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A Nameless Tale

Chapter one

Hanabi lay uncomfortably under a thorn tree, trailing Hinata. The cold wind and the thorns from the bush that were rudely poking her in some very sensitive places, made her wish she had actually put on some senisble clothes before following her sister. 'Really Hanabi, who follows someone around in extremely thin silk pajamas at two in the morning.'

Hanabi shifted to see better as Hinata was talking to or choking someone on the corner. Hanabi sweared her older sister was a demon at sometimes. If Hanabi remembered right, when she was about four or five and Hinata was about ten or nine, Hinata used to act shy around her elders but when they left her and Hinata alone, Hinata would pull her buy her hair and fling her around like a rag doll and whenever they went to the the springs, Hinata would hold her head under the water until she couldn't breathe and raise her head up again only for her to take a breath and go back under. Untill Hinata graduated from the academy, Hanabi thought Hinata's purpose in life was to make her as miserable as possible. To summmarize it all Hanabi really hated her sister. The only time Hinata showed her any kindess was when the oblivious blonde idiot (her description of Naruto) visited Neji for a sparring session, and only because Hanabi's room was directly on top of the place they used to train so she would occasionaly step in and spend the whole day watching him. Hanabi thought it was quite pathetic of someone to crush over a person who doesn't even notice you at all, even though you drop obvious hints that you like them. But Hinata had no experience with boys which, in contrast to Hanabi who had countless experience with boys, made her panic whenever someone asked her out.

Hanabi was getting quite bored laying on the tree branch and was pondering if she should go back home or not when a gust of wind threw a tsunami of dead leaves at her, blocking her view of her sister. By the time she cleared the leaves out of her face Hinata and her mysterious figure was gone from the corner. Hanabi heard soft whistling coming at a steady pace and shifted her weight to see who it was but, the consequence of shifting her weight made the branch she was laying on crack. As she tried to steady her self and keep the branch from breaking any further, her shirt got caught in one of the thorns in the tree. Thinking on reflex, she pulled against it which shifted her weight which caused the branch to crack even more.

And here we find Hanabi barely breathing in hopes the branch wouldn't buckle under her. 'Oh please don't crack, please don't crack I'll burn you if you crack, so be nice and don't crack.' Hanabi thought. She still could hear the whistling coming closer and started to pray had that it wasn't someone she knew or that she wouldn't be noticed. The person who was whistling came in to view and she saw that it was the annoying blonde that Neji sometimes sparred with. And so, once again , Hanabi began to pray that the branch would not fall and she along with it but, this ugly black cat that looked partially burnt ran right under her leaving Hanabi with alot of bad luck.

Naruto, being oblivious of Hanabi in the tree, decided to approach the tree and he began to circle it. He stopped and, to Hanabi's luck, was standing right under the branch Hanabi was sitting on.

Of course Naruto being Naruto, slapped the tree because he didn't like how it was looking at him. And because of that, the tree branch Hanabi was sitting on, praying it wouldn't fall, snapped and down came a cursing Hanabi, with a nice tear in her shirt, on top of Naruto.

Now anyone who would have happened to pass by, though it was unlikely because it was 2 something in the morning, would think the two were doing something many would say was unappropiate for their ages.

This is how it was, Naruto was laying on the floor all sprawled out with Hanabi's right leg embracing Naruto's left leg, her left hand on his chest and her right hand by his inner thigh. And to complete it, Hanabi's hair was all messed up, her shirt torn revealing an ivory colored smooth neck that screamed: come place a hickey on me, you know you want to, and she was breathing quite hard, which made her look like a damsel in distress. Naruto layed unmoving and looked dazed. His eyes wide and focus on Hanabi's eyes. So many thoughts ran through his mind, and the fact that she was wearing thin silk pajamas that stucked to every curve on her body, were not making them good thoughts. So, the two just stayed there unmoving, pale eyes looking into pretty blue ones.

To add to their luck, Kakashi just happened to be on patrol and just happened to be walking down their street when he saw the two people in their position. He closed his Icha Icha Paradise and stood over the two saying, " Well, well well, what do we have here? ".

Naruto snapped out of his daze and looked up to see Kakashi looking back at him.

" Well?" Kakashi asked glancing from Naruto to Hanabi at back.

