does it feel to be human Rockman?" Netto asked his Navi, still looking over the entire body of his Navi in awe at his father's work.

"Really different, I mean I did feel things in the Cyberworld, but nothing like this." Rockman stretched out his hand and removed one of his gloves to reveal his long slender fingers. A small chill went up the Navi's spine as the slow, cooling breeze hit his bare skin on his hand. "A…ahh… like that. I would have never experienced that in the Cyberworld."

Netto quickly turned his head away from the taller male as a small blush spread across his face from the small almost-moan that his partner let out when the breeze touched his very delicate skin. But in another way, Netto also saw things slightly differently. He actually looked at his world and how much he took things for granted. For Rockman, all the new aromas, touches, sights and sounds that Netto was used to hearing over and over again, his crush would be experiencing for the first time in the real world. And because of that sole idea, Netto was even more thankful for the experiment that his father operated on the Navi.

For his part, Rockman felt like a small child who was experiencing the wonders of life for the first time. However, his mental mind set and his knowledge of the world, he didn't need to act like a little child and point out everything or ask what it was. Instead, he rather closed his eyes whenever an intoxicating smell or enchanting sound came through his ears, heightening their impact on how real everything was to him now. And luckily for Netto, Rockman felt a small tranquillity in just feeling the new emotions and senses flooding through his body, never asking why or what.

Reaching their home, Rockman just stood there, taking in the all too familiar sight that he saw through the screen of the P.E.T, but this time he was actually going to be inside of it for real, become a human part of the family instead of just a really important device that came in handy. Regardless of what they may say, Rockman always admitted to himself that was all he was in the Hikari family. He was just the remaining memories of a lost child or twin in the family, who's DNA his construction was initially built on. On this train of thought however, he wasn't Netto's twin brother, nor did Rockman even want to be his brother. He didn't want to replace who Netto's true brother was, and for the sake of love, he didn't want anyone else thinking that either. (A/N: Some people do think that Rockman is Netto's twin brother on the basis that he was initially constructed from Netto's brother's (who I think is Saito) DNA. I personally believe, which is shown above, that Rockman isn't his brother, but rather there to resemble, not replace).

Netto took out his house keys and unlocked the front door, swinging the door ajar with a loud creak that echoed through the deserted house. Taking in a small breath, Rockman took a look inside his new home, the familiar sights hit in first, at least now they weren't through a thick glass screen.

"I'm sorry mother isn't home, but she will be once she finishes her shopping." The brunette stood to one side letting the taller male into the house, physically, for the first time. "We are really early to get home though…"

Netto was cut off as his P.E.T vibrated in its holster, which was attached to his belt. Unclipping the safety protection, he withdrew the navy terminal noticing a small envelope icon flashing in the top right corner of the screen. Furrowing his eyebrows, he pushed a few buttons and opened the e-mail.

"Hey it's from Enzan…" Netto thought aloud, grabbing the Navi's attention who walked over to the smaller male and looked over his shoulder, whilst Netto read the letter aloud. "You seemed in a huge hurry, and I know it's wrong, but I read the e-mail your father sent. Is everything alright?"

"What are you going to say in reply?" Rockman asked, looking between the e-mail and at Netto for an answer.

"It doesn't matter… you are no longer in the P.E.T so I can no longer write or send anything…"

The brunette sighed, placing the P.E.T on the small table in front of the sofa as he collapsed onto the cushions. Rockman joined his operator as he sat down on the opposite side of the couch, his leg just resting against Netto's hair. They sat like that for ages, completely content with being in each other's company more than saying anything. In the midst of the moment, Netto Hikari closed his eyes, letting himself fall into an easy slumber, with Rockman giving a small smile as he watched his long time partner doze off.

Not wanting to make the atmosphere disappear, Rockman just sat there thinking over everything that has happened throughout the day. That was, until, a small pressure mounted on his lap. He looked down to find a sea of chocolate-brown hair, and an obviously comfortable Netto.

A slight blush crept across the Navi's face as he looked at where the brunette's head was resting, but pushing all the mental images out of his mind, he grabbed one of the navy gloves on his hand and peeled it off. Then, with his bare hand, he slowly inched it towards the cheek of his operator, his heart beating furiously within his chest, hoping that he wouldn't pass through him in a sick and twisted mirage to torture him.

Yet the warm touch of Netto's cheek reaffirmed the NetNavi that everything was real, and the he was in the real world. He gave a small sigh of relief, but instinctively his breath hitched as the sleeping brunette nuzzled his cheek into the open palm, wanting more of the touch.

Rockman again had to battle his self control as he watched Netto's mouth twitch into a small smile as he nuzzled continually into the Navi's hand. Whilst he didn't want anything to continue more than already today, he instinctively began to stroke Netto's cheek lovingly.

:-:-:-:-: Meanwhile at SciLab :-:-:-:-:

Doctor Hikari was scanning over the computer terminals once Netto and Rockman left making sure that all the operations and that Rockman's internal configuration was working properly. After lightly scanning over the monitors he relaxed, feeling relieved that the operation went smoothly and sent an email to Enzan saying that he thanked him for getting the email to Netto in such short notice. A short reply saying no problem from the dual-haired boy was all that he received in return. Short but sweet.

Deciding that he needed a break from staring at monitors all throughout the morning and missing his lunch break, Doctor Hikari grabbed his SciLab keycard and headed outside for a bit of fresh air and hopefully something to eat. Unknown to the doctor however, a small red error message appeared at the bottom right hand corner of the left hand monitor. The monitor that held the operational program…

:-:-:-:-: Back with Netto and Rockman :-:-:-:-:

For a few minutes now, Rockman had been stroking Netto's cheek, and now his left hand had joined in by stroking the chocolate locks of the operator. Rockman felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

:-: BEEP:-:-: BEEP:-:

Of course with the cruelty that life and fate deals out, the P.E.T began to vibrate and emit a small series of beeps as an incoming message was being received by Netto's P.E.T. The brunette stirred from his slumber and groggily picked up the navy terminal, not noticing his head was still in the Navi's lap. Pushing a few buttons haphazardly Netto started to read the email to himself, eyes widening with every line he read.

"R…Rockman!" Netto almost screamed as he finished the email, looking straight into the emerald eyes of his partner. In a short instance, emerald and chocolate brown mixed as they stared into each other's eyes, Netto completely forgetting that the email he read was urgent and the other forgetting the other's head was still in his lap. "Why am I resting on your lap? Argh! I'll ask you that again later… Father needs us right away!"

"Huh? What, what for?"

"There's an incident at SciLab…"


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