The Untold Story of Angela Weber

There are so many wonderful characters in Stephenie Meyer's books, and they each have their own lives that anyone can interpret into something great. That's what I did with Angela. Angela is always the shy girl in the back ground, but what if she had a secret? What if before Bella and Edward, he was helping Angela? Nothing too romantic happens between them, not enough to keep him from loving Bella, that sort of thing is up to Stephenie. NOTE: Everything from Twilight and New Moon in my fanfic belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 1

"Angela!" Mom called from downstairs.

I rushed around my room grabbing books and papers. Everything was scattered around my room. I had different "areas" where I did my homework for each of the different subject. The desk was for English, the corner was for Math, the bed was for Science, and the chair by my bookshelf was for History. It kept me organized, in a weird way. It kept my mind focused on that one subject.

"Angela! You're going to be late!" I rushed downstairs, grabbed my lunch, kissed my Mom and headed off for my Volkswagen Bug. Did I study enough for that History test? I finished my English paper, I know that. My thoughts weren't exactly centered around things teenage girls usually thought about. I was always worried about school. My grades, my teachers, my schoolwork. All of that was important to me. Well, to my Mom anyway. She was always telling me to study and work hard. She wanted the best for her daughter, that's how I thought about it. The only other things I worried about were people's feelings. I didn't like it when people were sad or angry. It made me feel sad. I didn't like being sad.

I pulled into the school parking lot. I spotted Jessica instantly with the rest of the gang by the picnic table. As I drove around, looking for a parking space, I saw the Cullens hanging out by their car. The Cullens were like the untouchables in our school. They were all so beautiful and secretive that it seemed like newcomers were not welcome. I thought I saw Edward Cullen glance over at me as I stepped out of my bug, but almost as quickly as the feeling came of being watched, it went away. I just shrugged it off and walked over to the picnic table.

"Hey, Angela!" Jessica smiled. I heard a bunch of "hey"s and "hi"s from different people. I smiled back.

"We were just talking about the new girl that's moving here." Lauren said.

"Yeah, I heard she's drop dead gorgeous." Jessica gossiped. This was the point where someone was supposed to say 'No! There is no one as pretty as you, Jessica.' No one spoke up, so I guess that left it to me.

"No way, Jess. There is no one as pretty as you." I smiled.

"Thank you, Angela." Jessica was very vain, but she couldn't help it. She was nice about it, at least.

"I wonder if she'll be nice. If she's mean, she won't last a second with us." Lauren said. I choked back a giggle. It was an awful thing to think, but Lauren wasn't exactly the nicest person to people she didn't like. It used to be that if Lauren didn't like you, no one liked you. But, people got tired of hating everyone, so they just kind of let her do her own hate club.

The bell rang and we all filed inside to our lockers. I had be careful not to bump against anyone. If I did...well, I didn't really want to think about it. Once I reached by locker I dumped all the books for the periods after lunch into it, and kept all the ones for the before-lunch classes in my back pack. Once everything was put away, I carefully picked my way through the swarms of people to my first class.

The day kind of rolled along. Every class was the same. I was always in the front, I always was prepared, and I always knew the answer. It was kind of a boring life to live, but it was my life, so I had to make due. When lunch hit, things got kind of exciting. I got to meet the new girl, Isabella Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan, who was like, chief of police or something. Everyone was talking to Bella, as she preferred to be called, asking her questions, bringing up small talk, just so they could figure out what kind of person she was. From what I'd gathered, she was pretty nice. She was pretty too. Her dark hair and eyes went with her pale skin perfectly.

Near the end of lunch I caught her staring at the Cullens table. I caught Edward looking at her a few times. A lot of other people seemed to notice too. I saw a hint of jealousy in their eyes. I was quiet, as usual, though. I didn't say anything to Bella really. I only asked if I could help her to her next class, I thought I could use that as a time to ask her my own questions. Amidst everyone chattering, I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the work we had to do tonight.

I did most of it in class, I thought to myself. But I still have tons left to do tonight! Trig, and the English test. I hope my Mom doesn't give me one of her "work hard" talks tonight...

In the midst of my thoughts, I caught Edward focusing on me out of the corner of my eye. He seemed to be trying to figure out what I was thinking, but I didn't stare back. I was too shy to do anything like that. He also seemed angry. I wondered what was wrong. Of course, you could never tell with the Cullens. I could've mistaken his anger for confusion over the new girl. Maybe he wanted to talk to her.

I finished my sandwich and lemonade and walked over to the garbage cans to throw away my trash. Unfortunatly, the garbage cans were right by the Cullens table. I mustered up my courage and walked by them and threw my things away. Feeling happy that I was showing bravery, and silly for being scared of a bunch of teenagers, I turned to go back to my table and ended up walking into Whitney. She stepped back gracefully, unlike me who slipped and almost fell to the ground, had it not been for Edward. When he caught me he did somewhat of a quick smile and hoisted me back up. I tried to smile back but before I could, they came. The visions.

I was not a normal girl, from what I could see, I was a freak. Whenever I touched someone, I could see their past. Them as a child, them growing up. All of their secrets and thoughts of the past behind them. It all came to me in a flash of scenes. It happened very fast, but my brain seemed to be wired so that I could remember it all.

So, there I was, watching Edward Cullen's life flash before my eyes. When it stopped, I was shocked at what I had discovered. Edward wasn't human. He had kept his secret for a very long time. In fact, he had kept it for over two decades. Edward, was a vampire. Not just him, but his whole family. His "adoptive" parents and siblings. They all were what they called "vegetarian" vampires. But, it didn't matter if they didn't drink human blood or not. The shock set in and I couldn't move.

I stared at Edward for a long time. He must have seen the shock on my face because he looked back in confusion. I found my ground again, and I slowly back away. Then, I ran. I ran all the way back to our table. Vampires are only myths. Vampires are only myths. I kept repeating in my head. But then something in my memory triggered. I realized that Edward could read minds. I looked back at him. His expression showed anger with some fear. He knew. He knew that I knew his secret. And I knew that this was only going to get worse.