The two on the floor looked at each other then at Kakashi and said," I think I can explain. I was-"

they both tried to explain disentangling themselves.

" I understand", Kakashi said grinning, " Next time you want to explicitly express your love to one another, do it in the privacy of a bedroom. And Naruto, I thought you didn't like the young ones." Kakashi easily ducked the tree branch thrown at him and then grew serious.

" What were you two doing out here?" he asked, doning his famous bored expression." Well?"

" I was-" Kakashi raised a hand silencing both.

" One at a time, Naruto you go first." Kakashi said.

" Well, you see, what had happened was, I was -uh- making ramen and oh, my teapot caught on fire, yeah thats it, and I tried to get water but I forgot nobody paid the water bill for me so I had no water. In a panic, I threw the flaming teapot out the window but it hit a cat and the cat caught on fire. So I chased after the cat and when I put out the flames I decided to take the long route back home and ended up here, then she fell on me!" Naruto grinned at Kakashi.

" You have to be a complete dumbass to fall for that." Hanabi muttered.

" Okay." Kakashi said with a nod. Hanabi bit on her tongue to stop her from saying something to the copy ninja that she would later regret.

" And what about you?" Kakashi asked nodding his head in her direction.

Hanabi pulled up her shirt to try and cover the parts of her that were visible.

" Well?" Kakashi asked again.

Hanabi couldn't think of anything to say. And she really didn't want to tell the jounin why she was really out here. So she used the easiest lie/excuse( whats the difference?) she could've come up with.

" Uhh... I was doing a special type of Hyuuga training that enhances my tracking skills." Hanabi said as calmly as she could.

Kakashi looked at her with his one visible eye and cracked a small smile. Kakashi, thinking he could pay off his debt to Tsunade-sama and make Naruto miserable, decided to let them go but tell them a beleivable lie which would make their lives miserable and his life stress free. Mostly he wanted to make Naruto miserable because Naruto told Iruka about the hidden cameras Kakashi had installed inside of Iruka's shower.

" Well, I could tell your father about this and from what I hear, he has you on a tight leash," Kakashi said looking at Hanabi who tensed immediately, " and I could tell Iruka or Jiraiya to not pay your water bill..."

" Big meanie " Naruto mumbled.

Hanabi, who was thinking of the punishments her father could give her if he found out, pleaded to Kakashi saying, " Please don't tell my father. " Naruto, seizing the chance to plead along with Hanabi, shouted " I need to bathe Kakashi-sensei. Its been 3 days!" Hanabi grimaced and took two steps away from the blonde.

Kakashi stood calmly, staring at the two teens which was intimidating and creepy because they could only see one eye. " Well, I decided I won't tell your father and I might let Iruka pay your water bill, but under one condition though."

" What! " both exclaimed.

" You have to clean Tsunade's office, which also consists of sorting and filing all documents in the proper cabinets."

" I'll do it! " Hanabi said, eager to avoid any problems with her father. Naruto, on the other hand had to think about this. Tsunade's office was a real mess and people really didn't notice it because she hid everything with genjutsu.

" Well all two of you must agree. Naruto?" Kakashi said looking in his direction. Naruto looked at the Hyuuga clamly staring at him, face expressionless. Naruto figured that she was most likely worried and hiding it. He had heard how cruel Hyuuga's can treat their own and felt sorry for Hanabi and said," I'll do it."

Kakashi grinned, " Alright meet me here approximately 7:00 am. " And with that, he strolled off with Icha Icha Paradise in hand. Naruto, grinning at Hanabi said, " Get ready to work your ass off tomorrow. He walked off whistling, wind ruffling his hair as he disappeared in the shadows.

Hanabi looked up in the sky and asked, " How bad can it be?" She watched a black cloud cover the moon from her view and returned home.

" Where have you been Hanabi?!" Hiashi demanded.

Hanabi felt a paralyzing fear settled on her as she stared at her father. She felt like slapping herself thinking back on how careless she was in sneaking back to her own house. Sure enough Hanabi had gotten inside without disturbing anybody or alerting the guards. But she didn't make sure that her father was asleep before she left which was one big mistake because she met him sitting on the staircase waiting for her. Hanabi calmed herself and tried to think of another lie , but she was coming up with blanks. So she decided to borrow a lie.

" Well?!"

" What had happened was that the teapot had caught on fire and---"

" Don't lie to me Hanabi! " Hiashi shouted.

' Damn, I thought that would've worked ', Hanabi thought.

" So where were you Hanabi?" Hiashi demanded again.

Hanabi, thinking that this was all Hinata's fault, decided to kill two birds with one stone and get all both of them in trouble. " Uhh, umm, you see, I went with Hinata to the little 24/7 garment store down by the creepy chinese restauraunt, to umm, buy some orange and black knee socks along with some bras and pantyhose. I went tonight because it was only a midnight to 2 in the morning sale. We would have asked you to join us but, I didn't think that you would have wanted to go in a store asking for pantyhose, bras and such." Hanabi told him.

" Is this true Hinata?" Hiashi asked his eldest daughter, who was standing in the hallway.

Hanabi turned around to see Hinata standing in the hallway wearing a nightdress and looking quite sleepy. Hanabi figured that Hinata was either hiding what she was really wearing with genjustsu or reached home before she did changed and woke up their father. With her back facing her father, Hanabi quickly mouthed to Hinata to help and play along. Hinata nodded at Hanabi and walked next to her. Hanabi then turned around to face her father again.

" Well?" Hiashi asked.

" F Fa Father...", Hinata stuttered, " She's t telling th the truth."

Hiashi looked at Hanabi, who was focusing on a dead roach on the floor, feeling relieved and shocked that Hinata actually helped her.

" But," Hinata continued, " th that was yesterday."

Hanabi glared at Hinata who was glaring back at Hanabi, smirking. Hanabi's eyes dilated at her sister in shock of her betrayal.

Hiashi, who looked like he was about to strangle his youngest daughter, calmed and said in a subtle voice, " The both of you go to bed. Hanabi I will deal with you tomorrow and Hinata I'd like to see you before you leave in the morning." Hiashi retreated back to his room leaving behind his two daughters to think about what punishment he was going to give them.

As Hanabi started towards her room, she glared back at her sister, " Why did you do that?"

Hinata replied, " I saw you with Naruto-kun."

" So what? I have to waste the rest of the day with him, thanks to you!"

Hinata stared at her sister and asked in a dangerous voice, " What do you mean you have to spend the rest of the day with him?"

Hanabi argued back, " If you hadn't sneaked out of the house I wouldn't have ..." Hanabi paused remembering that her sister was obsessed with the blonde idiot. She then smirked at Hinata for a while and then her smirked slowly turned into a devious smile. Hanabi was formulating a plan to get back at her sister. She had a feeling that she was going to enjoy making her sister jealous and envious of her.

" Well?" Hinata asked looking paranoid, " Aren't you going to finish?"

" No." Hanabi said still smirking, " Me and Naruto's business is none of your own and since and since I'm seeing him early, I ought to get to bed. See you whenever we finish our business." Hanabi turned and left to go to her room.

" hanabi, where are you going?" Hinata asked, " Come back here and finish explaining." Hanabi just ignored her sister and continued on her way to her bedroom.

" Hanabi, I'm talking to you!" Hinata shouted, " Get back here!"

Hanabi slammed her door shut leaving her sister to ponder on what she just told her. Hanabi layed down in the bed thinking she'd have to be up extra early to avoid her father before he could hand down his punishment on her. Hanabi was half asleep when she heard everal thuds on her door and heavy footsteps running down the stairs. Hanabi dismissed it and rolled over on her side. She then drifted off to sleep.

Two Hours Later

Hanabi opened her room door to see several butcher knives sticking out of her door. She stared and the door thinking, ' Father is going to throw me in that well when he sees this. All the better to hurry up and leave before he wakes up' She then flicked the handle of the nearest knife and watched it wobble.

After playing with the knives, Hanabi the made her way to the bathroom to get ready. As she was closing the bathroom door another knife whizzed pass her head and landed neatly in one of the shower tiles. She locked the door and shouted, " It seems that your drowning in jealousy. You would have gotten me in the head if you weren't so cock-eyed." It was quiet for a while, then there were several more thuds on the door and an aggravated shout. Hanabi laughed, jumped in the shower, jumped out, dressed in the bathroom, and then climbed through the bathroom window to leave before her father could catch her and to meet the blonde and the stupid jounin for their assignment.